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Petition to Conservative Party MPs

Remove Theresa May from Government and follow the referendum result and manifesto in full

After the last 2 years of clear unfettered lies from our Prime Minister, tying the hands of DExEU and installing her own negotiations in the form of Olly Robbins, a Civil Servant unaccountable to the electorate, we the undersigned make the request of all Conservative MPs to remove the Prime Minister by whatever means is required, and subsequently to install a leader that has the true intentions of delivering on the referendum and our own Manifesto commitments to leave the European Union in full, including the Single Market and Customs Union, without renaming these things as an attempt to bypass the 2017 General Election and the 2016 EU Referendum. Theresa May has single-handedly brought the fall of the faith in democracy, the Conservatives and the UK's place in the world outside the EU. Furthermore, the tactics used by Number 10 in recent days since the Chequers meeting have not only undermined those commitments made on several occasions, but also undermined the intellect of the electorate. We the voters of Leave and Remain, Tory members, supporters, activists, campaigners, and all other Party voters and non-voters of the UK will not stand by while our democracy is destroyed from within, nor will we allow the People's faith in our beloved institutions to be destroyed so willingly without consequence. The requests in this petition must be realised in full without any deviation or underhanded tactics which make our democracy appear a sham to the electorate. We are one people with one voice. However we voted since 2016 bears no relevance to this petition as this issue affects every single one of us. Therefore, we stand together, Tory, Labour, Remain, Leave, voter, non-voter; side-by-side and say to you Theresa May and Conservative MPs that we will not tolerate this abuse of executive power to undermine democracy and that you must go with immediate effect.

Reality Checkout
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Petition to Rt Hon Sajid Javid, Bim Afolami, NPCU

To call in Herts County Council planning application for a school on Common Lane, Batford

New Petition started 18th Feb 2018We the undersigned as residents of Hertfordshire petition the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to exercise his right to call in the Hertfordshire County Council planning proposal, reference PL\0866\17 (5/2733-17) for Land East of Common Lane and North of Lower Luton Road, Batford application for construction of a new 6FE school buildings and associated matters. We petition the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government to exercise his right because this proposal requires the completely independent review that a call-in would provide. Reasons include: -        Hertfordshire County Council have failed to satisfactorily manage the entire process (from pre-selection to and including the ongoing planning application) -        Conflict of interest and approach within Hertfordshire County Council -        Unusual factors in the application and background, including archaeology and more -        Other issues as listed in a prior petition -        Hertfordshire County Council delayed review/hearing the original petition until after their planning application had been launched. Message from RSRP Don’t let Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) build a new school in a totally inappropriate place. Just £10 from you could get HCC to change their plans. The proposed site on the Lower Luton Road is too far from the areas with greatest need and too close to existing schools. At the very least it will create huge traffic and safety issues, destroy green belt, impact the landscape and endanger a nationally significant archaeological site. If you want the campaign to succeed, please donate now, there's no more time to think about it. Thank you. We must act NOW! There are excellent grounds to successfully challenge HCC … but there are costs involved and a planning decision meeting is imminent (19th February 2018). Just £10 from everyone who either signed a petition or registered their support in some other way will make a big difference as RSRP continue to challenge HCC. Please support RSRP with a small donation (up to £50) on this link - If you feel you can give more please visit the RSRP website for other donation options. Thank-you. To find out more about RSRP and the story so far, please visit or search for Right School Right Place on Facebook.    

John Hansen
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Petition to Theresa May MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tim Farron MP, Nicola Sturgeon MSP, Caroline Lucas MP and Jonathan Bartley, Leanne Wood AM

Make votes matter in general elections - we want proportional representation

This General Election must be the last one to use our archaic First Past the Post voting system. I was 16 years old at the 2015 general election. I couldn’t vote but I was frustrated that the election results didn’t reflect how people voted, so I started this petition for a fairer voting system. Two years on and I voted for the first time - but my vote didn’t matter. I want to be able to vote for whichever party I believe in. I don’t want to be scared of ‘wasting’ my vote or ‘letting the other side in’. I want a vote that counts. The only fair and democratic system of electing MPs is one that matches seats in Parliament to how people voted - Proportional Representation. Our weak and wobbly voting system has given us a coalition of chaos - the DUP and Conservatives - formed without the support of most voters. Strong and stable majority coalitions are the norm in most developed democracies. Coalitions can mean collaboration and cooperation, working together to solve problems. But they only work if they are based on majority support from the population. At this general election, the Green Party, Liberal Democrats and UKIP won 11% of the votes but now make up just 2% of MPs. A vote for the Scottish National Party was worth 18 times as much as a vote for the Green Party. UKIP won half a million votes but no MPs. The First Past the Post voting system is undemocratic and dramatically distorts the results of our elections. First Past the Post is clearly broken. Labour is on the verge of committing to reform. All the other opposition parties are already in favour. And yet some in the Conservative Party are intent on blocking any attempts to change the system. Worse still, their manifesto even committed to extending First Past the Post to the London Assembly. This is a cynical attempt to rig the system in their favour. We have to act now to save our democracy. Please sign and share this petition to send a message to the new government - we want proportional representation. Together we can keep this issue at the top of the agenda. If you’d like to join thousands of us all over the country who are taking action to make votes matter, sign up at

Owen Winter
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Petition to North Lincolnshire Council

North Lincolnshire Council - You will listen to us, we will not be silenced !

Previously any petition carrying the names of 1,500 local people earned the right to be presented and heard by a special meeting of North Lincolnshire Council, with all Councillors in attendance. The ruling Conservative party has now altered that figure to 6,400 before petitioners can democratically present their petition and speak in the council chamber, they want to silence their critics. This petition is asking the council to overturn their decision to raise the figure to 6,400 and return it to 1,500 and therefore ensuring local people’s voices can be heard despite the Conservative Council’s desire to ignore their views. Not only have they raised the figure by more than 400% the electoral register will now be used to verify all signatories. Therefore anyone under the age of 18 will be disqualified, they don't want the young people in North Lincolnshire to have a voice. Anyone working within the North Lincolnshire area but living just outside will be disqualified. Anyone owning a business within North Lincolnshire but living outside will be disqualified. Those born in North Lincolnshire but now living away will be disqualified. You may be one of those who raised your concerns by signing my petition on the future of the Kingsway Golf Course or the recent petition from Cheryl Hassall trying to prevent building on Quibell Park Field, yet from now on such petitions would not warrant being presented to a full meeting of North Lincolnshire Council. Despite passionate speeches from opposition councillors to halt these draconian measures, the Conservative Council pushed through their gagging exercise. Please sign my petition to make them listen to our concerns.  

Neil Herrick
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