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Petition to Mark Anderson, Marisa Sarian, Robert Hernandez, David Ibarra, Brian McDonald

Keeping ASL At Marshall Fundamental High School

Hello there! I'm Nathanael (Jessie) Schiffer. I go to a high school in Pasadena, California called John Marshall Secondary High School. We have a program here at Marshall for ASL. What is ASL you may ask? ASL stands for American Sign Language, and is a beautiful language used among Deaf, and hearing people as an alternative for a spoken language or written language. We are the last PUSD (Pasadena Unified School District) school to offer an ASL class. We, as a network of classes, just found out we will be losing our ASL program, and it is not fair. We were told Friday March 29th that we would be losing our class, and wonderful teacher. We can stop the PUSD from shutting the ASL Program down! We need 2,000 signatures to show that we want and need ASL! If we can show that we, Students - Teachers - Adults - Schools, that we want ASL. I've talked to almost everyone I know, Elementary, ASL 1, 2 and 3, and high school students that don't even take asl know that it's a valuable language. I have even gotten teachers, and parents on my side. So please, help all of us that want and need ASL.As I have stated earlier, Hi I'm Nathanael Schiffer (I go by Jessie Schiffer at school) . It is my first year of four at Marshall, and I have had rough challenges here. My biggest one being when I had changed my name (not legally yet) from Nathanael to Jessie. One of the first people I told was my ASL teacher. One of the most caring people I know. Not only was she there for that, but she was also there at a time where life wasn't the best for me. She's seen me at some of my worst times, and I was so excited to see her next school year. As soon I found out the program was closing, I cried for days. My first thought was to start a petition on paper- I got 173 signatures in 2 hours, but I was told that "that will have no effect, no one will listen on paper." So i made one online. In that time of getting 173 signatures, i realized 50% of students that signed were in middle school. At Marshall we don't offer a middle school program, but it proved how many middle schoolers want ASL. My baby brother wants to learn ASL so bad, but was upset to find he couldn't. I want to make sure he gets the language he deserves!

Jessie Schiffer
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Petition to Movie Theaters

Movie Theaters - Open Captions (Subtitles) Are for Everyone!

Open captions are for everyone! #OCMOVIESNOW #OPENCAPTIONSNOW #OPENCAPTIONS What are open captions? Open captions are on-screen text dialogue. Some people with hearing loss do like closed captioning equipment, but given a choice, the majority will choose open captions. Open captions let deaf and hard of hearing people enjoy movies the same way as hearing people do. Closed caption equipment is often uncomfortable, may cause eyestrain, malfunctions, batteries die, may be unsanitary, or simply can not be used by some people due to vision impairment. (Would you want to wear or use that?) As a result, most users of captions prefer open captions.  Some theaters are very willing to show open captioned movies. Unfortunately,  many others are not willing to offer open captions despite pleas from people with hearing loss. When open captioned movies are requested, requests may be denied or only poorly attended time slots are offered. As an example, the Avengers: Endgame movie.  Several requests from open caption organizers for OC screenings of this movie on opening weekend were denied. The same thing will probably happen with the next Star Wars movie.  OPEN CAPTIONS ARE FOR EVERYONE! Captions also benefit: Kids learning to read People with autism People learning English as a second language People with auditory processing disorder Some people with attention deficit disorder Some people with down syndrome and auditory processing issues People starting to lose their hearing Veterans with battle-acquired hearing loss People who have difficulty understanding dialogue when there is noise or accents Plus, many young adults today grew up exposed to closed captions (mom and dad always turned the closed captions on the TV) so now they are in the habit of using captions or actually prefer captions! And many people like watching streamed movies with the subtitles on.  We call on movie theaters to give open captions a real chance with better dates and time slots. Make open captions a standard option alongside closed captions. Most importantly, we call on movie theaters to stop looking at open captions as being only for deaf and hard of hearing people, and start looking at open captions as being for everyone!        

Jamie Berke
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