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Petition to WB Games Montreal, Warner Brothers, Splash Damage, SONY, Microsoft, Splash Damage Community Management

Port Batman: Arkham Origins To PS4 And Xbox One

Batman: Arkham Origins released October 25, 2013 by WB Games Montreal.  Love it or hate it, it never got ported over to PS4 and Xbox One like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City did from Rocksteady.  You can argue that it’s not canon (connected) to the other three and that Rocksteady didn’t make it, but it’s still a very underrated game that some people out there including myself still want to experience on PS4 and Xbox One.   One of the things that makes Arkham Origins standout is that it’s the only one with multiplayer.  It’s not for everyone, but I along with some others would like to play a patched multiplayer since it’s already glitchy.   The petitions’ signature goal increases automatically, so let’s get to 800! My goal is to get 800 signatures because the highest Arkham Origins petition on here out of the three I found is 776.  24 more signatures will make it 800!  With your help, we can complete the Return To Arkham and now The Arkham Collection!  I hope I get your signature and/or you share this!  :) These are the three petitions I found:  Closed with 776 signatures.  Still in progress. Closed with 389 signatures.

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