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Stop Companies and Data Broker Websites from Sharing Personal Identifying Information

People search websites also called “data brokers,”  make a business of collecting, publicly sharing, and selling your personal information on the Internet.  Many of us have spent countless hours attempting to delete our current and dated personal information from sites such as: True people Search, White Pages, and Intellius. In all fairness, they have removal and opt-out tools on their sites to delete your personal information. Not just YOUR information, but everyone in your family. The problem is: Your Information Shouldn't be Listed or Shared in the First Place! Protecting our personal information shouldn't come hidden within a company's fine print. Many institutions like banks will send you letters offering you an opportunity to opt-out of information sharing with Third Parties. If you don't pay for postage and return the letter, you're screwed!  No company, business, or entity, should assume the rights of our personal information. If we NEVER OPTED IN, we shouldn't have to opt-out.  Data brokerage Should Be Illegal.  Collecting, Publicly Sharing, and Selling our personal should be illegal.The idea behind Public Information, is that someone can go to a courthouse or government entity and search for information. No one would ever know if you have a lien or criminal record or even where you lived, if data brokers hadn't released it online.  People are being violated everyday through identity theft, hacking, data breaches, stalking, harassment, and violence because OUR personal information is involuntarily accessible online.  According to Findlaw, "The right to privacy embodies the belief that a person’s private information should be free from public scrutiny and that we have a right to be left alone. As technology evolves, more and more of our personal information is in the hands of third parties. From e-commerce and e-mail, to smart phones and social media, advances in technology will continue to challenge our legal system and personal expectations of privacy." The Federal Trade Commission is the primary agency for enforcing privacy policies. Americans are paying into the United States government protecting us, but still we remain exploited.  Want to learn more:  There are Civil Laws protecting Americans from personal information sharing. Public Disclosure of Private Facts This tort defends against the unauthorized disclosure of details about a person’s private life that are not generally known. Generally, disclosure to one or two people does not constitute a public disclosure unless there is an implication that the information should be spread around. Personal Information Sharing with Third Parties should only be an OPT-IN request, not the other way around. Companies, Institutions, and Third Parties shouldn't assume the right to our personal information because we are engaging in business or paying for a service.  As Americans, we are ALL affected by this. Please sign this petition if you care about protecting your personal and families identifying information.

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Free From All 3: Make Credit Freezes Free to all Americans

Regardless of where or when a data breach occurs, it leaves people feeling powerless and helpless; confused and angry.  The ITRC has been tracking data breaches for more than a decade and we hear from the victims of these breaches on a near-daily basis. Breaches of really sensitive personal information like Social Security numbers are nothing new, but the sheer size of the Equifax data breach is unprecedented and alarming. Lately, we have been seeing data breaches grow larger and more dangerous at a frightening pace. Unless we, as a society, make this a national priority, we predict the Equifax breach will be eclipsed by yet another larger, more destructive data breach in a very short period of time. We need ALL stakeholders – consumers, industry, and government – to engage in a solution.  Right now the industry has the opportunity to step up and help Americans protect themselves from the loss and theft of personal information. Currently, victims of identity theft may be able to have the fees for credit freezes waived. But what about other consumers who want to proactively protect their identity, especially in cases where they have become victims of data breaches? Everyone should be able to take the proactive step of a credit freeze, no matter their level of income. We believe credit freezes should be free. Not just from Equifax, and not just for 30 days. We are asking for all credit reporting agencies to provide all Americans with the ability to enact an initial freeze of their credit report at any time and one free thaw and refreeze per year. We realize that free credit freezes won’t solve the identity theft problem once and for all.  That will require more work, in many other areas.  However, it is one way that we can reduce the rate of identity theft in America and that’s definitely a step in the right direction. We all need to continue working towards a better balance between convenience and security. The ITRC will continue to push for this conversation to be at the forefront of public debate. However, right now we are bleeding.  We need a tourniquet and that tourniquet comes in the form of free credit freezes. Will you join us in our efforts to help protect Americans from identity theft? Sign the petition to tell the three major credit reporting agencies that you want a free initial credit freeze and one thaw and re-freeze per year for all Americans. Share this petition and tag #FreeFromAll3

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Stop the Use of the SSN for Credit & Identity Purposes!

Back in October of 2017, the Trump administration was exploring ways to replace the use of Social Security Numbers as the main method of identification with consumer credit agencies in wake of Equifax’s massive data breach. Since then, the White House has eliminated the cyber security coordinator position that was focused on this issue.  Americans continue to suffer financial loss and opportunities due to the use of the Social Security Number as a major identifier. Not only are millions suffering from Identity Theft in the past, present and future because of this method of identification, there has and will continue to be consumer credit issues, employment issues, tax issues, and even law enforcement issues behind this number.  Far too many Americans are turned down for apartments and, or home loans because of this number which can and does lead to homelessness. Many employment opportunities are also denied due to this number being demanded by employers. Tax Return fraud has also reached an embarrassing high due to the IRS demanding the Social Security Number from taxpayers.  The irony is that the Social Security Number was never intended to be used in the way it has been over the last decades. The Social Security Administration assigned this number to workers in an effort to track retirement benefits. Now, in the words of Rob Joyce, the former White House Cyber Security Coordinator, "“We feel very strongly that the Social Security number has outlived its usefulness!” Here are some of the benefits our bill will support: 1. Cause All Housing Suppliers to give an option of using SSN or PCN for credit 2. Cause All Employers to give an option of using SSN or PCN for employment 3. Cause All Consumer Credit Agencies to immediately remove and, or freeze all reporting of identity theft trade lines without the need of filing police reports for FREE indefinitely.  These new laws and policies with grant numerous benefits to American Citizens. Some of them will include Homelessness Prevention, Identity Theft Prevention Unlawful Arrest, and a New Profile to rebuild, and the option to live under the PCN Concept and out of Consumerism where desired.  One month spent on the breach of over 140 million American's personal information by is unacceptable. Our personal information can be used to destroy us at any time from now until the end of our lives and even after because of this breach and several others under the SSN. The SSN was never intended to be used as a major identifier. STOP THE DEMAND FOR IT NOW AND GIVE US AN OPTION BY LAW!  

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