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Petition to Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital

Join #dancersmatter to provide dance specific healthcare

As of early June, the NHS dance injury clinic at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH), is no longer available to dancers. We need you, the dancers that rely on this service to add your voices to our #dancersmatter campaign by signing this petition and sharing on social media to highlight the importance of dance specialist healthcare and the lifeline this provides for professional and non-professional dancers. The clinic at the RNOH has provided specialist healthcare for over 1300 professional and pre-professional dancers since 2012 and has ensured that dancers can access healthcare without cost and return to training and performing in a timely fashion.  The RNOH chose to close the Sports and Exercise Medicine and clinic, and therein the dance specialist service without consultation with the National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science or patients. The sudden closure of this clinic has displaced and delayed dancers already using, and intending to seek support for injuries. Many of these dancers rely on the NHS and have no other access to healthcare services. They will face time out of work and training and psychological distress as a result of the removal of this service. As a matter of urgency, we have worked quickly to secure alternative dance specialist clinical services in London at Mile End Hospital (more information about accessing this service can be found here). However, this clinic will have to cope with a backlog of dancers in London who have been delayed by the RNOH clinic closure. We invite anyone concerned to show their support for the work of NIDMS in campaigning for the provision of dance specific injury clinics and wider healthcare services.

National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science
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Petition to Galway City Council

Call on Galway City Councillors to vote AGAINST Street Performance & Busking Bye-Laws

The Galway City Council are currently set to vote on the Galway City Council (Street Performance and Busking) Bye-Laws 2019.  These bye-laws, as currently written, not only ban all forms of amplification and circle acts including theatre, dance, sculpture, circus acts, acrobatics, clown, mime and magic from the protected streetscape before 6pm; they ban all busking after 11 pm, ban drum kits, completely restrict the freedom of expression for buskers, force buskers to stop if they draw a crowd and interfere with the way buskers queue. These bye-laws will put most of our community off the streets, out of work, and by extension, drive many vibrant, gifted, diverse performers out of our city. We are particularly concerned at the point in the draft bye-laws (point #8) that states ‘a street performer shall not act, say, do or sing anything likely to cause alarm, distress or offence to any member of the public, any business owner or occupier, the council, authorised persons, and/or any member of an Garda Siochána’ (the police) -- as we believe this point directly contravenes the right to freedom of expression guarunteed by the Irish Constitution and therefore seeks to take a constitutional right away from buskers. We are calling on Galway City Councillors to vote against the 2019 draft Street Performance and Busking Bye-laws, and to undertake a new public consultation process, working with the Galway Buskers’ community, Councillors, businesses, and the public on a new mutually beneficial form of busking and street performance regulation. Thank you.

Galway Buskers Community
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