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Big Dairy: Got Confusion? Call it “Cow Milk”

Sales of almond, soy, coconut, and other plant-based milks are soaring, on track to reach $20 billion by 2020. Meanwhile, consumer demand for dairy is tanking as Americans become aware of just how cruel the dairy industry is to cows, how it has cheated consumers, and the havoc that dairy milk can wreak on our bodies (got lactose intolerance?). As each generation consumes less milk than the one before it, Big Dairy is panicking. The industry is left crying over spilled milk—literally, dumping millions of gallons of unwanted milk down the drain. Big Dairy is desperate, and it’s turning to the FDA to help squash the rise of plant-based milks. In 2010, the National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF) urged the federal government to block the use of words like “milk” and “cheese” on the labels of dairy-free products. Six years later, that hasn’t worked, so the NMPF is back at it, this time by whipping up members of Congress to write to the Food and Drug Administration about how such labeling is “misleading and illegal.” Truly misleading, however, are current dairy product labels, which do not state what’s really inside: bovine mammary secretions, produced by cows and comprising just the right mix of proteins and hormones for their calves to grow hundreds of pounds in mere months. If it is in NMPF’s own interest in ensuring that labels “clearly identify the true nature of the food,” as noted in its 2010 petition, why not clearly identify dairy as “cow milk?” (*this language was updated from an earlier version). The NMPF claims that it’s worried about confusing consumers. That’s exactly why the NMPF should label its own products as “cow milk,” “cow cheese,” and “cow ice cream.” That way, consumers will understand what they're really buying. After all, cow milk is produced by cows (for cows and their calves), so why not just say it?! Many consumers are no longer swallowing the industry’s lies about happy cows and healthy bones. More and more people are choosing nutritious and delicious plant-based milks over cruelty- and cholesterol-filled cow milk. Join us in calling on the NMPF to make it easier on shoppers to know the “true nature of the food” they’re buying by clearly labeling its products as Cow Milk.

Compassion Over Killing
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Papa John’s and Little Caesars: Offer Vegan Cheese Pizza!

I recently worked inside one of the largest dairy factory farms on the East Coast, one that touts its innovation as the first in the country to implement machine-milking of cows, known as “robo-milking.” Yet the horrors I documented at Mason Dixon Farms as a Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator reveal the much darker reality of this massive dairy factory. At Mason Dixon, which supplies to Land O’Lakes and Dairy Farmers of America (DFA), the largest milk marketing cooperative in the US, I witnessed violent abuse of mother cows on a regular basis, including workers kicking cows in the face or udders, jabbing cows with their elbows, bending and twisting their tails, and even punching them for fun. One time, I even saw a cow who was too weak to stand up being electrically shocked over 100 times. On this massive factory farm, 2,500 cows live in hazardous conditions, often getting stuck on large water troughs, unable to free themselves, and falling. Cows even walk in water contaminated with formaldehyde, which workers often handled without proper protective gear. I also watched as terrified cows were turned completely on their sides by an enormous machine, and then they had all four legs restrained so that their hooves could be sawed down in a frightening process. While this facility is not in the Papa John’s or Little Caesars supply chains, the cruelty I documented at Mason Dixon is, sadly, not an isolated case. Footage like mine has revealed time and time again that suffering is inherent in the dairy industry—from newborn calves being ripped from their mothers shortly after birth for the veal industry, to exhausted mother cows being trucked off to the slaughterhouse when they’re no longer producing milk. These haunting images are the sad reality of Big Dairy in America. Fortunately, however, millions of consumers are now waking up to the cruelty—as well as the health and environmental hazards—behind every carton of milk, and are increasingly choosing dairy-free options. Sales of dairy alternatives are soaring, even outpacing those of dairy itself, and the market is projected to reach $35 billion by 2024. But pizza giants like Papa John's and Little Caesars have yet to take a stand against the misery behind every bite of mozzarella and offer consumers an alternative: vegan cheese. So while pizza chains like Mellow Mushroom, Lebron James’ Blaze Pizza, and Pieology are shaping the future of pizza by offering dairy-free cheese options, Papa John’s and Little Caesars are lagging behind. As leaders in the pizza industry, Papa John’s and Little Caesars have an opportunity to make a meaningful change for consumers and cows alike through a simple addition to their menus. Please join me in urging these chains to take a slice out of cruelty and offer vegan cheese. In solidarity, “Ross” (Compassion Over Killing undercover investigator) (*this language was updated from an earlier version)

Compassion Over Killing
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Stop from Supporting Torture!

MoveOn has recently teamed up with Ben and Jerry, a major contributor to the torture and abuse of cows, to solicit contributions. We insist that as a supposedly-progressive organization, MoveOn immediately terminate all contracts and agreements with Ben and Jerry and pledge to no longer support businesses and industries who profit from the pain of animals. The dairy industry is one of the most cruel businesses in the modern world. It is MUCH worse for the animals than meat production (although it is a full part of that industry). There is no room in any supposedly "progressive" organization for their support of businesses like Ben and Jerry who make their profit from the suffering of innocent animals. (Note too that the dairy/meat industry is also known for heavily exploiting undocumented workers. Is this ALSO what MoveOn supports??) MoveOn should be ashamed of themselves and I am ashamed that I had ever supported MoveOn.Here is their campaign letter, dated July 2, 2017: Hi, fellow MoveOn member, It's Ben & Jerry, the ice cream guys. We wish we were writing to you about something delicious (like ice cream). But instead, we're writing about a big problem that leaves a foul taste in our mouths: money in politics. More money than ever is flooding into politics in the age of Donald Trump. While Trump distracts us with his latest scandals and tweets, the richest 1%, corporations, and their lobbyists are more influential than ever behind the scenes in getting their way on the issues and buying our elections - while pushing the rest of us to the sidelines. So what do we do about it? One word: RESIST. This time by stamping (and then spending) dollar bills with a simple message: "Resist Money in Politics - Amend the Constitution." (It's perfectly legal.) It was Abraham Lincoln who said, "Public opinion is everything. Without it nothing can succeed. With it nothing can fail." Stamping every single paper bill that you spend is a powerful way to get our resistance message against Donald Trump and the broken Congress out there. Click here to chip in $15 or more to MoveOn and get your own "Resist Big Money In Politics - Amend the Constitution" stamp. To sweeten the deal even more, one lucky stamper will win a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! Stamping money out of politics is one of the most important causes that the resistance can fight for. That's why one lucky stamper will win a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Because whether you care about affordable, accessible health care, the climate, closing private prisons, reducing military spending, or making an economy that works for everyone - not just the rich guys - there's one theme that connects all these fights: Big Money vs. the rest of us. Each stamped bill will be seen an average of 875 times while it's in circulation, so taking a few minutes a day to stamp the money in your wallet is a lot of "bang for your buck!" As your bills circulate, so will your message about reclaiming our democracy. And while you're taking action individually, you're helping MoveOn's collective actions to take our democracy back - which is key if we're going to overpower the Big Money that wants to keep buying and selling our political system. With what we're facing from Washington and corporate media these days, we'll have to use every tool we have to get our resistance message out there. Click here to get your "Resist Money in Politics" stamp right now - and join the resistance with your wallet. And remember, one lucky stamper will win a year's supply of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Let's get stamping! - Ben & Jerry

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