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Petition to Donald Trump, President of the United States

Open Letter to President Trump - Support Our Undocumented Students

Dear President-elect Trump, As you lay the groundwork for your first 100 days in office, all of America will be counting on your success. The policies you implement, undoubtedly, will put the people first to make America great for everyone. However, as you work to establish these plans, it is our hope that you will also keep undocumented students in mind. Indeed, they are present in countless universities across the country. They, like many other students, are working hard to become the next generation of doctors, scientists, and innovators. Their intentions are unquestionable; their aspirations are admirable. What better embodiment of the American dream than an undocumented student who comes from another country, who learns English, who persists through disadvantages, who strives for an education? Someone who, if given a chance, will make this country great. Consider for a moment how most of these students were brought here as children, and how this country is their only home. With the exception of being undocumented, they are fundamentally no different from any other student. In short Mr. President-elect, for the above and the following reasons, we believe it will be a mistake to terminate President Obama’s executive order: DACA  Of course, however, there is no doubt our immigration system is flawed. Illegal immigration is a fair and legitimate issue to tackle. Yet, the effects of repealing DACA would be extensive. A societal barrier would fall upon not only these students but also their contributions to the community. Instead of developing their potential they would be subject to deportation. This is why rather than being viewed as high risks, they must be regarded as any other student: an investment. Admittedly, Mr. President-elect, this is a complicated issue, but its solutions are not inconceivable and are certainly not unachievable. Nevertheless, we are optimistic that you will consider our point of view, and that you will see the value in creating policies that form pathways for our undocumented youth. It is our sincerest hope, when you are sworn in on January 20th of next year, you will protect these students’ pursuit of the American dream.   Respectfully,   the signatories

C Preciado
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