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Petition to Julie Anne Genter, Phil Twyford

Julie Anne Genter - Make NZ Streets Safe for Cycling - save lives

#safecyclingnzSign to tell the Government and local authorities that the deaths of New Zealanders on bicycles must stop.2017 was a terrible year for bicycle deaths. 18 people on bikes were killed on our roads. Of these 13 people were over 40. That’s a whole heap of children and families who have lost a parent, an aunt, an uncle or a grandparent.This petition asks the Government and all councils to act urgently to:1. Build substantially more safe cycle infrastructure in cities and towns.2. Educate drivers with cycle safety campaigns to share the road.3. Lower speeds on urban streets.Our plea will be presented to Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter at the Road Safety Summit on 9 April 2018. Minister Genter has called the Summit because she is aware that New Zealand has a terrible problem. Far too many people are dying and being seriously injured on our roads.Right now our streets are congested and it’s hard to get around. Kids can’t play in the streets, we have an obesity epidemic, and our carbon emissions from private vehicles are contributing to climate change. People biking helps build safer, healthier, more liveable cities, that are easier and cheaper to get around. 70% of households with children have bicycles.  But because there are very few safe cycle routes on our streets and congestion is at record levels only 2% of adults cycle for commuting and just 2% of school children bike to school.Many people consistently say want to bike more but they are too afraid to do so because our streets are not safe enough for people on bikes. It’s up to councils and the Government to shape our streets to help people bike safely.In hundreds of towns and cities around the world from New York to Copenhagen or Christchurch, where good cycle lanes are installed more and more people cycle, there is less and less congestion and much healthier people.  Lets get NZ back to being a healthy, active nation, with less congestion and is safe and attractive to cycle.

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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten

To put an end to the victimization of cyclists.

victimizationvɪktɪmʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/nounthe action of singling someone out for cruel or unjust treatment."we should be able to speak up without fear of victimization" It is time to stand up. The hate against cyclists contravenes basic human rights. Our law-makers fail us while an anti-cycling campaign rages un-monitored across all forms of media. Cyclists, on the whole, are subjected to bullying, insult and marginalization. We feel that our lives are at risk when when we ride and we deserve better. The law is clear, as are our rights and freedoms and in this we have every right to be on the road. Why must we endure hatred, threats and bigotry pursuing a healthy lifestyle choice? We note we are not perfect, but nor is the motorist, politician or police officer. We are all human and should feel that we have the same respect and consideration, free from insidious bullying and vilification that is based on false or unfounded pretenses. We deserve to be treated with respect and dignity across all levels of society and deserve our basic human rights to be granted, upheld and defended by our community leaders. Narrow minded, thoughtless journalism only inflames a debate that should not even exist. We should not need to defend our rights, nor explain, the law grants us this already. Our leaders need to act, as we deserve so much better and it time to unite and fight this incursion on what is a basic right.

Cyclists Who Feel Victimized.
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