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Petition to Councillor Ian Wingfield, Southwark Council Highways, Councillor Maria Linforth-Hall, Councillor Adele Morris,

Our homes are not short cuts! Traffic calming for Lancaster Street, SE1

We want Southwark Council to reduce the speed, noise and volume of through-traffic using Lancaster Street, a narrow residential street. Lancaster Street is currently used by traffic avoiding congestion on main roads. For vehicles using SatNav it is now the recommended route between south east London and the West End or the City. This means that Lancaster Street now carries unhealthy, unfair and unsafe level of traffic. This petition will be submitted as evidence of public support for the following proposal, as part of an application for 'Cleaner Greener Safer' funding.  We Want Southwark Council to: Reduce the speed and amount of traffic on Lancaster Street, whilst maintaining full access for residents, delivery vehicles and services like bin collections and the emergency services. This should reduce road danger, noise and air pollution on Lancaster Street without increasing it on Boyfield Street and Silex Street. We propose that Southwark Council: Slow turning traffic into Lancaster Street from Borough Road by reducing the width of the junction-mouth.   Close Lancaster Street to motorised through-traffic at a point north of the junction with Library Street. Close King James Street to motorised through traffic between Lancaster Street and Boyfield Street, to prevent the problem traffic from moving to Boyfield Street and Silex Street. Reduce danger and traffic noise by re-laying the damaged road surface.  The surface creates high levels of noise in a narrow street, and is dangerous for cyclists, particularly when being passed by oncoming traffic. If Lancaster Street cannot be closed, Southwark should build out the corner of Library Street and Lancaster Street to the width of a parking bay and introduce dropped kerbs. This will slow traffic and encourage walking. Why is traffic so bad on Lancaster Street? There used to be less traffic in Lancaster Street. For vehicles using SatNav it is now he recommended route between south east London and the West End or the City. For southbound traffic, the road allows vehicles from Waterloo and Blackfriars Bridges to reach the New Kent Road whilst avoiding Elephant and Castle and St George’s Circus (by leading on to Borough and Harper Road). For northbound traffic it allows a time saving over the route between Southwark Street and Great Dover Street, via Southwark Bridge Road and Marshalsea Road. What are the benefits? Improving Lancaster Street will make it safer for walking and cycling, whilst reducing air and noise pollution. This will make the street healthier for people who live alongside it, and make it easier for people from across Southwark to use healthier forms of transport. Reducing the volume of traffic using the road will reduce wear and tear, so reducing the cost of future maintenance. Reducing traffic on Lancaster Street will make the road a better community space all year round, and will make it easier to host street parties and children’s play streets in the Summer.

Peter Wood
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Petition to Chris Elmore, John McCarthy, Maverick Skateparks

To have a skatepark built in Pencoed

This petition is to show support and prove that there is a genuine local need for a concrete skatepark in Pencoed. Pencoed has very few facilities for young people to use. Since BMX, Skateboards and scooters are very popular in and around the area, a skatepark would be an excellent place for young people to improve their skills but to also create a closer community within Pencoed and nearby areas. If a skatepark were to be built, many people would travel by public transport, allowing the government and other companies to also benefit. Furthermore, the riders using the skatepark would also visit different shops to buy refreshments etc, allowing those companies to also gain from the skatepark. Having a skatepark within Pencoed would give the young people somewhere to hang out, reducing disruptions and annoyance in other areas of the town. This would allow young people to create and build friendships with others. The new skatepark will be a free-to-use, safe, inclusive and family orientated sports facility for users of all ages. Professionally designed and constructed by a company selected by the Petitioner and a varied group of riders with design input from local skatepark users. Skateparks are proven to increase health, well-being, community cohesion whilst reducing social exclusion and anti-social behaviour. The skatepark will not only benefit skatepark users, it will enhance the town and will be an asset to the whole community.

Iwan Sheridan
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Petition to Iain Douglas county planner, Peter Hynes County Manager, Lisa Chambers TD, Dara Calleary TD, Enda Kenny TD, Minister Michael Ring TD, Minister for transport Shane Ross, Cllr Michael Smyth, Cllr Seamus Weir, Cllr Gerry Murray, Cllr Annie May Reape, Cllr Neil Cruise, Cllr Gerry Ginty, Cllr Michael Loftus, Cllr Jarlath Munnelly, Cllr John O'Hara, Cllr John Caulfield, Cllr Tom Connolly, Cllr John Cribben, Cllr Richard Finn, Cllr Damien Ryan, Irish Rail

Greenway on the closed for 40 years railway line from Swinford to Charlestown now please!

Following extensive public consultation in 2012 The Swinford Vision for the Future survey was published. Over 1,000 people were surveyed in the Swinford/Charlestown area for this really important survey which Mayo county council partly sponsored.   One of the main recommendations of the Survey was to create a greenway (walking and cycling trail) on the closed railway from Swinford to Charlestown, connecting two neighbouring Mayo towns with a traffic free pedestrian and cycling route.  In 2013 Mayo county council received almost 300 submissions on the county plan asking for a greenway on this route; Mayo County Council refused to adopt this simple idea for the county plan despite massive public support.  With plans for a greenway from Sligo to Charlestown on the closed railway, which is supported by Sligo County Council, we now call on Mayo County Council to support a greenway from Charlestown to Swinford on the closed railway.  We want a free to use greenway on the closed railway nothing else. A simple footpath and cycle for citizens to enjoy free of charge. It’s not rocket science.  Use the closed railway to create new life in the area with a greenway from Swinford to Charlestown.  If you support this idea then please sign this petition to Mayo county council, to the four Mayo TDs and to the Minister of Transport.  Thank you.

Western Rail Trail
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