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Petition to Twitter, Inc, Twitter, Instagram

Tell Twitter to Restore ThaGataNegrra's Account

Alternative hip-hop artist ThaGataNegrra established her Twitter account in December 2007, when the platform had barely begun, and enjoyed using it to connect to people and potential fans and clients. She'd built a good following, and her account suddenly was, in the early summer of 2017, suspended indefinitely due to an ex and rival continuing a years-old smear-and-cyberbullying campaign against GATA, accusing her of infringement and of being an "impostor". The rival had, years prior, unsuccessfully tried to get GATA's Twitter removed for the same reason, but this time she succeeded due to recently having trademarked a tagline ("Tha True Original Gata" or "True Original Gata") ThaGataNegrra had been using for many years to market herself. The rival had made it so that Twitter couldn't tell which person was which, even though GATA made it quite clear that she was not the person guilty of infringement the first time, presenting her state ID with her legal name on it when asked, among other things. Twitter says it will not restore ThaGataNegrra's account, although the infringement wasn't official on-paper until this year, and was only so due to the rival filing the trademark in September, 2016. GATA had been using the tagline for years prior to the filing. The rival went so far as to say on the filing that she is a rapper, but this is not the case. Meanwhile, ThaGataNegrra has two full album releases as a rapper for 3 Miles Entertainment, both of which have been released globally and some of the songs from the first release have been featured on Hulu Original show "East Los High". In this digital age, it is clear that social media, especially Twitter, plays an important part in marketing brands. The Twitter handle has become as ubiquitous as a first name. This was done to GATA to purposely hurt her, her brand and her credibility, and we, her fans, find this unacceptable. If the President of the United States can allegedly violate the Twitter Terms of Service and remain on Twitter, and if Twitter is truly an equal platform, GATA should be allowed to have her Twitter restored to, at the very least, change the tagline so that it doesn't continue to violate the infringement rule. Other than that, there was nothing on her Twitter bio to say that she is or is implying to be the rival, or that her account is the "official" account of the rival by anything other than the tagline the rival had recently trademarked. There aren't and never were any pictures of the rival, so it isn't impersonation. None of her logos, branding or usernames indicated as such. She was simply marketing her own Twitter, and should be able to continue to do so. We are asking for ThaGataNegrra's Twitter account to be restored, and all her followers restored, in exchange for the tagline and any offending tweets removed from the platform, as it is the only thing that is in violation of the ToS and, again, wasn't in violation until the trademark was filed last year. Since the same is true with Instagram, who took down ThaGataNegrra's account in May 2017 for the same reason (her account was established and in good standing since 2012), we would also ask that it restore ThaGataNegrra's account and allow her to continue to use it as well if she removes the taglines.

Aki Yamamoto
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Petition to Lincoln Public Schools, Pete Ricketts

Bullying In Schools

I feel like bullying is one of the most over looked things in high school. Everyone's always ignoring the fact that bullying still happens every single day. It's not always seen by anyone, but it's still there. We're in high school, things change. Words get meaner and less obvious. Understanding the context of words being said can be like doing the world's hardest math problem. You can't always control what people say, but you can act upon what they say. What we need in schools is for more people to be on the lookout for bullying. And the thing about bullying is that there's a stigma on how severe it has to be to even be considered bullying. That's wrong. No matter how minimal or severe it is, it's still bullying. Another thing is that no one thinks about the affects bullying has on people. Mental illnesses form and self-image goes down. People start to believe what the bullies say so they give up, on everything. Bullying is the root of school shootings and suicides. It's just that everyone forgets about it. I was bullied throughout most of my school life. I remember in 4th grade people calling me fat, ugly, stupid, etc. From then on, the same people tormented me every day until this year. That's 6 years.  I'm currently in 10th grade and I don't get bullied that often as I used to. Every day turned into every few weeks. Even now it still hurts that people would do this to me.  My goal for this petition is to bring awareness to the administration of Northeast and the district office that bullying still exists. To inform them that just because they can forget about it, doesn't mean it can just magically stop. I want the district office to make more hard cut rules about bullying. Yes, it won't make it stop completely, but it would help. Also, we need to stop cyberbullying as well. I want the Nebraska government to discuss the making of cyberbullying laws. That would change so much.  It would mean a lot if you could sign this petition. The welfare of students is dirastically declining because of the things that happen within school walls. We want the people we care about to feel like school is some place that's safe for you to go. But with so much bullying and tormenting going on in the halls, it's almost impossible for that to happen.  Thank you for listening, Lexie Bott

Lexie Bott
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Petition to Adult Video Network, XBIZ

AVN/XBIZ: Ban Jessica Drake from the Hall Of Fame in response to her harassment of others

In December of 2017, a young woman named Mercedes Grabowski, also known as August Ames took her own life due to cyberbullying by a woman she looked to as an idol, Jessica Drake. Drake is well-known for her harassment of other adult film stars. While Drake is still financially successful and self-sufficient, her behavior has warranted some form of consequence, and I believe barring her from receiving such a award, for ANY of her achievements in the industry may be enough. In this testimony from Ames' husband Kevin Moriarty, there is explicit proof of Drake's misdeeds, that cannot be denied. She has had a long track record of harassment of others, and this is behavior that should not be rewarded. (Moriarty's statement) Mercedes suffered intense cyberbullying in the days leading up to her death, but I believe none was more damaging than the actions of Mrs. Drake, who she looked up to as an idol. While I cannot do anything to restrict Mrs. Drake from receiving further income, her actions deserve some form of consequence and I believe, that irregardless she must pay for her carelessness and hypocrisy. Mercedes was a kind and loving individual, and I believe that Mrs. Drake was explicitly responsible for the death of a young woman who was one of the kindest people I have ever known, who was only a mere four years older than I am, and to whom I owe an eternal debt to, due to her helping me gain a degree of self-confidence. I believe that her death was unwarranted. She did not deserve to die in a such a manner, much less at the hands of someone she idolized. Thank you, Brian Cheng

Brian Cheng
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