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Petition to Secretary of State for Transport, East Midlands Rail Franchise Consultation Co-ordinator, Minister with responsibility for rail

No service cuts & keep ½hourly Intercity trains to Bedford, Luton, Wellingboro after 2019.

Please also sign the petition about the timetable proposed for May: that is the best way to help now! Providing your details at - also helps!  East Midlands Rail Campaign ( The Department for Transport consultation on the replacement East Midlands rail franchise ( proposed there to be no more Intercity trains for Luton, Luton Airport, Bedford, Wellingborough, Melton Mowbray or Oakham, and limited Intercity services for Beeston. It also proposed a reduced service between Leicester and Kettering.On these proposals passengers between Luton/Luton Airport/Bedford/Wellingborough and Market Harborough/Leicester/Loughborough/Beeston/Nottingham will have to change onto the reduced number of Intercity trains that stop at Kettering (p29).People that currently rely on these services will be struggling to get to and from work, or to visit relatives, when they have organised their lives around the current train service that will be cut. The proposals would make the problems of 'limited connectivity' (p18) worse, and are contrary to the expectation of passengers to "be rewarded for their loyalty" (p6) and to be respected (p24). As such, we (as individuals and as part of the East Midlands Rail Campaign oppose the approach of the consultation.  It is fundamentally wrong in strictly splitting services between electrified 'commuter' services and bi-mode Intercity services.  The distinction between a 'commuter' market and an 'Intercity' market that the consultation makes does not match the reality of "peak time" services (full of commuters) between London, "Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby" that the consultation talks of (p18). We also oppose the connected decision to cancel electrification between Kettering and Leicester/Nottingham/Derby/Sheffield.  By ending the strict split between electrified 'commuter' services and bi-mode Intercity services, Melton Mowbray and Oakham should retain their Intercity trains. The consultation proposal is to increase capacity on the Midland mainline.  This should mean better services for all. The extra train compared to current timetables should be an hourly train London/Luton (or Airport)/Bedford/Wellingborough/Kettering/Leicester/East Midlands Parkway/Long Eaton/Derby, sometimes going on to Sheffield, sometimes to Manchester. We also believe there should still also be hourly trains London/Luton Airport Parkway/Bedford/Wellingborough/Kettering/Market Harboro/Leicester/Loughborough/Beeston/Nottingham (our opposition to the opproach of the consultation should be explicitly taken as support for continuation of these existing services as well as Intercity services to Melton Mowbray and Oakham, as well as the stops that provide a second Intercity train per hour serving Market Harborough, Loughborough and East Midlands Parkway).  Improving the "door-to-door journey experience" can only be acheived by increasing, rather than reducing the number of through trains, requiring all existing through services to be retained.  Rather than cutting stops and services, we consider that since the next operator is to "come forward with plans for modern, fast, efficient and comfortable trains...including...Intercity trains" (p6), that those trains should be specified with enough/wide enough doors, specified for positions within the coaches that enable quick entry and exit.  We consider this to be a better overall approach to reducing delays by calling at intermediate stations (p18). We call on the Department for Transport to take account of our views in drawing up the new franchise Invitation To Tender for the East Midlands. 

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Petition to ACTup Bristol, Bristol City Council

No cuts to HIV Support in Bristol.

Bristol City Council have proposed deep cuts to HIV support services in the city. Cuts could lead to drastic reductions in the services offered by Bristol's own HIV charity, Brigstowe. Support services are a lifeline for people whose lives can be turned upside down and inside out by an HIV diagnosis, and what it means for their future. At a time of growing infection rates in Bristol and low public knowledge and education, it is essential for people living with HIV to have somewhere safe, somewhere knowledgeable and somewhere they are cared about, to help them come to terms with their diagnosis, and help them back on a path to leading the kind of life they want to, without the fear of misinformation, stigma and discrimination they many face. Doctors, professionals and those living with HIV agree that support services help those with HIV manage their condition, manage their health and manage their everyday lives. Join us in helping Bristol City Council to realise the same. ACT up, Fight Back, and end cuts to support service that are essential, and not a luxury. Sign the petition and send a message that Bristol wants to keep providing support services for people living with HIV. Follow us on social media to follow our campaign and activities and let us know if you want to get involved: Twitter: Facebook: If you are a Bristol resident, you can also contribute to Bristol City Council's consultation on the cuts form here:

ACTup Bristol
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