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Petition to Michael Ellis MP, Sir Laurie Magnus

Give Peas a Second Chance

For more than two decades the slogan 'Give Peas A Chance' has been emblazoned on Chalfont Viaduct over the M25, a comforting and iconic landmark to many as a sign of journeys nearly at an end, to others of journeys just beginning. That landmark has recently been defaced, with the word "Peas" replaced with "Helch"We, the undersigned, would like the original "Peas" tag to be reinstated, and a protection order placed both on the bridge and on the graffiti message. We believe it is an iconic part of modern British history. The bridge itself, constructed between 1902 and 1906, of blue/black engineering brick with decorative brickwork, is "unique in being the only brick built bridge on this stretch of the M25 and is a local landmark for road users", according to a 2009 Historic Building Recording by Oxford Archaeology.  That report goes on to mention Peas, saying: "The south facing elevation has large painted graffiti on the parapet wall over the three westernmost arches. This has been painted in two stages, the first being the the word 'PEAS' in stylised capitals. Later the word 'GIVE' has been added in front of the 'PEAS' and 'A CHANCE' has been added after. This later graffiti is less stylised although there is an attempt to match the style used on 'PEAS' and the paint used has weathered and run in places. "'PEAS' is the tag of a London graffiti artist and his tag can been seen in many other locations, particularly on bridges. The additional text changing the graffiti to read 'GIVE PEAS A CHANCE' is thought to refer to his continual arrests. The common misinterpretation of the inscription makes bridge a interesting landmark to users of the M25." Not only did the graffiti make an interesting landmark, it has come to be a meaningful part of many people's lives.  The administrator of the 'BRING BACK - Give Peas A Chance - Bridge over M25' Facebook Group, who did not wish to be named, told the BBC: "It's a sign of being nearly home. It's a sign of family. People have been tagging sisters and brothers on the group and saying and 'can you believe this has happened?' and the response is 'oh my goodness this is devastating'." The group has gained more than 8000 followers in just three days.  Minister, please give Peas a second chance, reinstate the graffiti, and protect the bridge as a British landmark. 

Donna Edmunds
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Petition to Sadiq Khan

Save Matthews Yard

After the riots in summer 2011, I opened Matthews Yard to create a place for our community. We have battled for survival for more than 5 years and thanks to the love and support of the people from Croydon we are still going strong today. We have hosted thousands of events ranging from baby showers and birthday parties to weddings and wakes along with a diverse range of arts, cultural and community events including film festivals, political meetings, activist meetings, charity fundraisers, music gigs, comedy nights and so much more. But now we are at risk of closure because of developers who want to replace us with a housing development. Over 50,000 people have attended events at MY and hundreds of thousands more have passed through our cafe for an informal meeting, or to have coffee, cake or the best burgers Croydon has ever seen (as voted by you the people, in Time Out this year). Matthews Yard is a much needed central and independent focal point for community activity. The Impact Report available on the Matthews Yard website at provides much more information on our achievements. Regeneration in Croydon now directly threatens Matthews Yard and all the work which has gone into building our space. If planning permission is granted and the building is demolished without MY securing an alternative home then we will be forced to close in Summer 2018. To help Matthews Yard have the best shot at success and to ensure a lasting legacy, Matthews Yard has announced it will convert to a Community Interest Company and reinvest 100% of trading surpluses into delivering its community objectives. We now need the support of the Mayor of London to secure our long-term future. If you care about art, culture or community and you want to help save Matthews Yard, then please, please sign and share this petition as far and wide as possible.

Saif Bonar
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Save Bradshaw House for Congleton Museum

Bradshaw House is a fine (Grade II listed) late-Georgian house from the 1820's in the heart of Congleton.  It takes its name from perhaps Congleton's most famous - or infamous - former resident, the regicide John Bradshaw, whose former house probably stood on the same site. The house is owned by Cheshire East Council but is currently unoccupied. Congleton Museum is a thriving, volunter-run museum dedicated to the history of Congleton and the surrounding area.  It is home to its own collections, including two major 17th century coin hoards, and is sufficiently well-regarded that it has been entrusted to host significant Roman hoards from further afield in the region. Its success means that it has now outgrown its current home, and it has put together proposals to acquire Bradshaw House so that it can continue to grow and thrive in the centre of town. Unfortunately, Cheshire East Council has turned down its application (and a rival bid from the Electric Picture House artists' co-operative) in favour of selling the site commercially (despite giving the Museum £31,000 to part-fund the development!). We believe that a valuable opportunity for both the museum and Congleton itself.  The museum could continue to grow and better serve its purpose, while Congleton would see an increase in visitors who would boost its existing shops restaurants. We ask Cheshire East Council to withdraw Bradshaw House from sale and accept Congleton Museum's bid.

Nick Sharman
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