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Petition to Colgate-Palmolive

Stop Colgate-Palmolive from trademarking "Caribbean Carnival"

Greetings! (Please read, share, and forward the entire petition to everyone you know) We are asking everyone to sign this important petition to stop the company, Colgate-Palmolive Company, from deliberately gaining rights to commercially use and profit from “CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL” on their fabric conditioners, fabric softeners, and other future products they intend to sell in any marketplace or store. This company has never sponsored any Caribbean Carnival and but wishes to sell goods using it. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM? It came to the Caribbean people attention that Colgate-Palmolive Company filed a trademark application (US Serial Number 97153498) on an intent-to-use basis to register “CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL” for fabric conditioners and fabric softeners on December 2, 2021. (Source: USPTO.GOV Website) (View the trademark application they filed -Link to Trademark Application) This is an example of Cultural Appropriation! Colgate-Palmolive Company is attempting to take credit for an aspect they have taken from the Caribbean culture with no direct ties or history to any Caribbean Carnivals. They have chosen to gain credit through intellectual property protection. “Caribbean Carnival” has historically been recognized as a cultural festival that ties to freedom and emancipation of slavery. It is important that we work together to preserve the special history of "Caribbean Carnival". It is important that we tell Colgate-Palmolive Company to USE ANOTHER NAME OR BRAND for their fabric conditioners, and fabric softeners.  “Caribbean Carnival” is a popular festival that was introduced into this world by the Caribbean people. Many Caribbean countries have incorporated their own cultures and invited millions to participate in this cultural celebration every year. (View current Caribbean Carnivals LIST OF CARIBBEAN CARNIVALS). Colgate-Palmolive Company did not invent or create "CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL". They have no business using “CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL” for their financial gains. This is insulting to the Caribbean culture and they must be stopped now!  Various Caribbean islands, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and other countries worldwide have fused Calypso/Soca, Masqueraders, Costumes, Mas Bands, Steel Bands, Caribbean Foods, Dances and other cultural traditions every year for the millions who attend annual Caribbean Carnivals all over the world. "Caribbean Carnival" has been distinctive in the public eyes for decades and has been used by many organizations, associations, business owners, individuals, bloggers, and Caribbean Carnival event organizers. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM Why is Colgate-Palmolive Company stealing from the Caribbean culture for their financial gains? Colgate's trademark attorneys should have advised their client to NOT FILE a trademark application for “CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL”. If this trademark is approved by the USPTO, this gives them the power to PURSUE ANYONE who intends to use the word "CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL" on other goods. The Caribbean people have worked hard to promote our cultural traditions, music, Caribbean Carnivals and foods. STOP COLGATE-PALMOLIVE FROM STEALING FROM OUR CULTURE!   WHAT DID COLGATE-PALMOLIVE COMPANY DO WRONG? Colgate-Palmolive Company and their trademark attorneys failed to research the history and meaning of “CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL”.  Colgate-Palmolive Company and their trademark attorneys ignored and disregarded the cultural importance in the Caribbean cultures. Colgate-Palmolive Company and their trademark attorneys ignored over 30,000,000 million google search results alone that shows "CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL" is heavily associated with the Caribbean culture. Colgate-Palmolive Company is inappropriately attempting to make profits on their “fabric softeners and conditioners” using words that is culturally associated with a fusion of Calypso/Soca, Masquerade, Mas Bands, Steel Bands and Dance and other Caribbean traditions. If their trademark application is approved, they will attempt to go after other individuals/companies/businesses that are using “CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL” on other goods and services sold in the marketplace. Since a “trademark” exclusively identifies a product as belonging to a specific company, this trademark filing is distasteful and disturbing to the Caribbean culture. WHAT IS THE APPROPRIATE RESOLUTION? We are requesting Colgate-Palmolive Company to withdraw or abandon their US Serial Number 97153498 trademark application for “CARIBBEAN CARNIVAL” as soon as possible. We are requesting Colgate-Palmolive Company to USE ANOTHER NAME, TERM OR BRAND NAME for their fabric conditioners and softeners. We are requesting Colgate-Palmolive Company to release a public apology to the Caribbean Community for filing this reckless trademark application for their financial gain. Since they have no involvement in any Caribbean Carnival. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION AND SPREAD YOUR FRUSTRATIONS ON THIS MATTER IN ALL COUNTRIES. WE ALSO ENCOURAGE YOUR FRIENDS, ASSOCIATES, AND FAMILY MEMBERS TO SIGN AS WELL. WE AIM TO CONTACT THEIR ATTORNEYS WITH OUR COMPLAINTS AND PRESENT THIS PETITION TO THEIR ATTENTION. COLGATE PALMOLIVE-COMPANY NEW YORK COMPANY ADDRESS 300 Park Ave New York, NY 10022 ************************************** Thank you for supporting this petition! We are not going to give up on the Caribbean Culture!   RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED BY, CARIBBEAN COMMUNITY IG: @caribbeancommunitynyc Twitter: @caribbean_nyc    

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Petition to Caribbean People

Stop Michael B Jordan's Trademark of J'OUVERT For His Rum!

The word J'Ouvert yields 489,000 results on Google.  The word J'Ouvert is deeply rooted in Trinbagonian and Caribbean culture.  The word J'Ouvert heralds the annual indigenous festivities of T&T's beloved Carnival, which began in the 1800s and is still practiced globally by people in and from the Caribbean.  "The name J'Ouvert originates from the French jour ouvert, meaning day break or morning, and signals the start of Carnival." ( Hollywood actor Michael B. Jordan is celebrating the launch of his newest venture, a rum titled, J'Ouvert. SEE HERE. It was recently discovered that in the official USPTO filing by Attorney Ryan Louis Shaffer for the use of the word J'Ouvert, under international classification 33: Alcoholic beverages, except beers (U.S. codes 047, 049), the official document states that, "The wording "J'OUVERT" has no meaning in a foreign language." (SEE HERE) We are not a powerless people! We are a people rich in culture, history and love. It's time we love ourselves enough to stop the sale of our culture to foreign entities that do not respect or value our global contributions, and who do not support and uphold our countries in respectful, long-lasting, tangible and verifiable ways!  We're asking that this filing be dismissed because of the above fraudulent and inaccurate statement.  We're asking that Investigator Maria Rivera Sanchez and the USPTO pause their final decision on the trademark of the word J'Ouvert by foreign entities for the use of the sale of rum.  We are asking Angostura and other Carnival stakeholders be transparent in their business involvement.  We are asking Michael B Jordan to do the right thing by calling this a loss! We are asking Caribbean people to act now by signing & sharing this petition!  Through this simple petition, we will ensure that those responsible for this utterly disrespectful and self-serving act learn to honor Caribbean people and their history. PROTECT THE WORD J'OUVERT! 

Jay Blessed
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