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Petition to Charles Coristine, Brooke Molinaroli, Lisa Harris, Jesse Dinius

Rename Buddha Bowl Popcorn and Reject Cultural Appropriation

More than 500 million people in the world practice Buddhism, and even more are curious about and learning about the ancient tradition that originated in Asia more than 2000 years ago. Practicing Buddhists respect and revere The Three Jewels--the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha--because these three gems are the foundation of Buddhist practice. So when companies like LesserEvil use important Buddhist symbols in naming products, marketing their products, and selling their products to the masses for the sake of publicity, they offend the multitudes of people who see these symbols as expressions of their faith, dedication, and practice.  LesserEvil Healthy Brands Co. currently produces the Buddha Bowl, an organic popcorn product that comes in a variety of flavors. In addition to using the name that refers to an enlightened being, the product packaging also features a monk in a robe holding a bowl of popcorn. It is deeply disrespectful and discriminatory to use religious and spiritual symbols in creating and producing goods for for-profit companies that are wholly disconnected from the tradition. I care because I am a practicing Buddhist who connects deeply with the significance behind the title Buddha, the role and image of a monk or nun, and the importance of the Buddha's teachings to achieve peace in oneself and in the world. I am offended to see the Buddha's image used to sell snacks, just as I would be equally offended to see the image of Jesus Christ, God, or the Prophet Muhammad on the packaging of food or candy. But LesserEvil can make things right by changing the name of their product to something that does not appropriate and exploit the important images and symbols from this ancient tradition. There are numerous decision-makers at LesserEvil who can make this possible, including: The President and CEO - Charles CoristineVice President of Product Development - Lisa HarrisBrand and Marketing Consultant - Brooke MolinaroliMarketing Manager - Jesse Dinius Let us make LesserEvil aware that using the name Buddha and the image of a monk on its product is inappropriate, disrespectful, and inflammatory. They can right this wrong by changing the name of its product, and issuing an apology in acknowledgement.

Lee Houzen
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