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Greeting's again Electronians!This Petition is a Community effort to influence positive change, inspire growth, and enable pathways to prosperity for Millions by reaching the ears and influencing the actions of The Few Who can make the change.Binance, We're comin' for You! On March 9'th, 2018, Electroneum CEO 'Richard Ells' sent out an E-Mail to the Electroneum Community, requesting that We come together in order to rally support and add pressure to the various Exchanges We want to see list ETN.Richard, this Petition is in direct response to Your request!WE WANT BINANCE TO LIST ELECTRONEUM! Electroneum is striving hard to emerge from Crypto Space and onto the World Stage as a Mobile Currency with a legitimate Use Case.  Electroneum has already laid the foundations for reaching TENS OF MILLIONS of NEW USERS not involved in CryptoCurrency. Electroneum has developed a 'Mobile Miner' experience and Mobile Application that GREATLY reduces the entry barrier into CryptoCurrency, making it an intuitive process to get started in earning Electroneum with the press of a button. Electroneum has a MASSIVE and active Community of Investors and Supporters alike. Electroneum NEEDS much larger Exchanges to list ETN. We have dominated Cryptopia time after time. Binance will be a PERFECT match for the potential of Electroneum. Binance listing ETN will be a Win-Win-Win Scenario, as Electroneum brings in millions more Users, and Binance continues handling Their exchange with utmost Professionalism as We have seen, both Parties will experience growth, and all ETN Investors will have a TRUSTED, SECURE, HIGH VOLUME Arena to transact without worry.  Electroneum ICO closed early due to reaching $40m hard cap. Over 120,000 contributors.  Signed agreements giving access to over 100m users.  2m live ETN users! Over $750m (USD) of ETN traded in first 40 days. ETN Market Cap $800m+ (USD). Electroneum was the first Cryptocurrency,  Who joined the panel discussion at Mobile World Congress 2018 Barcelona. Patent-pending Instant Payment Gateway & Subscription Payments system.   So LETS SIGN THE PETITION. SHARE THE PETITION, and Binance;It is Our Wish as an Entire Community that You will consider listing ELECTRONEUM on Your platform! Thank You. Don't forget to register on Binance if You still haven't. Until Next Time,-Taylor White

Taylor White
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