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Petition to John Kasich, Mike DeWine, Rob Portman, Ohio Governor, Ohio State Senate, Neil Turner, Dawn Lykins

Grant Thomas Wineinger a compassionate release from prison by means of parole.

My father, Mr. Thomas David Wineinger Prisoner # A727413, is currently incarcerated in the North Central Correctional Institution in Marion Ohio, and is being hospitalized at the Franklin Medical Center in Columbus Ohio. Mr. Wineinger has been diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, which has metastasized to his bones. He is also in end stage liver failure, which has left him with days to live, if he’s not already passed. The Wineinger family, and myself, are contacting you to request help in securing a compassionate release by means of parole, so he can be with his family in the final stages of his terminal illness. Thomas David Wineinger meets the criteria set forth by the Ohio Revised Code, 2967.05, Release as if on parole of dying prisoner.  My father is close to death and poses no threat to society. He is currently a financial burden to the State and could be safely released with no threat to public safety. He has family who will take care of him and take full responsibility for him,  if you grant us the opportunity to do so.  My family has not even been granted the opportunity to speak to Mr. Wineinger since his transfer and I, his only son, have not had the opportunity to speak to my father since he has fallen ill. I served five faithful and honorable years in the United States Marine Corps, was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom, and was injured while serving overseas. I am currently employed by Rolls-Royce as a Turbine Engine Instructor and contribute to our great society, as well as our country, on a daily basis by means of training our military and foreign allied militaries around the globe. I believe I should be allowed to at least to speak to my father before he dies, especially when we have the means and resources to do so. I have been denied phone contact and information by both the North Central Correctional Institution, and the Franklin Medical Center. The Wineinger family is pleading, with tears in our eyes, to please let our father, brother, uncle and loved one out from prison, so that he may not die alone, chained to a bed. He is a good man, and has not committed any violent crimes against another human, and does not deserve this kind of cruel treatment.      Therefore we humbly request that you allow Mr. Wineinger’s family to care for him in his final days, and grant him a Compassionate Release by means of parole. Thank you for your time, and any expedited requests that you can help us with. We know that time is of the essence with this unique case, but we believe you can help us shed light to this cause, and help us spend what little time we may have left with Mr. Wineinger.  Sincerely,  Shane Wineinger and Wineinger Family

Shane Wineinger
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Petition to Ron DeSantis, Florida Executive Clemency Board

Free Michael NOW!!!

  My father in law, Michael B. Edwards is a good man who made some bad decisions when he was young. He lost his father at 9 years old in a tragic accident, was forced to become the man of the house at such a young age, his family uprooted and moved from their home in Georgia to Florida where Michael found a way to numb and suppress his pain, and that was by using drugs.  Michael was a cocaine addict throughout his teenage years that carried into his twenties and he made a lot of mistakes. Mistakes that would carry way less weight if they were made in current day, 2019 instead of 1993.  Instead of being treated, Michael was handed practically a life sentence for a series of non-violent drug offenses. Instead of them having compassion and seeing someone obviously suffering from an addiction, the judge said to Michael "You need to be separated away from society for as long as possible." And they did just that. (That same judge that said those words to Michael was then later arrested in a prostitution sting in 2018.) My father in law has been sitting in a prison cell for twenty six years. He has been clean for 22 of those years, has found God, and reads books often to stay current on technology and marketing.  The system failed Michael at 9 years old, at 18, and all throughout and we are begging you to help us push for clemency. Drug addicts are being treated worse than rapists, murderers and pedophiles over a health issue that should be treated as a health issue-not a crime.  Sign this petition to be a part of the movement to change the mental health narrative and help shift the conversation to where it should be on addiction and the drug war.    **Please keep in mind when you pay money to promote this petition, your money goes entirely to and not to Michael or his family. The purpose of this feature is to open up this petition to more eyes.**

Erin Hoensch
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Petition to Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Seeking Truth and Justice for Melvin Ortiz and George Clauser

We ask the public to support this petition for the independent investigation into the murder of George Clauser that occurred on Dec 23, 1997 in Reading, Pennsylvania. Melvin Ortiz, 17 at the time was falsely accused & convicted by the testimony of State Representative Thomas Caltagirone's son John Caltagirone & girlfriend at the time Tina Valentine, now known as Tina Hiester. Since this trial & conviction Tina Hiester throughout the years went to authorities admitting she committed perjury at Melvin Ortiz's trial on behalf of John Caltagirone. Tina Hiester was 15 years old at the time of trial & perjury. Tina Hiester has stated, she threw a bag of evidence containing a ski mask, a hoodie, & a handgun relating to the crime over a bridge as instructed by John Caltagirone. Tina Hiester also stated, John Caltagirone admitted he committed the murder of George Clauser. Currently, John Caltagirone has three sealed dockets by the courts. John Caltagirone has a long criminal history, & complaints, but has never been charged for his crimes. Due to the amount of questionable red flags, secrecies behind John Caltagirone's criminal record being sealed by the courts, & influence by State Representative Thomas Caltagirone, this investigation is needed! Due to State Representative Thomas Caltagirone political influence, Melvin Ortiz was never provided a fair trial, & truth behind this crime remains buried, or in this case under water. The current District Attorney has never questioned, or has done any investigation regarding the Clauser murder. John Caltagirone's known & criminal history near the time of George Clauser murder; when questioned at Melvin Ortiz's trial stated that all his contact with police were as a victim, this is untrue. 9/23/97 Police complaint 3 masked men got out of a Bronco register to John Caltagirone. 1997, John Caltagirone was involved in a shooting, it was John Caltagirone's shotgun, & getaway car used in the crime. John Caltagirone was not charged. On 5/19/97 Police report, Melvin Ortiz's trial Judge had contacted The Reading Police Department concerning John Caltagirone's motorcycle theft charged, & advised John Caltagirone rights were violated. 10/16/97 Police report shows State Representative Thomas Caltagirone involved himself in a police investigation involving a stolen handgun, & his son John Caltagirone. State Representative Thomas Caltagirone admitting breaking the law by purchasing a stolen handgun from a drug addict on the street. Further into the investigation, John Caltagirone admitted purchasing the handgun from a black male. This is a federal crime! In Melvin Ortiz's appeals Judge Ludgate denied Tina Hiester's first recantation. Judge Ludgate is the advisory to the Pennsylvania Crime Commission of Delinquency. State Representative Thomas Caltagirone is a chairman in the same committee. The Governor needs to have the Attorney General office ask the federal Government to investigate State Representative Thomas Caltagirone & John Caltagirone & understand why are they above the law. Criminal Reports, Articles & supporting Docs here: Pages 34-41 most important pages 

Melvin Ortiz’s Family
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