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Petition to Victoria and BC government, Mayor Helps and Premier Horgan, The silent majority can make this happen.

Enforce the laws

We have a beautiful province.Citizens of Victoria area, Vancouver Island and all of BC are concerned about the appearance, traffic and safety in their province. Crime, homeless camps and traffic disrupting protests make BC undesirable to work and live. We ask Victoria and the province to enforce the laws, stop the catch and release action for apprehended criminals, and do not allow protesters to block city streets and highways. Residents and visitors are uncomfortable being in some downtown areas in the daytime and it’s even worse at night.  Theft, vandalism, vagrancy and open drug use are criminal actions and police should make arrests to stop these actions. Lack of treatment facilities for mental illness and substance abuse is the reason given as to why police and other agencies can’t solve these problems.             Maybe BC needs more facilities to help those in need. We ask Victoria and the BC government to enforce the rule of law and develop the proper infrastructure needed to solve these problems. Give our streets back to the people.                                                                     Don’t let a few bad apples ruin our province and don’t allow protesters to block bridges, street, highways, etc. Pleae sign this petition to make our cities and streets safe for all.            

Robert Gardner
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Petition to Supreme Court of Israel, Military Court of Appeal Israel, Benny Gantz

Imprisoned Without Charge or Trial - Free hunger strikers now!!

Urgent - Photo of Kayed Fasfous at 124 days hunger strike in Barzelai Hospital in 'Israel'.  Breaking news! November 11, 2021, at 113 days hunger strike, Miqdad Qawasmeh signed a deal with the occupation for firm end date to his detention of Feb 2022 and that the detention will nor be renewed. He has ended his open hunger strike as a result. See petition update for full details. KAYED FASFOUS is at 124 days hunger strike. Kayed was kept in solitary confinement for most of his hunger strike. He is now being held at Barzelai Hospital as a prisoner.  Kayed is considered to be in life-threatening condition. He has also developed severe bed sores on his back as a result of improper care by hospital staff and his doctors on Nov. 13 stated he is showing signs of blood clots, which can result in sudden death due to stroke and heart attack. The 3 other hunger strikers are also experienced difficult and dangerous health conditions, ranging from 32 days to 95 days.  �PLEASE SIGN & SHARE this petition to help free all hunger strikers & other administrative detainees, all imprisoned without charged or trial.  Right now there at least 5 Palestinian prisoners who are staging hunger strikes in protest of their administrative detention - imprisonment without charges or a trial. Some strikers have been protesting for 100+ days!! Prisoners staging hunger strikes are at risk of serious long-term health affects, as well as sudden death due to dehydration and lack of essential nutrients. Why would they risk their health this way? The answer is clear – according to B’tselem in Israel, “the detainees have no real opportunity to mount a reasonable defense against the allegations” and have little recourse other that striking to gain their freedom under a policy the gives impunity to the Israeli occupation to imprison them indefinitely." In Israeli occupation military prisons there are a total of 540+ Palestinians who are being held under the pretense of administrative detention. There are many who have been held for years without ever having the opportunity to prove their innocence or view the supposed evidence being used to justify their imprisonment.  These prisoners often: are denied access to their lawyers are denied access to regular family visits are placed in solitary confinement as punishment for hunger striking We want to bring them all home!!  Scroll to see petition goals and demands! WHAT IS ADMINISTRATIVE DETENTION? HOW IS IT USED BY ISRAEL? Administrative detention is imprisonment without formal charge or trail, and in the case of how it is used by the Israeli occupation, often of a length of one to six months that is indefinitely renewable. Individuals imprisoned under Administrative Detention by the occupation, almost exclusively Palestinians, can spend years in prison without ever being formally charged, knowing why they were arrested, or ever seeing the supposed evidence being used to justify their imprisonment. Individual are arrested on the orders of the regional military commander and detained under the pretense of security based on supposed secret intelligence which neither the detainee nor their lawyers are allowed to review, verify, or refute to prove their innocence. (B', According to B’tselem, “Israel also exploits this measure to detain Palestinians for their political opinions and for engaging in non-violent political activity.” It is clear that Israel’s use of administrative detention does not align with International Humanitarian Law and is more often than not used to target and silence Palestinian activists, protestors or anyone who shows any dissent for the occupation, which is a gross misuse of such an extreme power. We must send a clear message to the Israeli Government that the use of this policy is unjust and not supported by the international community. PETITION GOALS AND DEMANDS By signing this petition, you are part of a worldwide movement to free all hunger strikers, release all administrative detainees and end the mis-use of administrative detention by the Israeli occupation. We, the undersigned: Demand the immediate release of all Palestinian administrative detainees on hunger strike to avoid serious long-term health complications for detainees or loss of life: Kayed Fasfous, Miqdad Qawasmeh, Alaa Al Raj, Hisham Abu Hawash, Shadi Abu Aker and Ayyad Hraimi Demand the subsequent immediate release of all Palestinians administrative detainees held in occupation prisons, or at the very latest the date of their case review  Demand that Israel ceases the use of administrative detention to arbitrarily imprison Palestinians within the oPt (West Bank) and East Jerusalem Demand that any future arrest of Palestinians (in the oPT or within Israel) follow the protocols of International Humanitarian Law that guarantee individuals know why they are being arrested and are granted proper judicial process (formal charges and trails) where individuals are able to examine the evidence presented against them and prove their innocence   If you would like to read more about administrative detention under Israeli occupation, please go to:  

Jane Large
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Petition to Haryana police, Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Justice for Prerana against online financial fraud, abuse and blackmailing for GIC Canada

I, Prerana Talukdar, currently residing in Canada, have filed a case against Dalbir Singh (nick name -Neeraj Singh) son of Raj Bir Singh, resident of Bangi Patti, Kirmach, Kurukshetra, Haryana, India, 136119 on financial Fraud to the Haryana Police Department but all seems to be least bothered about my case and taking the matter casually, they are tending to close my case taking favour of the opposite party. We ( Dalbir Singh and me-Prerana) met each other online on an WhatsApp Group (for IELTS Preparation for Abroad studies) on 31st December, 2019. Eventually we developed a good bonding though I have never met nor have seen him face to face . He mentioned me that he took admission in Cégep de la Gaspésie et des Îles, Montreal, Canada on 17th of  March, 2021 and he belongs from a very poor family and his father passed away just four months back and there is a financial crisis at his home. As such, he asked me pay for his Guaranteed Investment Certificate program, a Canadian investment which he promises me a guaranteed rate of return when he comes to Canada, which sums up to be $10, 250 plus tax (approx Rs. 651718.04/-). Initially I denied paying that amount for him as that was saved for my own expenses, my adopted sister's future and my college fee for Canada. But, believing into his financial condition (as dramatically described by Dalbir) I agreed to transfer the money with a condition that he would return it soon to me on which he agreed upon. So, around 2-3 days prior to coming to Canada, I transferred him Rs. 3.85 lacs (approx..) and the remaining amount of another Rs. 3.20 lacs from Canada which fulfills his student GIC program amount in CIBC bank, Canada to apply his Canadian Student Visa. Not only this, I have paid the fees for his IELTS examination (Rs. 26,000/-), his Quebec Immigration CAQ certificate and his Visa application. During this process, he used to demand to look at my bank account details to see how much I have a balance on my account, my facebook password to interact with different college students, sometimes my whatsapp OTP and if I deny to share any of these he uses extremely abusive languages and tortures me mentally. Soon after, on 18th of November, 2020, after I applied his student visa for Canada, he blocked me and only unblocks me to ask money or any work related to his visa. In march, 2021 he again demanded for $ 15,000 to apply in another college. When I strongly denied  giving his money, he blocked me permanently. I tried contacting him in several ways but I could not reach him. During this time I came to know that his father is alive and he lied to me. Then on 9th of July, 2021 I managed to speak to his father Rajbir Singh on WhatsApp video call and requested him to return my money that his son took from me. He promised me on call that he would return that money in the next 7 days maximum after looking into the Dalbir Singh’s SBI and HDFC bank account transfer history. Again, as expected, his father stopped responding to my calls and till now he did not return my money. So, I kindly request you to take necessary strict action against Dalbir Singh and take my money back from him at the earliest possible with interest that applies from the start date of the transaction made to the last transaction and according to the current Canadian dollar rate. I have all the necessary evidences: 1.     My ICICI bank statement. 2.     Screenshot of a confirmation- asking me to transfer $10,250 + Rs. 30000. 3.     A screenshot of mine speaking to Dalbir Singh’s father on 9th of July, 2021. 4. Voice Recordings During the whole conversation with Dalbir Singh, I have never seen him, nor I have ever spoke to him on a video call as he always denied coming on a video call to hide his identity.

Prerana Talukdar
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Petition to Justin Trudeau

Wrongfully Convicted: Free Odelia & Nerissa Quewezance - A Nation Wide Plea

Odelia & Nerissa Quewezance are indigenous sisters from Saulteaux in Western Canada. They are currently fighting for their freedom after being wrongfully convicted for murder. To date, they have spent close to thirty years in prison for a crime they did not commit. Odelia was convicted of second-degree murder in 1994 for her part in the killing of a Kamsack, Saskatchewan area farmer. Her sister Nerissa was also convicted and sentenced at that time. Both indigenous women maintain their innocence despite receiving life sentences. Their cousin, Jason Keshane (a young offender at the time of the crime), admitted to the murder (during the original trial and years later, on national television: APTN Investigates). As a young offender, Keshane only spent 4 years in custody. Instead of his confession exonerating them, both indigenous sisters were convicted and sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole for at least 10 years. Neither client has ever pled guilty. Innocence Canada is currently representing both Odelia and Nerissa. Transcripts indicated zero physical evidence tying them to the murder that someone else confessed to. So why are these sisters still incarcerated? High-profile advocates, including the Vice-Chief, Kim Beaudin, Congress of Aboriginal Peoples, are formally petitioning the Canadian government (Justice Minister and Prime Minister) to immediately intervene and release these sisters. Other advocates include Mr. David Milgaard, who spent 23 years in prison before being exonerated by DNA evidence in 1997 of raping and murdering Saskatoon nurse Gail Miller in 1969.  These indigenous sisters have been locked up for almost 30 years and the person responsible for the murder they were convicted of, confessed on national television. In addition to a lack of evidence, we need to acknowledge Keshane's confession. We are calling on the Canadian government to release these two women immediately. We have a responsibility as Canadian citizens, to acknowledge the harm done to these indigenous women, and to rectify this miscarriage of justice. Please help us petition for an immediate remedy. They have already served a disproportionately long sentence for a crime that someone else confessed to. JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED!   For more background on this case, please watch our previous online event, with several high-profile advocates in attendance:

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