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Petition to Parole Board of Canada


On December 9,1998 our loved one Linda LeFranc was brutally murdered by convicted murderer Christopher Maurice Alexander. Our family is again asking for your support. Denied parole for the fourth time in June of 2013, Alexander will again be reviewed in APRIL 2015 for day and full parole. Should parole be granted, Alexander could be released back into one of our communities as early as May 2015. The extreme violence of Alexander’s callous crime committed against an innocent young woman speaks for itself. Alexander, 17 at the time, broke into Linda LeFranc’s ‘locked’ home at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. Linda, awakened from the couch, was stabbed 83 times and left to be discovered by her seven-year-old daughter when she awoke that morning. Our intent is not to exploit or sensationalize Linda’s death but to justify our extreme concern and continued position that Christopher Alexander remains a serious threat to public safety and should never be released. Alexander having committed one of the most violent of index offenses exhibits a moderate degree of psychopathy, continues to be dishonest, non disclosive and still identified as being a MODERATE RISK to reoffend.  Alexander’s psychological pretrial assessments, the findings of psychologist Dr. Wesley Smiley, and psychiatrist Dr. Paul Janke (referring to Alexander as a self absorbed individual with deep psychological issues. A psychopathic killer who posed a high risk of re offending) speaks volumes to the depravity of this predator. Confirming our fears, these professionals reported that even within Federal Corrections facilities, Alexander ‘could not’ be rehabilitated. 
 Our judicial system is seriously flawed with offender’s rights taking precedence over the rights of society. To have lost a loved one through such a violent crime for simply the “thrill of the kill”, is difficult enough, to accept such a criminal being released and living amongst us, is unimaginable. Overwhelmed by the support shown for our fight for justice and the safety of our communities, we strongly believe that petitions previously presented to the National Parole Board had a significant impact on the decision to deny Alexander parole. Please help us send a clear message to the National Parole Board and those in a position to implement change, criminals must be held accountable for their actions. Christopher Maurice Alexander must be held accountable and never be given the opportunity to harm another individual as he did Linda. Have your voice heard. Collectively we ‘HAVE’ and CAN make a difference! Our sincere appreciation,The LeFranc Family The responsibility of the National Parole Board of Canada is to first and foremost ensure public safety. The release of any individual that poses any kind of risk is not acceptable. To release Alexander, an individual capable of such violence and still considered at ‘moderate risk’ to reoffend, into any community would jeopardize the safety of all citizens. We, the undersigned, strongly urge the Parole Board of Canada to deny all parole applications for convicted murderer Christopher Maurice Alexander at the parole hearing scheduled in April 2015.   *** PLEASE NOTE when signing this petition, you ARE NOT required to provide your address, indicate NA.   To further help us please consider passing this petition onto your contacts by emailing the link or posting it onto your social network site (ie: face book).

Anita Johnstone-LeFranc
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Petition to Jody Wilson-Raybould

Create a National Database for Police Involved Deaths in Canada

I am starting this petition on behalf of my brother Michael MacIsaac. Michael was shot by a Durham Regional Police officer on December 2nd, 2013 while experiencing the combined effects of a high fever and epileptic seizure. He tragically died from his injuries on December 3rd, 2013. Since that time we have been troubled to discover that there is NO national database of police killings or use of excessive force incidents in Canada. In fact, there is no accurate tally of police shootings across our country, not even the deadly ones. How common are such incidents of police use of force, lethal and non-lethal in Canada? Are the numbers increasing? Has there been progress in our approach to policing in Canada? The undisputed reality is that we do not know. While this matter specifically raises important issues around the lack of training for officers who deal with people who are experiencing a moment of crisis or who have mental health issues; there are also human rights implications as well under Canada human rights code. Police abuse is one of the most serious and divisive human rights violations in Canada and we need to increase transparency of interactions between law-enforcement officials and the public. Morover, police can use national data about killings and excessive force to improve tactics and training – particularly when dealing with people who are in crisis or who are mentally ill. They can also identify shortcomings in recruitment, training and management. Any organization, wanting to become more effective should, welcome this data. Police officers can make mistakes, or allow personal bias and emotions to enter into policing – and because they are allowed, as a last resort, to use potentially lethal force to subdue individuals they apprehend – police must be subjected to intense scrutiny. We urge Jody Wilson-Raybould, the Minister of Justice, to lead the creation of a comprehensive national database of police involved deaths. This is a necessary step to prevent more senseless killings. We also ask to release it in an annual public report and we also emphasize how imperative it is that measures be taken to ensure that all Police departments across this nation are reporting this information, and if they are not doing it we need to make sure there are consequences. These statistics can drive the need for policy and training changes at National, Provincial & Departmental levels that will result in fewer officer involved shootings while improving outcomes and safety for both officers and citizens. ​ We cannot reiterate enough that just one death of a citizen at the hands of police in this country, is one too many. As a family that has suffered an enormous loss, we implore you to sign this petition. Both in light of public interest and the importance human rights, it is essential for our government to gain a national picture of police use of force. We would like to leave you with this question, when police officers are killed there is a very careful account and there is a national database …. Why not the other side of the ledger?

Joanne MacIsaac
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Petition to Governement of Saskatchewan

Justice for Evander: Foster change in foster care

My son Evander Lee Daniels was only 22 months when he died after being placed in an overcrowded foster home. He was left unattended in a bathtub, with about five centimetres of water and the taps turned off. He was found by his foster father with his face down in the tub, the taps running. He passed away from drowning. The foster home where Evander was staying was only approved for three children, but social services had placed five children under the age of four in it. Seeing his little body in a funeral home is burned in my memory forever. My child was placed in foster care while I was serving with the military in the United States and while his mother was suffering from postpartum depression. My son’s short life needs to stand for much needed change in the foster care system. We need to prevent this from happening to any other child in the future in our country. As it stands, agencies are incentivized to take children out of their families, handing them to foster care. Most children taken from their homes in my province of Saskatchewan are indigenous. I want Evander’s story to serve as an example to ensure our government invests more resources in prevention, in keeping families apt to care for their children and informed on their children’s wellbeing. I am asking for resources towards preventing children from being taken from their homes. We need in-home workers, help for communities and more indigenous social workers. I also encourage our government to increase resources for monitoring foster families, to ensure quotas are respected.   Families need to be involved and informed on their children’s living conditions, health and wellbeing. Help me give meaning to Evander's life. Join me in asking for change in our Canadian foster care system to ensure our children are safe. #JusticeForEvander

Chris Martell
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Petition to Crown Prosecutor and Honourable Judge, BC Provincial court, Crown Prosecutor and Honourable Judge, Alberta Court

Maximum penalty, including lifetime ban on owning animals, for Karin and Catherine Adams

Karin and Catherine Adams have been charged with failing to comply with conditions of an undertaking, cruelty to animals, wilful neglect of animals and possession of stolen property in a case in Alberta in which 11 horses, 25 dogs and 17 birds were found to be in distress on a rural property near Cereal, Alberta. This case follows on the heels of animal cruelty charges the pair face in British Columbia. In February 2015, the mother and daughter were also charged with animal cruelty under both the Criminal Code of Canada and the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. They have yet to go to trial on those charges. In that case, it is alleged that 18 horses, 18 dogs, 15 birds, two cats and 104 fish were found in varying levels of distress on a rural property in Houston, BC.THE PETITION:We, the undersigned, respectfully request that Crown Prosecutors in British Columbia and Alberta proceed with any federal animal cruelty charges as indictable offences and recommend the maximum penalty, including a lifetime ban on owning, having the custody or control of or residing in the same premises as an animal or a bird. We also respectfully request that, if one or both of the Adams' are found guilty, the Honourable Judges in either or both provinces impose the maximum penalty available under the law.LINKS TO FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT THE TWO ANIMAL CRUELTY CASES:Alberta case: Columbia case: UPDATES ON THE PETITION:

Animal Cruelty Legislation Advocates Canada
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