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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo

Justice For Rashad Muhammad Wrongfully convicted.

This young Man was framed He did not receive a fair trial The verdict needs to be overturned All facts should be made known.Rashad Muhammad Was Framed By A Acrimonious Woman Who went to the extreme to Framed this young Man there is evidence to prove Proved Rashad Muhammad was Framed he was sentenced to life in prison For a crime That he did not Commit The System The Judge The District Attorney the court Appointed lawyer All worked to railroad this young man who have been in Jail 3 years  1 month and 4 days for a crime he did not Commit He was Charged with A crime no man or  woman should walk in civilized society is they are truly Guilty of.Yet this Man is innocent This petition is to Demand that the F.B.I. The New York State Attorney General The inspector General of the State of New York be Ordered By The Governor of New York State to investigate every aspect of this case from arrest to trial To the Alleged Victim as well as The Mother And Domestics partner of The Mother of Alleged Victim Rashad Muhammad Has Two Children a Boy and a Girl by the Alleged Victims Mother.If the people want to read his story it's on Facebook Justice For Rashad Muhammad investigate his Baby Mamma we need the people as many signatures as possible.This Case needs to be shared with the person people Justice delayed is Justice Denied All people deserve fair treatment by the Criminal Justice System this case was a travesty it can not all be shared in this forum yet it's on Facebook The Baby Momma Is the real criminal so to sign this petition is to get to the real truth.          

Abidan Muhammad
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Petition to State of Wisconsin Department of Justice, Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty, Wisconsin State Senate, Wisconsin State House, Tony Evers

Change Wisconsin expungement laws

Wisconsin is one of only 2 states (the other being Iowa) in the U.S. that limits an individuals right to expungement of conviction of a criminal offense. They have an unnecessary rule stating that the individual must have been under the age of 25, whereas most states have no age limit. They also require that expungement must be requested by a lawyer or district attorney and approved at sentencing by the Judge. This is a direct violation of the Constitution, and an individuals right to seek liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. It is a well accepted fact that a criminal record will have a negative impact on many aspects of a person’s life — including employment opportunities, housing, educational opportunities, personal relationships and self esteem. For this reason, we as a society (through our elected representatives) have deemed it important to give certain non-violent first-time offenders a second chance by allowing them to “expunge” a conviction if they meet some fairly narrow criteria. In Wisconsin, those criteria are outlined in Wis. Stat. § 973.015. When a court grants a petition for expungement (also referred to as “expunction”) the practical result is that the record of the charge(s) and conviction(s) will be sealed or removed from public view. Wis. Stat. § 973.015. Under § 973.015 and current Wisconsin case law interpreting the statute, first-time (one-time) offenders under the age of 25 who have been convicted of a criminal charge carrying imprisonment of 6 years or less must request expunction at the time of sentencing. Wis. Stat. § 973.015(1m)(a)1. (Note:  Intoxicated driving offenses may not be expunged). Although this statute is helpful if the offender is aware that expunction is an option at the time of sentencing, it leaves out offenders who are otherwise eligible but are unaware of the necessity of addressing expunction at sentencing.  A court is currently under no obligation to bring up the subject of expunction, but rather relies upon the defense attorney and prosecutor to address it.  This is of little help to a pro se defendant, or to a defendant whose attorney has failed to advocate for expungement. My goal with this petition is to bring attention to the proper authorities that these laws are outdated and not popular among most societies and communities here in America. People can change, and do change, and should not have their past behaviors or mistakes held against them for the rest of their lives. There was a time in this country where an individual would be sentenced to time in the Military instead of incarceration, and those sentences should be brought back into place. My lifetime dream of being able to serve my country and its people have been crushed by these unfair laws and not being able to afford knowledgeable representation. Not only would it benefit our country, and the state directly, but it would also help my family at this time if I was able to receive expungements and enlist in the military. I am trying to change my life for the better, set a good example for my children, and support my struggling family.  Please sign and share this petition. God Bless You

Jack Miller
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Petition to Commonwealth of Virginia

Petition for release on grounds of injustice

        This petition to grant bond is for Dquan Melvin based on the following. The alleged assault of said victims was not carried out by Dquan Melvin. Dquan Melvin’s property was taken, and Mr. Melvin went to retrieve his property which is shown by (Macarthur Mall video surveillance footage). "A man may use force to defend his real or individual property in his actual possession against one who endeavors to dispossess him without right." Alexander v. Commonwealth., 508 SE 2D 912 – VA: Court of Appeals 1999. Defendant was previously charged with one count of the following: 1.        Malicious Wounding 2.        Conspiracy 3.        Use of F/A in Commission of Felony 4.        Malicious Wounding by Mob        Each have been nolle prosequi by the Commonwealth during a Motion’s hearing on 12/12/19, Which creates a notable change in circumstance in the case at bar. Circumstances have changed greatly since the last hearing about bond, Defendant should be entitled to an added bond hearing based upon such changes in circumstances.         Moreover, Mr. Melvin can be seen by visual evidence in the form of a non-aggressor. In the case at bar, Defendant was denied bond and it was stated by the Circuit Court that the ultimate factor for denial of Defendant’s bond was “Defendant had a large public following." Defendant argues that his pretrial detention is mistaken or unjustified deprivation of his liberty. If you are in agreeance that Mr. Dquan Melvin deserves a bond because he is not a danger to the community, please sign this petition.   

Dquan Melvin
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