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Free Andrew

Although another man confessed to the 2006 murder of Monet Turner, Andrew Draper sits in prison for the crime. Although the same man admitted to setting fire to her apartment, Andrew Draper sits in prison for the crime. Although an eye witness describes someone other than Andrew Draper leaving the scene of the murder, Andrew Draper sits in prison. Although someone else's DNA was found on a gas can that was used to set Monet Turner's apartment on fire, Andrew Draper sits in prison for this crime.  This petition is important to me because Andrew is a innocent man. He did not commit the crime he is being accused of committing.  The life sentence without parole conviction that was given to my husband Andrew C. Draper for the death of Monet Turner.      There was a lack of circumstantial evidence through out the whole case, the evidence that they have presented Andrew being part of the crime is subrogate. They have eye witnesses that could not even pick him out of the line up placing him at the scene of the crime. I have attached letters from Jeremy Kinsley confessing to the crime and apologizing for Andrew being in prison for something that he and another person did almost nine years ago.  Andrew is a smart outgoing person that loves his family, and wants to be out and enjoy his children growing. He has has already missed so much of their lives and his life. Please help us fight for the freedom of my husband by signing this petition and sharing it with everyone who you might think would help us by signing this as well.  Thank you and God Bless each and everyone of you.

Brenda Gonzales
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