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Petition to Tony Evers, Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Steineke

Make Wisconsin safe. Reinstate the death penalty for heinious crimes.

Wisconsin needs to reinstate the death penalty.  As citizens with proud human hearts and moral principles we share a sense of responsibility to the safety of our communities.  Especially helpless children.  Horrific murders of innocent people and babies continues to happen.  Sentences of prison time with the possibility of parole are not enough to stop criminals.  February 17, 2020, 3-year-old and 5-year-old siblings Danielle and William Beyer were murdered in Kaukauna, Wi.  Days earlier 25-year-old Amarah Banks and her children 5-year-old Zaniya Ivery, and 4-year-old Camaria Banks were strangled in Milwaukee, Wi. Their killer Arzel Ivery fled to Tennessee  where he confessed  the murders to his father.  He was granted $750,000 bail on February 21, 2020.  We feel the need for change in Wisconsin Laws with Capital Punishment is immediate.  Gilbert Grant was a 2-year-old baby found dead with large bruises over his entire body, internal bleeding, and injuries to his organs in Manitowoc County, Wi.  One of his abusers Dave Heiden admitted to abusing him for months even gagging him and making him eat his own vomit.  February 27, 2020, David Heiden was sentenced to life in prison with the possiblity of parole in 25 years.  In 1853 Capital Punishment was abolished in Wisconsin.  It is now 2020 and we the voter’s of Wisconsin believe reinstating the death penalty is necessary to protect people.  We believe having the death penalty for capital offenses will have a deterrent effect that will save innocent lives.  By signing this petition the people of Wisconsin agree we want the death penalty reserved for only the most horrific crimes like rape, extreme child abuse, and murder.  We acknowledge the financial burdens on the state with the drawn out appeals process and invite reforms to the state’s appeal system to remove this expense hindrance.  We want killers to be stopped in their tracks.  End the evil.  End the fear.  End the avoidable horrors.  

Katrina Bauman
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Petition to Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, President of the United States, Michelle Obama

Clemency for Derrick A. Hill

Derrick A. Hill is a man of God, a loving son, brother, fiancé and stepfather. He is currently serving his 17th year of his 57 to life with the possibility of parole sentence at New Folsom California State Prison for the crimes he committed in September of 2004 under the influence of alcohol and drugs in addition to his state of mind of depression.  Derrick has mature, his soul has become humbled who wishes to help the youth to make better choices. He grew up in a loving Christian family with his parents and sister. In the year 2000 Derrick became a basketball star of his High School by breaking every single record since 1960. Basketball was not his only accomplishment he also led several of his teammates to the Lord; he was voted The County’s Top Male Athlete of the year and he received many awards and recognitions. His whole community and family were so proud of him. Upon completion of High School he attended the local community college and then decided to continue his education at William Penn University in Iowa. Iowa was when his life started to shift, he returned back home to California and that’s when he started to abuse different types of substances. In September 2004 was when the sad and bizarre crime happened in just a span of a few hours. This was not Derricks character no one could believe he committed this crime. Now returning to the present Derrick has grown so much as a man by acquiring all the tools necessary to rehabilitate and reach out to others in prison and be there to assist other men in their efforts to transform. He has become an exemplary man in New Folsom, he’s driven to succeed by continuing his education. He has achieved his Associates and his bachelors degree. He has many reports from Correctional officers and others showing that he is humble, has a strong faith with God and compassion towards others.  Despite the severity of the charges Derrick has faced and has already serve 17 years of his life. He was only 22 years old and he is very remorseful for what he did and prays for all the victims involved on the day, for them to have healing and peace. In addition please keep in mind he is a black man and his trial wasn’t fair, his attorney did not fight for him and he faced an all white jury.  Please help us bring him home by signing, sharing and if you can write Mr. Governor Newsom directly on his behalf.   Governor Gavin Newsom1303 10th Street, Suite 1173Sacramento, CA 95814Phone: (916) 445-2841 Fax: (916) 558-3160 ( Bring Derrick Home!)

Kimberlyn Oliva
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Petition to Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board, Governor Kevin Stitt

Juvenile's Voices Matter 2- Free Keith Brown

Meet Keith Brown, a youthful offender that was sentenced to life with parole at the age of 16 for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Let me say this again, a youthful offender that was sentenced to life for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (no one died). At this time, the juvenile court system recommended that Keith stay in the juvenile system and he was never certified as an adult, but the system failed him and rushed him to trial and he was tried as an adult. Keith has served 22 years in the Department of Corrections in Oklahoma. During his incarceration, Keith has taken numerous programs offered by DOC as well as saved lives of correctional officers and fellow inmates during a gas explosion at Lawton Correctional Facility. Keith has filed numerous Post Conviction Reliefs to have his sentenced modified and has been denied each time. Keith has also been denied several commutations as well as parole. Keith is very remorseful for the crimes he committed at the age of 16. He does not deny the crime he committed. Keith is no longer that child he was in 1999 when he committed the crimes he did. He has grown into a man that has learned from his past and looks forward to a bright future. Family and friends of Keith Brown feel its time!!! Keith is deserving of a second chance and forgiveness. He has overcome so many obstacles while being incarcerated. He is a man of strong faith and has a clear behavior record. Keith has a loving and supportive family and community waiting to help him once he is released. Please join us in petitioning the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board as well as Governor Kevin Stitt of the State of Oklahoma to release Keith from this injustice. If you would like to know more about Keith Brown and his journey, please go to Youtube and subscribe to "A Free Keith Brown Project". Your will get to hear first hand the struggles from day 1 from Keith himself. The family of Keith L Brown appreciates your help!! God bless! 

Danielle Fisher
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