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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump

22 Years are Far TOO LONG for Operating a Medical Marijuana Dispensary ! FREE MY DAD!!!

22 Years in Prison are Far TOO LONG for Operating a State-Legal Medical Marijuana Dispensary!!!  Over 10 years ago my Dad left me and went to prison for operating a state-legal medical marijuana dispensary in California. He was given a mandatory minimum sentence of 20 years plus an additional 1 year 8 months. Today, marijuana is fully legal in 9 states and D.C. and medical marijuana is legal in 29 states  --  yet my Dad remains in prison!!  I am Jasmine Scarmazzo and I’m 15 years old. I’m writing this petition because I want my Dad to come home from prison and I am asking our compassionate President to grant him sentence commutation. That’s the only way he will be released without serving over twenty years.  In California, medical marijuana has been legal since 1996 and there are thousands of medical marijuana dispensaries here. But over the years, many of them were raided and shut down by the federal government. My Dad was an owner of one of these STATE-LEGAL dispensaries but since his conviction, the Department of Justice and Congress have made changes in law and policy that means my Dad would not be arrested if he was operating a medical cannabis dispensary today.  My Dad is serving the longest federal prison sentence given to a medical marijuana dispensary operator and the only Medical Marijuana Dispensary Operator who has been convicted of conducting a Continuing Criminal Enterprise (CCE) - a law designed to prosecute Drug Kingpins! Following trial, two jury members recanted their guilty verdicts and gave sworn affidavits to that effect when learning the CCE conviction carried a 20 year Mandatory Minimum Sentence.  Today, 29 states and the District of Columbia have medical marijuana laws in place. In December 2015, Congress passed legislation that protects dispensary operators against arrest. Also, beginning in 2013, the Department of Justice stopped prosecuting medical—or even recreational—marijuana providers who are operating under state laws. Things have changed dramatically in the medical and recreational marijuana industries!!   And President Trump recently indicated he will support the legalization of marijuana -- finally putting an end to the destructive and wasteful war on marijuana and allowing states to decide. President Trump has also publicly stated his desire to issue more commutations and pardons to individuals who were unfairly treated.   Unless he receives a commutation from President Trump, my Dad will have to serve his full 22 year sentence while others currently prosper for doing the same thing he did: operating a state-legal medical marijuana dispensary! My Dad's co-defendant, Ricardo Montes, was granted sentence commutation on January 19, 2017 BUT, inexplicably, my Dad was PASSED OVER by President Obama and was not granted the same relief from his sentence that Mr. Montes was!! That means I will be without him for another decade unless our caring and thoughtful President Trump grants him his freedom!! I am already a sophomore in high school and he has not been here to see me grow up.   Please sign my petition and ask our President to grant my Dad sentence commutation.  Thank you for your support!  To read more about Luke's case go to the CAN-DO Foundation's site. To view a recent compelling and heartbreaking video of Luke's story, please go to "Luke Scarmazzo: Injustice Episode 4" on YouTube  

Jasmine Scarmazzo
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Petition to Donald J Trump, Department of Justice, Entrepreneurs

The Coalition to Nullify The Malicious Task Force Prosecutions

COALITION'S EFFORTS ATTRACTING ATTENTION OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA Mainstream media story lead MORE MEDIA ATTENTION...COALITION GAINING MOMENTUM ANOTHER UPDATE...NEW ARTICLE ABOUT MALICIOUS TASK FORCE How the Obama FBI and Department of Justice Lost its Way and Destroyed 15,000 American Lives UPDATE...NEW ARTICLE ABOUT MALICIOUS TASK FORCE We, the undersigned families and friends of loved ones prosecuted and incarcerated under the Obama Administration's "Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force" declare every indictment and prosecution under that initiative "suspect." The task force was created November 17, 2009. See The name sounds like something good for society, however, it is anything but. The task force unnecessarily destroyed thousands of legitimate investments and enterprises that needed only time to fully develop. The task force destroyed families and reputations. It packed prisons with innocent men, women, and local community leaders. The Obama Administration launched this task force to placate the public after the Great Recession which began in 2008. Instead of holding those who caused the Great Recession to account, the Obama Administration went after easy targets who would be unable to retain counsel capable of actually mounting a meaningful defense. We hold that most of the 15,000 prosecutions were all for "show" and were contrived miscarriages of justice. We further believe these prosecutions reveal the Obama Administration's fundamental contempt for private industry. The Obama administration then exerted the full weight of the United States government to establish an anti-small business narrative which ultimately led to the "socialism is good" nonsense permeating today's public discourse. We respectfully ask President Trump to nullify most, if not all prosecutions brought under the malicious and corrupt intent of the Obama task force. We hold these prosecutions to be fruit of the poisonous tree. It is simply impossible to believe so many law-abiding citizens decided one day after Mr. Obama became president to become criminals over their reputations and livelihoods. It simply did not happen the way the Obama Justice Department said it did. Further, we hold that if there are financial losses, those losses are the result of reckless and negligent prosecutions. But for such prosecutions, investors would likely have enjoyed a favorable outcome by now. All that was needed was a little business wisdom coupled with time. The Obama Administration caused this devastation to investors. President Trump...we respectfully ask you to nullify every indictment or commute/pardon every man and woman caught in this malicious Obama snare affecting a shocking number of innocent Americans. ***** "The common thread through it all is a cabal of narcissistic federal prosecutors who broke all the rules and rose to power...and [along with] other members of Obama's inner circle - are wreaking havoc on our Republic."  Sidney Powell, JD, author of Licensed to Lie - Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice. "[Sidney Powell] reveals a house of 'legal' horrors characterized by sacrificing [innocent men and women], concealing and altering evidence, ignoring the law, and constantly displaying an ego-driven desire to win at all costs." Michael Adams, PhD, introduction to Licensed to Lie. "Prison populations have skyrocketed. So has society's ills. Our prison system today is what surgery was in the mid-1800's (no anesthesia or antibiotics). Primative and harmful. The government packs inmates in jails and prisons, later sends them out to the world infected with every evil imaginable, and society contracts the disease. What is the result? More prisoners." Matthew Hutcheson, author of Quinny, chapter 33. "Our sentences are too long, our sentences too severe, our sentences too harsh... there is no compassion in the system." Justice Anthony Kennedy before U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, February 14, 2007. “The cost of so many good people being taken from their families far outweighs theindividual, family, social, and economic consequences of putting these people behind bars. There is a better way. We, as citizens of this great country, are obliged to try and solve this problem before taking the drastic steps of throwing these men away - who are fathers, sons, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, nephews, and friends - and forgetting that they exist. They can no longer be “the forgotten men and women of this country.” (President Trump, 2018)” Hutcheson, Annette, Prison Reform: The Cost of Prison for Inmates, Families, and Society (September 30, 2018). Available at SSRN: or

Ryan Hutcheson
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Petition to Connecticut Governor, Connecticut State Senate, Connecticut State House

Change the Connecticut Probation Laws

Currently, the standard of proof necessary to convict a defendant of a criminal act is "beyond a reasonable doubt." But the standard of proof for violating one's probation in the state of Connecticut is "by a preponderance of the evidence." One of the conditions on a criminal probation is that a probationer NOT violate any laws.  If a defendant is accused of criminal conduct which causes an arrest for that crime, he/she is typically charged with Violation of Probation pursuant to C.G.S. Sec. 53a-32. And if he/she is found guilty of that crime, he/she is typically found to be in violation of his/her probation, and susceptible to receiving the unexecuted portion of his/her previous sentence. There are numerous examples in Connecticut in which an accused is acquitted of the alleged criminal conduct (found "not guilty"), yet is found to be in violation of his probation by the court for committing the crime he/she was just acquitted of by using the lower criminal standard of "by a preponderance of the evidence." In the state of Connecticut, as well as this country, a defendant is presumed to be innocent, unless and until he/she is found guilty by a court, or a jury of his/her peers, BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT. The Violation of Probation statute, as interpreted by the Connecticut Supreme Court, denies a defendant's presumption of innocence. And to be sent to prison for committing a crime that a jury found you NOT GUILTY of is just plain unfair. Therefore, I petition the Connecticut Governor, the Connecticut Senate and the Connecticut House to make a law, or amend current existing law, requiring a finding of Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt in order to violate a probationer's probation on the sole allegation of violating a law.  

Javier Santos
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Petition to Michael C. O'Malley Cuyahoga County Prosecutor

17 Years Wrongful Imprisonment

17 years ago, Christopher Tucker was convicted for the aggravated murder of Timothy Austin at Whatley’s Bar May 22, 2003. This entire case is built on he say, she say. There were two eye witnesses, Joseph Fussel & Nikia Beal (Timothy Austin’s Girlfriend) who stated Chris was the shooter while under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. Joseph recanted his statement and wrote two affidavits stating that he was under the influence of PCP and mistakenly identified Chris as the shooter. Others also came forward giving affidavits as well stating Chris was NOT the shooter! The other affidavits contained statements of two men gmetting out of a Cadillac confronting Tim and then shooting him and another man walking up to Tim to finish him off. When Nikia was questioned by East Cleveland Detectives, JUNE 19, 2003, almost a MONTH later, proper procedure was not followed! Nikia was ONLY shown a newspaper article that Chris was arrested and ONLY ONE photograph of Chris instead of a photo array. So as you see coercion played a part! ESPECIALLY when Chris was already taken into custody MAY 23, 2003 the day after the shooting. Other witnesses gave EAST CLEVELAND POLICE information of possible suspects but NONE of them was questioned or investigated! Chris asked to be tested for Gun Residue of which he was never tested BUT on a report to be tested and that NEVER took place. Chris even had the same clothing on from the night before when he was arrested......    So wouldn’t there be GUN RESIDUE and BLOOD on Chris IF he walked up and unloaded a gun (8 shots) onto Tim? Chris has taken a polygraph test in 2010 which the state gave him and he PASSED! Yes, we know they are inadmissible, BUT had he failed it, they would sure use it against him! There is DNA involving the bullets but the public defenders involved in his case were ineffective! Not filing things properly and getting issues denied. So nothing was ever tested and even new witness affidavits was thrown out. That right there could have turned this case over! It’s unfortunate that Tim lost his life that night! It’s unfortunate that a INNOCENT MAN has been sitting in prison for the last 17 years for a murder he DID NOT COMMIT!! RIGHT is RIGHT & WRONG is WRONG! WE have to STOP all these MISTAKEN IDENTITIES, COERCIONS & INJUSTICES!!! PLEASE take the time to support us and give Chris a voice and the justice he deserves!!! Thank you all for your time & support! God Bless to you all! Sincerely, Melissa Crisp ❤️  

Melissa Crisp
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