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Petition to Gabrielle Williams

Justice for Jaidyn

    Why we ask ourselves? Why are we seeing children murdered or women murdered in domestic violence situations and given short sentences. Why do family have to go through the grief/trauma, the torment/pain of living without women, men or children and the government just sit back and do nothing about it. Why do these people get protected in prison?  My name is Stacie Saggers. On September 2nd 2019, I wholeheartedly trusted someone I thought loved me and who I thought was good with my children care for my children while I went to work. Arriving home, I discovered my poor baby boy was dead. This has left me in a whole anguish of pain and hurt. Since this tragic event, I have completely turned my life around. I have been clean and healthy and on the road to recovery and will be continuing to rehabilitate myself into a long term rehabilitation program. I want to be an inspiration to other domestic violence victims out there who may be exposed to these type of behaviours. We need to educate our children and ourselves about the red flags of an abusive relationship, it's so important. This needs to be brought into schools to teach our children. Domestic violence needs to be recognised. I'm sick and tired of the government requesting money and not giving to those who are in need of it. Instead, they are using it to make things look pretty. My boy Jaidyn was provided with unconditional love. I'm now currently in the process of writing my own book and studying my Diploma in Community Services in due course. It would be an absolute honour to be able to help others! Cherish your children forever and please keep you and them out of harm's way. It breaks my heart having to live without Jaidyn every day and I'd do anything to have my baby boy back as well as his father. Even though he is gone he is still in our hearts and I still get to cuddle him every day as his ashes were placed inside a cuddly teddy bear and he sleeps with me every night. Please don't ever let someone control you. Leave and seek help before they hurt you or your precious children. The whole point to the petition is to get the message across to the policitians that these males do not deserve to breathe fresh air or ever see daylight again and to Stop PROTECTING THEM! Stop letting them walk free after 2, 4, 6 8 years. Its outright DISGUSTING! Please help me by signing this petition. Me and plenty of other families out there don't get to see our children attend their first day of school, grow up, we never hear them call us Mum or Dad, we never get to see them graduate from college, or hear him tell me he loves me. The government need to act now and we need your support by helping us. R.I.P to all the beautiful women and children out there who have lost their lives to domestic violence. R.I.P to the precious angels named below and many more victims! Please if I have any details incorrect, please message me for correction. MIA DJURASOVIC (10) & TIANA DJURASOVIC (6) - Killed by their mother - awaiting sentencing. KALEB BAYLIS-CLARKE (17 week old baby) killed by mother's partner JESSE VINACCIA. Served with 8.5 years. ZANE BRADBURY (3 years old) killed by mothers partner BROK HUGHES. Served with 6 years and 3 months (IS FREE TO WALK NEXT YEAR) JAIDYN GOMES-SEBASTIAO (my adorable little boy aged 2 years old). Killed by Brendan Pallant/Williams while I was at work. Awaiting to be sentenced.

Stacie Saggers
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Petition to Christian Porter, Peter Dutton, Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Mark Dreyfus, Kristina Keneally, Mark McGowan, Francis Michael Logan, John Quigley, John Barilaro, Trish Doyle, David Elliott, Jodi McKay, Anthony Roberts

Deliberately starting bushfires should be classified as a terrorist act

With the amount of bushfires our country faces each year, and the number that are deliberately lit, we feel that these acts should be treated with the severity they deserve.  Just as a terrorist attack does, these cowardly attacks do the following: 1. Incite fear in large populations. 2. Cause death and destruction. 3. Threatens the population (not limited to humans, think of livestock, native fauna and beloved pets). Whilst not exactly defined as terrorism in the traditional senses, these acts cause such devastation, that we feel that the penalties and resources invested in finding and prosecuting these low lifes, should be on par with extremist groups. ‘While each definition is a bit different, they do have constant themes. These themes include involving premeditation terrorist acts which are motivated by some political or social agenda, terrorists generally target non-combatants or civilians and are generally sub-national or clandestine groups. The configuration of terrorist groups is generally dependent on one's environment, relationship with the state, motivation and/or goals.’ preparing this petition, we have referenced the below article, and acknowledge that the only obvious difference between an Act of Terror, and Bushfire Arson, is the lack of religious or political motivation. With the stakes so high, and every criminals motivation being their own, we fail to see how the political, religious or ideological motivations differ from that of an arsonist. The attribution of electronic or cyber attacks seems to be a moot point in this instance. Quotes from the article above: Definition of terrorism in Australian law5.5 Terrorism in Commonwealth law is defined as an act or threat that is intended to: advance a political, ideological or religious cause; andcoerce or intimidate an Australian or foreign government or the public (or section of the public ), including foreign public.The conduct falls within the definition if it:causes serious physical harm to a person or serious damage to property;causes death or endangers a persons life;creates a serious risk to the health and safety to the public (or section of the public), orseriously interferes, disrupts or destroys:an electronic information, telecommunications or financial system; or an electronic system used for the delivery of essential government services, used for or by an essential public utility, or transport system. /End Quote. The Australian Public are sick of watching with despair. Whilst we do not expect to fix this issue overnight, we hope that this will make would be arsonists think twice. Even if the terms terrorism or act of terror are not used, we ask for similar judicial treatment and consideration as such an offence. Thank you for your time.  

Ian Wall
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Petition to Public of Australia

Is it fair for Cardinal Pell what so different from other people to apply fo high courts

Should George Pell have the rights to apply for the high court to squash his sentence because he's old and sick.  60 others try but they got knocked back.... why is he so special from them????? After all he was found guilty!!!!  and he's cased as a pedophile !!!!!  Is it because of the religion??? YES.... how about his victims, they got a life sentence. A life of HELL.  We believe he should serve his sentence in jail not be set free. I am a victim myself and my brothers too. We were taken from a country called Malta and brought to Australia, put in institutions until we were 17 and half years old , then hired to farmers by the Christian Brothers. SLAVE LABOUR AS WE DID NOT GET A CENT.   We had to do 12 months work for the farmers, they hired us to the catholic church who got paid twice once was the Government paying. They were to look after us all.All we got was abused, sexually, mentally and Physically and  we suffered BAD. We could NOT even speak English, we were flogged for talking our own language Maltese. A lot of us had no schooling,  we worked the farm that use to belong to the catholics, never got a cent it was Child Slave Labour.  Some kids were given land to farm which they kept. The favourite ones. We had to clean farms for them , hard labour.    WE NEED TO MAKE A STAND , WE HAVE PAIN AND SUFFERING ALL OF OUR LIVES A PENALTY , SO SHOULD HE FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. WE ARE NOT FREE WHY SHOULD HE BE??????   PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION , WE NEED TO KEEP THIS MONSTER IN JAIL , WE ARE STILL IN JAIL OF A LIFE OF HELL FROM A YOUNG AGE .......OUR MEMORIES OF TORTURE WILL NEVER GO.    IF WE LOSE AND HE WALKS FREE IT'S JUST ANOTHER TRAUMA FOR US VICTIMS AND A SLAP IN THE FACE AGAIN MORE TRAUMA

Manuel Ellul
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