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Petition to New Zealand Government, Jacinda Ardern, Human Rights Campaign

Change the life imprisonment law New Zealand to real life not 10-30years.

On the 27th January 2018, Eli Holtz aged 18 was brutally beaten to death by Myron Robert Alf Felise aged 30, for squirting him with a water gun. As he begged and pleaded for Myron to stop, he began to loose conscious and was rushed to Auckland hospital where he died due to fatal injuries to his head. His killer was sentenced on the 28th February 2019 for 7 years. Grace Millane, a UK tourist backpacker was murdered on the 2nd December, the day of her 22 birthday by a New Zealand man aged 26. Grace Millane had not contacted any of her family the day of her birthday which began to bring concerns to the family. She was said to be in New Zealand travelling for an overseas experience by herself. She was then said to have  met her online mischief who lured her into Auckland Cities well known Casino where they had fun the night before her birthday.  He then drove her to a remote area of Waitakere Rangers, West Auckland where she was then sexually assaulted and murdered on the day of her birthday. Her murderer however was granted name suppression here in New Zealand and still remains on name suppression till his trial is over. However he was not put on name suppression in the UK where his name and identity was exposed. Grace Millane’s murderers sentence has not yet been decided but in comparison to every other murderer who was sentenced in New Zealand for any crime relating to murder, he will not serve over 30 or so years. Nia Glassie, aged 3 was put in a clothes dryer spinning for 30 minutes on a hot setting, hung on a clothesline and spun around, held over a burning fire, used to practise wrestling moves, folded into a couch and sat upon, shoved into piles of rubbish and cold baths, dragged half naked through a sandpit, thrown at walls and dropped from heights, and had various objects hurled at her. Her murderers were her mums boyfriend Wiremu Curtis aged 19 and his brother Michael aged 22 and her Mum, Lisa Michelle Kuka who failed to obtain medical treatment for the toddler before her death and did not seek help we’ll she watched her baby girl die. These three were both sentenced to life imprisonment serving a minimum of 17.5 years non-parole. However the longest sentence time in New Zealand which is being served with non-parole for 30 years by William Dwane Bell for murdering three people at a RSA in Panmure in 2001, that is 10 years for each life he has taken. TEN years sentencing time is how much a life is worth to the New Zealand Government.  These are only a few of many brutal murders that have occurred in New Zealand over the past decade, these people have taken lives of other people who will never be able to walk on this earth again. These people have destroyed the hearts of loved ones and the people who were viciously murdered have been served no justice at all. Life sentence in New Zealand is nothing, Brownie Harding was sentenced to 28.5 years in prison for producing the largest amount of Methamphetamine in the history of New Zealand. The unequal justice that is being served here is disgusting that a person consuming productivity of drugs is more important than a person’s life. It’s disgusting to think that a 3 year old wasn’t safe with her own family and the government wasn’t there to protect her. She was 3 years old and brutally murdered by people who she called her family. Yet her life is unnoticed like it was when her family never noticed her being assaulted in her own home. I will not bare to see anymore cases of innocent lives being served no justice. I will be the voice for those kids who were neglected and hidden away in disguise to cover up lies parents were saying. I will be the voice to rise up and take a stand for any tourist around the world who want to discover the beauty of our country, I will be the voice for Eli who was young and having fun on the streets living his life that he deserved to have. If New Zealand doesn’t take a stand now and fight for the laws to be changed for the sentence criminals are given in New Zealand then our statistics will keep rising and rising till there is no way to stop it. There is no excuse for killing an innocent life, there is no excuse for sexually assaulting or raping a women who is begging you to stop, there is no excuse to murder a tourist who is not from this country thinking you will get away with it, there is no excuse at all to why you have the rights to kill someone and get away with it. That is a life long time of 60-90 years you have taken from that person. Think about it New Zealand, do you think our government needs to start changing the law?    #CHANGETHELAWNZ

Criminal Justice In New Zealand
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Petition to Will Hodgman MP, The HOn Elise, elLa, The Hon Rebecca White MP, The Hon Cassy O'Connor MP

Sue Neill-Fraser's conviction is WRONG! Needs INDEPENDENT Judicial Inquiry.

Sue Neill-Fraser has suffered injustice beyond imagination, now reaching 10 years (of 23 years) incarceration for murdering Bob Chappell, while other suspects are ignored. Bob’s body was never found. It was an entirely circumstantial case: no witnesses, no motive, no weapon, no forensics against Sue, loads of missed suspects. Sue was found guilty despite significant DNA found at the crime scene… DNA that proves someone else was on the yacht. Other DNA remains unidentified – others at the crime scene. The Tasmania Police investigation was deeply flawed, devoid of sound crime scene principles and procedures, and thorough crime scene analysis. The forensics were problematic. Witnesses were mistaken. Some lied, others were never located. Sue’s three ‘lies’ and ‘cold demeanour’ were unsympathetically considered confirmation of her guilt vs. a person in shock, reacting to the loss of a loved one. Police tunnel vision began early. A witness with a violent background who had previously threatened Sue and Bob, came forward within a day, hoping to broker a deal for a deal for his own pending criminal charges. All he needed to do was say that Sue planned to kill Bob. From that point forward police built their case. Sue never had the benefit of an open-minded investigation. Highly qualified detectives across Australia are shocked at the inept investigation by police. Eminent legal experts and QCs across the country are alarmed by the case and calling for an Independent Inquiry. CLA (Civil Liberties Australia) have called for a Royal Commission. Australians should be alarmed: 1.      LARGE VOLUME PUDDLE OF DNA AT THE CRIME SCENE – on the deck of the yacht. It was ignored by police, Sue was awaiting trial. Then the DNA was identified to a street kid who ran with thieves who broke into yachts and lied about her whereabouts that night. Why was she never investigated properly, or her associates? Why did the court allow the DNA to be considered a secondary transfer? (walked in from a policeman’s boot) This transfer is impossible, given the size of the DNA puddle. 2.      Obvious suspects, there at the time, were ignored, including two criminals, one with a small yacht anchored right next to the Four Winds. A resident overlooking the bay saw a weather beaten man, 50ish, reddish hair - in a zodiac dinghy the night of the murder, near to the Four Winds. Remarkably, police turned this rugged male description to match the description of Sue! 3.      Police claim Sue was on the water that night in a dinghy. She was not. A man came forward stating he was on the water that night, at that time, and witnesses verified this. The man has long flowing hair and slender build. Police ignored this, sticking to their flawed and uncorroborated ‘fact’ against Sue. 4.      There was also a GREY dinghy at the crime scene, seen by 4 people, one who described a grey lee cloth on it, not followed up by police. (Sue had a new bright white dinghy with blue stripes and no lee cloth.) 5.      Why did the DPP tell the jury Sue cleaned up the crime with latex gloves? Three gloves were found – one with a police officer’s DNA, another with Bob’s son’s DNA – Tim Chappell, and the third with mixed unidentified DNA, found on the saloon floor. 6.      The Forensic Log presented at trial had key exhibits skipped/deleted. Where are the exhibits like the blue towel and vomit rags, and why were these, and a hair on the bloody steps, never tested? 7.      Two key exhibits were offered at trial: Sue’s dinghy found abandoned at the water’s edge and her red jacket found abandoned on the fence of a nearby home. Yet there were no blood results to Sue or Bob or anyone in her dinghy. And no forensics, blood or any evidence on her jacket. How could she kill Bob (which would cause massive traces of blood) without ANY transfer of evidence to the key exhibits against her? 8.      Sue was not involved in the disappearance of another man, who was 35 years later found to have suicided, so why mention it at trial? 9.      The DPP invented murder weapons – a wrench and screwdriver - then placed them in the hands of Sue, at trial. No such weapons existed. The DPP misled the Jury, despite no body, by saying: "She's walking backwards and forwards and delivers blow - a blow or blows, or maybe stabs him with a screwdriver, I don't know, he doesn't look round, and so the body doesn't have any marks of what you'd expect if someone had come down there, a stranger, intent on doing him harm, the body I suggest would have marks consistent only with being delivered by someone who he knew to be there, who he knew and expected to be behind him." 10.  Sue could not have winched the body as described in court. She carries a bad lower back injury and was reported as lacking strength to use the winch. 11.  A witness who reported seeing the yacht and Bob, alive at 5pm, was looking at the wrong yacht, wrong (yellow) dinghy, and wrong man. 12.  A witness thought she saw Bob and Sue arguing on the foreshore – turns out to be the day before and Bob's sister. Not Sue. 13.  A supposed cut on Sue’s thumb ‘emerged’ weeks later but was never photographed or investigated despite supposed police concern day 1 of the investigation. 14.  Police told the court that there were no thefts from yachts, or break and enters leading up to the night of Bob’s killing. Yet there were thieves breaking into boats along the Derwent. 15.  The violent background of the star witness who came forward with a story about Sue’s 'plots to kill' Bob, and her brother, was never told to the court, nor were the threats by him and animosity towards Sue and Bob. *** There is more to be alarmed about *** This wrongful incarceration needs an Independent Judicial Inquiry or Royal Commission, and a proper search for the truth about what happened to Bob Chappell on Australia Day 2009. We must unearth what went wrong in the police investigation and the highly questionable conviction. It is not enough to say 'the court' will deal with this travesty through an appeal process. It is a slow, painful adversarial process, one that has repeatedly failed Sue. Compassion and Tasmanian government leaders must intervene. This is not a political issue, and it is time for Tasmanian leaders to see it as a bi-partisan issue. Sue must be given back her life! She lost her partner, her home, her reputation, her livelihood. She missed caring for her dying mother. Now wheelchair bound, Sue is in need of sharing her remaining years with her daughters and 4 grandchildren. The longer this shocking injustice goes on, the more outrageous it is. And the more the global community will become aware of the judicial horror that sits in Tasmania. Make right the biggest wrong in Australian criminal history, this century. Enough is enough.

Eve Ash
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Petition to David Hurley

Don't let Michael Guider sexually abuse or kill any more little girls.

I was drugged, abused and photographed as a child by a man who was my babysitter. The monster that did this to me was charged with over 60 counts of child abuse related crimes against many victims. His name was Michael Guider.  While in prison for these crimes he admitted to and was convicted of the killing of Bondi schoolgirl Samantha Knight. Guider has never admitted to the location of Samantha's body, robbing her family of any sense of closure.  Now, Michael Guider is due to be released from prison and will walk free without having to reveal the location of Samantha's body. I think that's appalling.  In the news, and every time I open up my Facebook, I am constantly faced with headline that reads "pedophile released into community" along with a long and horrific list of their crimes against children!! Enough is enough! We will change one law at a time to ensure NO pedophile or child killer is released! That's why I am fighting to stop the release of Michael Guider, and any other child killer, who won't give the victims families closure by providing them Samantha's body to lay to rest. I believe any child killer who is convicted, either of the murder or manslaughter of a child, should never be allowed freedom if they withhold the location of where they dumped the body of their victim.  I want to pass this law to honour Samantha Knight by calling it Knights Law. Let's keep child killers out of our community and behind bars where they belong. In the case of child killers, there should be no question. No body, no release. Please, sign my petition and share it widely. Thank you.  #knightslaw 

Chantelle Hamilton
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Petition to Council of the Order of Australia, Scott Morrison

Strip Cardinal George Pell of his Order of Australia.

As a child, I sang at St Pats at Christmas and would still head there in times of turmoil. My Uncle sandblasted the Cathedral’s distinctive bluestone clean, none of us knowing what was what had happened inside during Cardinal Pell’s rule. But now we do - George Pell is guilty of sexual abuse. In addition to whatever sentence the judge hands down, I believe Cardinal Pell should be stripped of his Companion of the Order of Australia medal. There must come a time when we protect the abused and not the abusers. Part of that must be removing abusers’ power and prestige, like removing an honour Pell does not (and arguably never has) deserved. In 2005, John Howard gave Pell this power and prestige by awarding him honours for his service to the Catholic Church and supporting “matters of an ethical and spiritual nature, to education and social justice”. There is no honour, ethics, spirituality, education or social justice in sexually abusing minors. Do we want to live in a country where a convicted sexual abuser, one who oversaw a system that denied countless sex abuse victims justice, can retain one of the country’s highest honours? Pell does no honour to the people of Australia. It’s time we removed his Companion of the Order of Australia. Let’s stand with survivors of sexual abuse and fight to remove power and accolades from their abusers. Please, sign this petition, share it with others.   Lifeline: 13 11 14 1800 Respect: 1800 737 732 Bravehearts: 1800 272 831

Amy Gray
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