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Petition to Prime Minister of Australia, Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowen, Premier of South Australia Steven Marshall, Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews, Premier of New South Wales Gladys Berejiklian, Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory Andrew Barr, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory Michael Gunner, Premier of Queensland Annastacia Palaszczuk, Premier of Tasmania Will Hodgman

Isolation of sex offenders

As a victim of child sexual abuse in which I testified at the Royal Commission into Institutional Abuse and I also petitioned the Queensland Police Service into starting a taskforce to investigate allegations of such abuse in which “Operation Kilo Lariat” was established and some 200 plus victims who were still currently alive came forward and many others couldn’t due to either committing suicide or dying due to drugs and/or natural causes. Then there was the Forde Inquiry which was based on Institutions within Queensland in which I also testified at and more than 300 victims who were still currently alive came forward and many others couldn’t due to either committing suicide or dying due to drugs and/or natural causes. I understand the above is based in Queensland and each and every other State and Territory in Australia have there own numbers as well as more numbers in Queensland and the above only refers to my submissions of abuse in which took it’s toll on me, but the numbers throughout our history are somewhat disgusting and very disturbing. I can not and I will not accept that a predator who does these vile acts towards children can have the courts take into account their age (normally older) and their health (normally because of their age) as an excuse to a shorter period of incarceration as the mere fact that they inflicted these acts on a child (young) in which the punishment for the child is that they will always suffer and they will always be a victim throughout their own lives as the nightmares and flashbacks do not judge a victim. Our legal system is somewhat concerning when a perpetrator commits such acts and these individuals really need to be isolated from our society permanently as it’s been proven endless amounts of times that their sick needs are not treatable by just serving a custodial sentence in which they are housed with other vile predators who all share the same sick interest as themselves and build up friendships and a network that we are yet to see. How can we allow them to freely be allowed to live among us? How do we tell our children they have to be on guard because there are those out there waiting for the right opportunity to hurt them? Those convicted of such crimes should be isolated within a secure community in which they reside and can not leave once there term of imprisonment is completed as they have lost the right to live amongst us at all, this will ensure that they are not a threat to other children and that they will not be allowed to freely wonder amongst us. I also believe that harsh mandatory custodial sentences need to be implemented for each offence that these offenders are convicted off and that they are punished accordlying and their age and health have no bearing on the sentence imposed and once the sentence is complete they are moved to a secure community to live out their days in which ensures they are no threat to any further children. The Governments within Australia have not really dealt with this situation as they should have as it continues to be a real issue and it really needs to stop and the public are fed up with the inadequate response our courts impose on these sick vile creatures. Do we continue to follow the same path and just accept that these sick individuals are allowed to do as they wish and put innocent children in harms way or do you actually make a stand and bring in really serious mandatory sentences and ensure they are fully aware if they are convicted then they have lost the privilege to live amongst us. And the government is in the position to utilise land and build a secure fence around it and provide housing in which these vile creatures can reside in with no internet or images of children permitted in which they can work within their own community (maybe Government contracts building stuff) without leaving which would form there payments for rent, electricity, water and groceries (which would be delivered as they wouldn’t be permitted to leave this complex. Medical needs could be solved by having a local doctor and dentist attend 3 times a week in a secured area at the main gate and if one is required to attend hospital they should be under guard as well as secured and GPS devices connected to them and in the event someone runs away then they are then returned to a correctional facility for the remainder of their lives which would no doubt ensure that they would seriously consider the consequences of escaping as they get one chance only. Now you have read this and I am sure you think it’s impossible to even consider but the mere fact it isn’t and as you represent the people who have elected you I believe that given your time in office you should take a serious stance and make our country safer from all sex offenders. 

Jessica X
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Petition to Christian Porter

Stop the prosecution of ATO whistleblower Richard Boyle

Richard Boyle is a former ATO staff member who is currently facing 161 years in jail for blowing the whistle on the ATO for its use of heavy handed tactics and revenue targets as motivation in its collection of debts. Before going public with this information he disclosed his concerns under the Public Interest Disclosure Act to the ATO where they were investigated and dismissed. He subsequently went public with this information which resulted in a investigation by Four Corners for ABC titled "Mongrel bunch of bastards". The issues he raised have since been reviewed by Treasury and the Inspector General of Taxation and resulted in changes to laws yet he is now on trial, having been charged with 66 offenses, though his actions were clearly performed for the public good. We call on Attorney-General Christian Porter to intervene in this matter and end the prosecution of Richard Boyle. Prosecuting this individual will greatly discourage any other potential whistle-blowers from coming forward and further erode public faith in our institutions.

Simon Blain
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Petition to members of parliament queensland

Parliamentary Enquiry Into Police Corruption Queensland

Many in Queensland now believe that the level of corruption in the Queensland police force has reached pre Fitzgerald levels . Victims of crime are being mistreated, ignored or treated with indifference . Evidence is not filed ; Right of information has been corrupted ; The police are not forthcoming with evidence that could be contrary to their findings .  Oversight by Ethical Standards Command  has been found to be highly questionable and accountability for bad behaviour doesn't exist . Fraud squad misbehaviour going back 7 years still under investigation. Cases referred by CCC are not looked at appropriately. Open skiting that if you complain we will send it  to ethical standards and it will take years ,appears to be reality The CCC claim they are overworked and can not look at isolated incidents so the public are forced to cope with the Ethical standards system that is not functioning  Work is allocated to untrained, inexperienced and sometimes unqualified staff . There appears to be understaffing and serious matters do not even get attention . Expertise in forensic analysis required by the courts is not available and detectives who have little knowledge of financial packages and no experience in financial fraud are handed complex financial fraud matters . Because of this corrupted system ,commercial lawyers are now saying white collar crime in Queensland has reached epidemic proportions     

Corruption Busters
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