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Petition to Daniel Andrew, Lisa Neville, Matthew Guy

To enforce stricter laws for teenagers involved in crime.

In the last year we are noticing a significant increase of crime rates Australia wide especially in our lovely state of Victoria. Australia is one of the best country in the world to live in however it has been deeply affected by crime. The recent occurrences of burglaries, carjackings and other criminal activities are having a profound and negative impact on people living in almost every city especially Melbourne. As a result of this we now feel unsafe in our own homes. Crime rate in VIC has increased by 13%, state is now being called "The stolen car state". 18000 cars were stolen in last year. Masked and armed offenders are robbing businesses, ramming police cars. The Police have been doing what they can with limited resources to try and catch the offenders including arresting same offenders, but underage offenders are let off lightly. If there are no strong repercussions, this will inevitably lead to an increase in crime in local communities. The offenders appear to be undeterred by the arrests as they know that they will be given a slap on the wrist and let off. Australian residents want Malcolm Turnbull (Prime Minister), Bill Shorten (Leader of the Opposition), Daniel Andrews (Premier of VIC), Matthew Guy (Leader of Opposition VIC) Minister of Police, the judiciary system and everyone responsible for the safety of the Australian community to unite and enforce stricter punishments based on the crime committed instead of the age of the offender.To make them accountable for the damage caused and a system of retribution to the victims and their families, Australia wide. This problem will get significantly worse if swift action is not taken. Currently victims are being injured physically and mentally by underage criminals. Nationally, we are all paying the price through higher insurance premiums for being in “at-risk” neighborhoods, and the current insurance systems will become increasingly overloaded with people who need help. *********ENOUGH IS ENOUGH********* Australia is one of the best countries to live in and in an ideal world we would like it to be peaceful and free of crime. We should be able to sleep in our homes without fear of being broken into. And be able to go out at anytime and be confident that our hard earned assets and family members will be safe. We urge you to re-evaluate the judiciary system in order to find strict and immediate solutions that will deter young offenders.

Junaid M
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Petition to Australian Government, Hon. Mitch Fifield

Criminalise 'Image-Based Sexual Assault'

Australia needs to criminalise 'image-based sexual assault'. This includes: revenge porn - the non-consensual sharing of intimate images; morphed porn - the non-consensual doctoring of ordinary images into pornographic material; and parasite porn - the non-consensual sharing of ordinary images onto pornographic websites. Online sexual exploitation can happen to anyone but it primarily affects women. It is used as a tool by perpetrators to harm, intimidate, control, threaten, misrepresent or sexually objectify their victims. Technology-facilitated abuse can cause significant harm to victims including emotional distress, violation, shame, humiliation, damage to their reputation and employability and disruption to their employment or education. Victims can fear for their safety and have suicidal thoughts and/or attempt suicide.   A national inquiry on 'revenge porn' has already taken place, and in early 2016 the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee recommended in a report that the Commonwealth Government and the states/territories make the 'non-consensual sharing of intimate images' a criminal offence. The Commonwealth and the majority of our states/territories are yet to enact such laws or any laws that specifically tackle sexual cybercrime in its various forms. (Seriously Australia, the US, UK, Wales, Canada and New Zealand are already on top of it)   Despite the Committee’s recommendations, the Federal Government has shifted its focus to civil penalties, in part due to the distressing and slow nature of criminal proceedings. A move which raises significant concerns because pursuing civil actions are arguably the most costly, lengthy, inaccessible and emotionally taxing features of our entire legal system. The criminalisation of ‘image-based sexual assault’ would not only provide justice for victims but would also serve as a powerful deterrent. Whilst there are challenges in enforcing laws in this area, such as matters of jurisdiction, the potential anonymity of perpetrators and the rapid dissemination of online material. The Commonwealth does have the tools to fight sexual cybercrime through empowering government agencies such as the recently expanded Office of the eSafety Commissioner, the AFP, and working with internet and social media providers.   Federal Government - A reporting tool won't be enough, please criminalise 'image-based sexual assault'.

Noelle Martin
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Petition to Jay Weatherill, Hon. Yvette D'Ath, Annastacia Palaszczuk, John Rau, Steven Marshall MP

Stop allowing “gay panic” as an excuse for murder in Australia

I’m a Catholic Priest and 8 years ago a man called Wayne Ruks was bashed to death in my Maryborough churchyard (300kms north of Brisbane). Unbelievably, his killer's convictions were downgraded to manslaughter, and in the trial the circumstances surrounding the bashing referred to  issues that can be described as “gay panic.”  It’s disgusting - this law, under the common law interpretation of the partial defence of Provocation, is still valid in both QLD and South Australia. In these two Australian states, if someone who you think is gay makes a pass at you, the sheer panic you could feel is partial justification for murder. I’ve made it my mission to see this revolting law abolished - it belongs in the dark ages. I have no words to describe how offensive, harmful and dangerous it is that two of our governments uphold that a person can be panicked enough by gay people to justify murder. The common law can really be only over-ridden in this respect by explicit legal ammendments to the Code of Criminal law covering murder and the partial defence of Provocation. Gay panic will continue to be a part of the law of these states until expressly excluded.  I am also concerned that even when cases are not formally and specifically pleading the 'gay panic' defense, the mere bringing in of suggestions that the victim made a non-violent homosexual advance, (whether true or not), poisons the waters and taps into deep-seated homophobia and bigotry and ought not be brought up at all in any way in the hearing of a jury. The victim is not on trial here.    That’s why I am calling on the Queensland and South Australia to eliminate this "gay panic" law as a partial defence for murder. Please sign and share my petition.

Rev. Fr. Paul Kelly. Catholic Priest
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Petition to Cherri Bonney


Hello all Australians and people who knew of this tragic time in our Australian history at Port Arthur 1996. I lived in Tasmania and contributed my help towards the families of victims, via my music career at that time, which barely scratched the surface to help that dreadful day in Port Arthur, Australia. My petition is to free the innocent Martin Bryant and allow his rights to be heard once and for all. It's been a festering boil in my mind and many others I'm sure, that poor innocent Martin Bryant is the 36th victim of an atrocity designed to amend gun laws in this country. There is much proof of this happening, but wont go into this for now. Martin was hand picked by ASIO to be handled by a Psy-op group in South Australia and become the patsy/ fall guy for this murderous cover-up in 1996 Port Arthur Tasmania.  Martin has an IQ of 66 and a mental ability of an 11 year old boy man. The handling of Martin started a decade or more prior to the mass murder by Psy- op ( mind control).  When the time came for that horrid day they simply had all the Government's on queue to murder escape, step down,  and tell the public, media lie after more lies, hiding, destroying all evidence from the public, victims families included, as this tragedy opened up, even more so to Carlene Bryant, Martins mother. As it is in 2015 nothing has budged to give Martin his lawful inquest, yet a shabby stupid piece put in the Tasmanian Mercury paper (Sept) by a Mr. Gary Ramage (Moron) destroying Martin's innocents and the public's view of Martin even more. What a hero Mr. Ramage is NOT!  Carlene Bryant, Martins mother has been denied access to her beloved son still rotting away in Risdon prison, ( and not by Martin's choice!)  where he is constantly being tortured. Martin is innocent of this horrifying mass murder cover-up, that he could not! have remotely carried out with his disabilities.  The true story tells of a much deeper sinister murder plan that was plotted by Government's well before that fateful day in Port Arthur. 1996. Martin deserves a Coronial Inquest by law!  BUT hasn't got it yet! isn't strange to have court hearings for such petty crimes YET Martin has been denied right from the start!  When 35 people were murdered and 22 wounded by gunmen, just a bit to STRANGE don't you think!  This is not how a so called judicial law system should work!  So far its corrupt!! if we are controlled in this manner already god help the next ASIO hand picked child or adult for maybe another Mass Murder any where in the world. I pray for every Australian to get behind a Coronial Inquest and to beat the drums for Martins freedom of speech, rights and for Martin to be heard once and for all.   As Australians we have a duty of care to all under privileged kids as Martin was and still is to a degree today, this hasn't worked either!  the law has been broken again and much more in this horrid nightmare. The other fact is Martin HOLDS the truth! simply because he is still alive! this alone is worth more then we all could imagine, our people in power must be shaking in their boots to say the least. Look out all Australian Government's  when the truth finialy destroys your sense of smell.  I think its high time to have this story straightened out!  and have our so called  " HONEST"  heads of power talking some truths and sorting out who's who, BUT we cant do it without the public support! ... Please raise your voice and sign the petition to have Martin's Coronial Inquest  under way, other wise we all lose in the long run, up until now Martin's life certainly has!  this is NOT the Australian way or is it? your choice...     'WISH I KNEW HOW TO BE FREE'   Words & Music,   Cherri Bonney,  Thank you for your time :-) Cherri Bonney   Perth, Australia 

Cherri Bonney
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