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Petition to Malcolm Turnbull, Bill Shorten


Politicians are notorious for lying and misleading the public, leading us to develop expectations that they won’t follow through with their word at the best of times. It’s these lies that actively ruin public faith in the Australian government – therefore; it’s time we held our politicians financially accountable for their lies, misleading statements and inaccurate remarks to voters. Our nations political system relies on honestly and transparency in order to work at it’s best. If we want to tackle genuine issues and to continue making progress in government, voters need an accurate representation of who their voting for or what their representatives in government are doing – something which doesn’t realistically happen with a system that fails to punish those who blatantly mislead Australians regarding their own actions or plans. As a member of the Australian public, you deserve candidates and representation in parliament that provide you with truthful information and accurate claims. I know politicians are known for the opposite, but that’s only because we have a system that lets them be so. Corporations get faced with penalties and legal action for lying about products or for providing misleading claims regarding their services – so why shouldn’t politicians face the same? Why are businesses hit with whopping fines for lying to you, but your local MP isn’t? The proposal: Hold politicians financially and legally accountable for blatantly lying, misleading or providing false claims to the public – both during time as a candidate or while in office. We need a system that financially punishes politicians for their lies; we’ve gone long enough without it. Photo Credit: The Australian   

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Petition to Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Case Study 34

Royal Commission call Mr Peter Dutton MP & others to testify in Sex Abuse Case Study 34

Victims in Case Study 34, Brisbane Grammar School & St Paul’s School (Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Case Study 34) issue a public petition for the Royal Commission to call the current Federal sitting MP for Dickson, Mr Peter Dutton to answer questions under oath. Victims also petition for the named individuals (together with many other future named individuals) to be called to testify under oath as follows :1. Former Qld Police Commission Jim O’Sullivan,2. Former Qld Police Commission Bob Atkinson3. Former Qld Assistant Police Commissioner Greg Early4. All Qld Police officers serving or former serving connected with Case Study 34, together with Professor Paul Wilson & Russell Grenning In support of the petition for a second hearing and for new testimony to be heard in Case Study 34 falling within the remit of the Royal Commission, victims state : 1. The public record should reflect the fact that many victims in Case Study 34 are wholly dissatisfied with the conduct of this particular Royal Commission case study thus far. 2. Victims would like the Royal Commission to explore a new line of enquiry commencing with questioning Mr Peter Dutton under oath. It should be highlighted victims are not alleging any wrong doing, at this stage on the part of Mr Peter Dutton. It is however documented by the journalist Madonna King in an article “Good Cop Bad Cop,” published in The Sydney Morning Herald on 9/8/2014, that during the 2001 election campaign, Cheryl Kernot who lost the seat of Dickson to Mr Dutton had remarked and questioned why Mr Dutton left the Queensland Police Force. It should be noted Mr Dutton attended one of the School’s in question in Case Study 34. He worked as a police office in sex crimes and was elevated as an MP very quickly. Given that allegations into the conduct of Archbishop Hollingsworth of covering up sexual abuse surfaced only a month after the 2001 election, it would be entirely appropriate for Mr Dutton to be forced to answer questions that victims in Case Study 34 and many other victims of sexual abuse would want answered. 3. The Royal Commission have refused to accept the shortcomings of the case study 34, as claimed by victims. The CEO of the Royal Commission, Mr Philip Reed has refused a request from victims to conduct a second hearing in the public domain. It is the view of victims in Case Study 34, that those in current or previous serving positions of authority in the Qld Police Service and Qld Justice system should be held up to public scrutiny. Proceedings of this nature in investigation allegations of possible misconduct of current or former Qld Police Officers should not be held behind closed doors, but in public. 4. Victims in Case Study 34 allege that the terms of reference of the 1980’s Qld Fitzgerald Inquiry that specifically precluded the investigation of allegations of pedophilia is directly related to the systemic cover-up of sexual abuse in Case Study 34 and the reason why Kevin Lynch was never investigated. 5.The Kimmin’s Inquiry established soon after the death of Kevin Lynch in 1997 in order to review allegations among other things of “Dirt Files” held by former Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis on known pedophiles seemingly concluded with nothing untoward despite such allegations. Documents tendered in Case Study 34 indicate that Kevin Lynch knew an Assistant Police Commissioner. It is therefore reasonable for victims to conclude that it is entirely possibly one of the alleged missing “Dirt Files” is in fact a file held on Kevin Lynch given such an alleged association with an Assistant Police Commissioner. 6. The 1985 Sturgess Report, highlighted the serious public health risk from sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS in cases of child sexual abuse. Victims in Case Study 34 would like the Royal Commission to inquire into the death of Kevin Lynch and why Qld Police officers in 1997 did not immediately inform the Qld Coroner at the time that Kevin Lynch claimed he may have been infected with AIDS and was undergoing a medical review. Victims argue the Qld Coroner may well have immediately called for a full inquest at the time of Lynch’s death had this information been supplied to the Qld Coroner by the Qld Police Service. 7. The death of Kevin Lynch on 23 January 1997 after police charged him the day before on 22 January 1997 didn’t result in an ongoing police investigation. Many victims either felt let down and or were not even aware of the charges and his death in 1997. It was not until May 2000 when the victim, Nigel Parodi had a shootout with police as detailed by Daryl Green in Twice Shot, that resulted in significant numbers of victims coming forward and corroborating the allegations. It should be noted at the time of the 2000 incident, Professor Wilson who was named in the Kimmin’s Report “Dirt Files,” was instrumental in profiling Nigel Parodi. In his book about the pedophile Clarence Osborne Professor Wilson claims that young boys are willing participants and little harm is done from sexual abuse. Yet he saw fit to profile Nigel Parodi as a “Deranged psychopath,” rather than in need of specialist psychological support, as one of the many victims of pedophile Kevin Lynch in Case Study 34. The Royal Commission needs to fully investigate the appropriateness of Professor Wilson and the fact a number of Qld pedophile cases have been closed without full investigations 8. Apart from one single victim receiving a settlement in late 2014 of $1/2 million as documented in written testimony to the Royal Commission by Mr Howard Stack, over 100 victims in Case Study 34 are still struggling to repair their shattered lives with very little support and financial compensation. The large settlement to a single victim was at a time when Brisbane Grammar School knew they would have to answer questions at a future Royal Commission hearing. For the large majority of victims such a generous settlement has not been agreed. Victims are likely to continue to have significant difficulties for their rest of our lives without adequate redress and continued support.  9. Victims in Case Study 34 call on the generosity of the Australian community to support our Crowd Funding campaign in order to seek Justice for all victims in Case Study 34. Please share with your followers and donate whatever you can spare : This Petition will be delivered to : Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses of Child Sexual Abuse Each & every candidate standing in the 2 July 2016 Australian Federal Election Trustees and Senior Leadership Team of Brisbane Grammar School St Paul’s School & Diocese of BrisbaneQld Minister for Education Hon Kate Jones All victims in Case Study 34    

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Petition to NSW Court of Appeal

Sentence Andrew Nolan to 25 Years for the Catastrophic Abuse of 7 Month Old Bobby Webber

We are petitioning for the maximum possible sentence of 25 years imprisonment to be handed down to Andrew Nolan - a child basher who catastrophically abused 7 month old Bobby Webber leaving him brain damaged, quadriplegic and with cerebral palsy for the rest of his life.  On 8th December 2016 Judge P. Ingram handed down a sentence of 12 years and 6 months with a non-parole period of 8 years and 6 months..... with time already served, Nolan will be eligible for parole in April 2023. This sentence has now been appealed and we need your help in joining our fight for tougher sentencing for Andrew Nolan - a monster who has shown no remorse, was in a sound state of mind and knew exactly what he was doing to Bobby that fateful night. Bobby will be affected by his injuries for the rest of his life - he is quadriplegic with dystonic cerebral palsy, cortical vision impairment and epilepsy.  The punishment for Nolan should match the crime that he committed against 7 month old Bobby Webber. Here is a little bit about Bobby's story... In September 2014, a little 7 month old baby boy was beaten to near death in his home on the Central Coast, NSW whilst in the care of his non-biological Uncle, Andrew Nolan. Bobby endured multiple skull fractures caused by blunt force trauma, blood pooling in his eyes from being violently shaken, carpet burn marks on his forehead, fractured vertebrae, shattered ankles, bruised genitalia, bite marks on his little body amongst other atrocities too graphic to disclose. Bobby’s injuries left him completely brain damaged and requiring round the clock care. A few days after that fateful night, his parents made the heartbreaking decision to switch off his life support following the advice of his team of Doctor's. Against all odds, Bobby did not give up the fight once life support was switched off and miraculously continued breathing. Bobby spent the next two months in hospital suffering multiple seizures per day and being fed by a tube, but continued to make steady progress with small reactive responses despite his extensive injuries.  In October 2014, Bobby's non-biological Uncle, was arrested and charged with Grievous Bodily Harm with Intent and denied bail. On Bobby's 2nd birthday in February 2016 Andrew Nolan pleaded guilty.

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Petition to Australia , Geoff

Resignation of David Morrison as Australian of the Year.

Mr Morrison, And I will call you Mr Morrison because in my opinion you have by way of failing to publicly champion the cause of physically and mentally disabled ADF personnel clearly demonstrated a lack of leadership, expected by those that have served in the ADF, especially those that have served with and under you. On the Monday evening preceding Australia Day you had the premium opportunity, perhaps since the Vietnam Veteran welcome home march of 1987 to raise an issue which currently effects the lives of perhaps many thousands, and potentially, if the Vietnam conflict is anything to judge by, many tens of thousands. Of which, many you are directly responsible for sending into harm’s way, and although this is a necessity of conflict, the evident failing is in their care in later life. Many of those under your command were left on the battlefield, this is, and must be an unfortunate acceptance of conflict, and what can be done for them has been done. However hundreds continue to suffer accepted physical conditions, and many thousands suffer accepted psychological conditions, in failing to take advantage of an opportunity such as your Australia Day acceptance speech to highlight their plight, you demonstrated that you are, at the least naive and ignorant to their plight, but given your position in the ADF it seems perhaps more evident you are lacking in courage, initiative, respect and teamwork. "The Army"s core values". The word coward can't be bandied about likely, but in respect of this issue, in the eyes of many, perhaps, a legitimate argument for its use can made. It is commendable that you intend, as Australian of the year to continue to raise the issue of domestic violence so passionately campaigned by your predecessor Rosemary Batty, and it is commendable and appropriate that your work regarding diversity and the gender pay gap be a principal component. But it is beyond comprehension, and unfathomable in any sense that the time taken to raise the question or debate on the republican movement could not be direted toward an issue which not only would seem more appropriate, but less divisive. It is, in my opinion, that you were presented an generational opportunity to highlight the welfare and health issues of ex, and in some circumstance current members of the Australian Defence Force, and their families and loved ones, in failing to do so we the undersigned are therefore petitioning you to relinquish the retired title of General, and to resign as Australian of the year.  

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