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LAUREN WAS ONLY 4 YEARS OLD when Neville Towner, then aged 23, tortured, raped and drowned her in the Nepean River at Emu Plains, NSW. He was sentenced to life in prison for this brutal, unforgivable crime, but the State Parole Authority has given notice that they intend to release him - his parole hearing on June 13th 2017 was adjourned to September 12th 2017 and then adjourned again until January 16th 2018 and now it has been adjourned until June 5th 2018! He is only 51! The State Parole Authority postponed Towner’s application for parole in March, raising concerns he had not done any transition programs, but ­appears to have changed its position after Towner did one escorted day-release. Howard Brown, who will make a formal submission to the hearing on behalf of the Hicksons, said Towner is not suitable for release. A message from Lauren's cousin, Robert Miell: "This is my cousin LAUREN HICKSON she was raped bashed and murdered when she was 4 years old by Neville Raymond Towner. Please sign the petition against the release of her killer next month. It might only be a signature but it might be that 1 signature that makes the difference. Please share this post with all your friends and family i want this going australia wide please and thankyou for everyones support." Lauren’s mother Jurina, is devastated: “I’ll never forgive him while I’ve still got breath in my body. The murder was so horrific. He sexually assaulted and tortured her. I just can’t understand why a prisoner of his calibre is going to get a get-out-of-jail-free card.” The then lead investigator of the case, Steve Ticehurst, has this to say: “It is my opinion and my opinion only that if a person takes a life, then they do not deserve to be released. Lauren has been robbed of having a life, a family, children. Why should anyone who takes that away from someone be given their freedom. But I just don’t see the system changing… how many more lives will it take?” Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin has decided to join Lauren’s family in opposing Towner’s release at the hearing next month. WILL YOU JOIN THEM IN BEING A VOICE FOR LAUREN?  

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Petition to State and Federal Government,,

Orphans of Murdered Parents Denied Help from Government!!

"Couple Murdered in their Home Whilst their Children Slept!" Headlines of the news the morning after the tragedy on 8th December 2013. At around 10.30pm on the Sunday night a man convicted of "Threats to Kill" (but served no prison time) entered my sister and brother in laws house and stabbed them to death whilst their children were in their room only metres away!  The two boys told us after that "Mummy screamed a lot and that Daddy died with red chewing gum in his mouth!"   My younger sister and her husband have primary care of the children now, but the government will not help us!  We have written to the local, state and federal ministers begging for help but we are continuously palmed off with bureaucratic responses!  Department of Human Services basically said that we would need to put the children in to Foster care for at least 30 days and then apply to care for them and hope that we could get them back out of the system to be eligible for any type of financial assistance.  Appalling after all these kids and our family had been through! Raising children is stressful and requires a lot of money and time and without both of these we fear that our traumatized nephews and niece may suffer more and not receive the life a child deserves.  We are doing our best but need help!   The man that murdered them was a non Australian resident and applied for residency in Australia for over 10 years and was denied, he claimed a disability pension whilst running a business. He was then charged and convicted for "Threats to Kill" but served no time, but he was then granted residency in Australia less than 2 years later and 6 months after being granted residency he killed my sister and brother in law and left their 3 children orphaned.  We are not racist nor do we think we should not welcome people to Australia, however why are we not being afforded the same rights as the people we welcome!  Please sign and help me get the attention of the state or federal government to look into this case and help my sister and I with some financial assistance to raise these children.  We lost our Mum to cancer 6 months before my sister and brother in law were murdered, and have fought through these considerable tragedy's and want to be able to take the best care possible of our orphaned niece and nephews but we need help!  Their parents worked hard all their lives we work hard and pay taxes but yet we are unable to receive help!  Please sign and help me get the attention of the politicians that can help these kids, they've suffered enough!!!   Thank you for your support! Maria Aylward 

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