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Petition to Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Case Study 34

Royal Commission call Mr Peter Dutton MP & others to testify in Sex Abuse Case Study 34

Victims in Case Study 34, Brisbane Grammar School & St Paul’s School (Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse Case Study 34) issue a public petition for the Royal Commission to call the current Federal sitting MP for Dickson, Mr Peter Dutton to answer questions under oath. Victims also petition for the named individuals (together with many other future named individuals) to be called to testify under oath as follows :1. Former Qld Police Commission Jim O’Sullivan,2. Former Qld Police Commission Bob Atkinson3. Former Qld Assistant Police Commissioner Greg Early4. All Qld Police officers serving or former serving connected with Case Study 34, together with Professor Paul Wilson & Russell Grenning In support of the petition for a second hearing and for new testimony to be heard in Case Study 34 falling within the remit of the Royal Commission, victims state : 1. The public record should reflect the fact that many victims in Case Study 34 are wholly dissatisfied with the conduct of this particular Royal Commission case study thus far. 2. Victims would like the Royal Commission to explore a new line of enquiry commencing with questioning Mr Peter Dutton under oath. It should be highlighted victims are not alleging any wrong doing, at this stage on the part of Mr Peter Dutton. It is however documented by the journalist Madonna King in an article “Good Cop Bad Cop,” published in The Sydney Morning Herald on 9/8/2014, that during the 2001 election campaign, Cheryl Kernot who lost the seat of Dickson to Mr Dutton had remarked and questioned why Mr Dutton left the Queensland Police Force. It should be noted Mr Dutton attended one of the School’s in question in Case Study 34. He worked as a police office in sex crimes and was elevated as an MP very quickly. Given that allegations into the conduct of Archbishop Hollingsworth of covering up sexual abuse surfaced only a month after the 2001 election, it would be entirely appropriate for Mr Dutton to be forced to answer questions that victims in Case Study 34 and many other victims of sexual abuse would want answered. 3. The Royal Commission have refused to accept the shortcomings of the case study 34, as claimed by victims. The CEO of the Royal Commission, Mr Philip Reed has refused a request from victims to conduct a second hearing in the public domain. It is the view of victims in Case Study 34, that those in current or previous serving positions of authority in the Qld Police Service and Qld Justice system should be held up to public scrutiny. Proceedings of this nature in investigation allegations of possible misconduct of current or former Qld Police Officers should not be held behind closed doors, but in public. 4. Victims in Case Study 34 allege that the terms of reference of the 1980’s Qld Fitzgerald Inquiry that specifically precluded the investigation of allegations of pedophilia is directly related to the systemic cover-up of sexual abuse in Case Study 34 and the reason why Kevin Lynch was never investigated. 5.The Kimmin’s Inquiry established soon after the death of Kevin Lynch in 1997 in order to review allegations among other things of “Dirt Files” held by former Queensland Police Commissioner Terry Lewis on known pedophiles seemingly concluded with nothing untoward despite such allegations. Documents tendered in Case Study 34 indicate that Kevin Lynch knew an Assistant Police Commissioner. It is therefore reasonable for victims to conclude that it is entirely possibly one of the alleged missing “Dirt Files” is in fact a file held on Kevin Lynch given such an alleged association with an Assistant Police Commissioner. 6. The 1985 Sturgess Report, highlighted the serious public health risk from sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS in cases of child sexual abuse. Victims in Case Study 34 would like the Royal Commission to inquire into the death of Kevin Lynch and why Qld Police officers in 1997 did not immediately inform the Qld Coroner at the time that Kevin Lynch claimed he may have been infected with AIDS and was undergoing a medical review. Victims argue the Qld Coroner may well have immediately called for a full inquest at the time of Lynch’s death had this information been supplied to the Qld Coroner by the Qld Police Service. 7. The death of Kevin Lynch on 23 January 1997 after police charged him the day before on 22 January 1997 didn’t result in an ongoing police investigation. Many victims either felt let down and or were not even aware of the charges and his death in 1997. It was not until May 2000 when the victim, Nigel Parodi had a shootout with police as detailed by Daryl Green in Twice Shot, that resulted in significant numbers of victims coming forward and corroborating the allegations. It should be noted at the time of the 2000 incident, Professor Wilson who was named in the Kimmin’s Report “Dirt Files,” was instrumental in profiling Nigel Parodi. In his book about the pedophile Clarence Osborne Professor Wilson claims that young boys are willing participants and little harm is done from sexual abuse. Yet he saw fit to profile Nigel Parodi as a “Deranged psychopath,” rather than in need of specialist psychological support, as one of the many victims of pedophile Kevin Lynch in Case Study 34. The Royal Commission needs to fully investigate the appropriateness of Professor Wilson and the fact a number of Qld pedophile cases have been closed without full investigations 8. Apart from one single victim receiving a settlement in late 2014 of $1/2 million as documented in written testimony to the Royal Commission by Mr Howard Stack, over 100 victims in Case Study 34 are still struggling to repair their shattered lives with very little support and financial compensation. The large settlement to a single victim was at a time when Brisbane Grammar School knew they would have to answer questions at a future Royal Commission hearing. For the large majority of victims such a generous settlement has not been agreed. Victims are likely to continue to have significant difficulties for their rest of our lives without adequate redress and continued support.  9. Victims in Case Study 34 call on the generosity of the Australian community to support our Crowd Funding campaign in order to seek Justice for all victims in Case Study 34. Please share with your followers and donate whatever you can spare : This Petition will be delivered to : Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses of Child Sexual Abuse Each & every candidate standing in the 2 July 2016 Australian Federal Election Trustees and Senior Leadership Team of Brisbane Grammar School St Paul’s School & Diocese of BrisbaneQld Minister for Education Hon Kate Jones All victims in Case Study 34    

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Petition to NSW Corrections Minister The Hon. David Elliott, NSW State Parole Authority


LAUREN WAS ONLY 4 YEARS OLD when Neville Towner, then aged 23, tortured, raped and drowned her in the Nepean River at Emu Plains, NSW. He was sentenced to life in prison for this brutal, unforgivable crime, but the State Parole Authority has given notice that they intend to release him - his parole hearing on June 13th 2017 was adjourned and will now be held on September 12th 2017. He is only 51! The State Parole Authority postponed Towner’s application for parole in March, raising concerns he had not done any transition programs, but ­appears to have changed its position after Towner did one escorted day-release. Howard Brown, who will make a formal submission to the hearing on behalf of the Hicksons, said Towner is not suitable for release. A message from Lauren's cousin, Robert Miell: "This is my cousin LAUREN HICKSON she was raped bashed and murdered when she was 4 years old by Neville Raymond Towner. Please sign the petition against the release of her killer next month. It might only be a signature but it might be that 1 signature that makes the difference. Please share this post with all your friends and family i want this going australia wide please and thankyou for everyones support." Lauren’s mother Jurina, is devastated: “I’ll never forgive him while I’ve still got breath in my body. The murder was so horrific. He sexually assaulted and tortured her. I just can’t understand why a prisoner of his calibre is going to get a get-out-of-jail-free card.” The then lead investigator of the case, Steve Ticehurst, has this to say: “It is my opinion and my opinion only that if a person takes a life, then they do not deserve to be released. Lauren has been robbed of having a life, a family, children. Why should anyone who takes that away from someone be given their freedom. But I just don’t see the system changing… how many more lives will it take?” Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin has decided to join Lauren’s family in opposing Towner’s release at the hearing next month. WILL YOU JOIN THEM IN BEING A VOICE FOR LAUREN?  

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