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Petition to John Quigley, Malcolm Turnbull, Michael Mischin, The Attorney General's of Australia including the Federal Attorney General, Malcolm Turnbull., John Quigley

Reformation of Parole laws in Australia

I am the woman that got away from David and Catherine Birnie, Australia's worst serial killing couple. He hung himself in 2005. She has mandatory Parole Review Board hearings every 3 years. I want these revoked then greater reformation of parole legislation. My name is Kate Moir. I am campaigning to revoke mandatory parole hearings for murderers in Western Australia and to overhaul parole legislation Australia wide. I am also campaigning to improve our justice system through the instigating of harsher penalties for violent crimes including rape, pedophilia, grievous bodily harm, domestic violence and assault plus pushing for the introduction of uniformity of sentencing throughout the States of Australia. In November 1986, when I was seventeen years old, I was abducted at knifepoint by David and Catherine Birnie, Australia's worst serial killing couple, whilst on my way home from The Claremont Hotel after an evening out with friends. Twelve hours later, after being sexually assaulted twice and being certain that they were going to kill me, I managed to escape. My escape led to their capture and arrest. Although adamantly stating that I had agreed to go home with them and consented to sexual relations, they eventually capitulated and confessed to multiple rapes and the murder of four women. They were charged with four counts of deprivation of liberty and sexual assault and with four counts of murder for killing three women and a girl between October and November 1986. They were also charged with deprivation of liberty and two counts of aggravated sexual assault in relation to me. In February 1987 they were sentenced to four life terms for their murder of Susannah Candy, Mary Neilson, Noelene Patterson and Denise Brown plus ten years for deprivation of liberty and twenty years for raping me twice. However, the life sentences effectively meant that their sentences of thirty years for my abduction and rape were forgotten. The Court ordered that their life sentences were to be served concurrently, meaning they were only to serve twenty years before being considered for release. I always knew that they would be considered for parole and maybe get out when I was only thirty-seven years old. I have lived my life waiting for the day that they would re-enter society and their impending release has always haunted me. The crimes that they committed against me and the other women have never been far from my mind. I believe that if I had received justice, this would not be the case. He hung himself in Casuarina Maximum Security Prison in 2005 but she has been up for parole four times since 2007, her latest parole hearing being in February 2016. I spent my birthday on the phone to the Parole Review Board. In Western Australia and in many other States it is mandatory for murderers to be considered for parole after serving their minimum sentence and the maximum sentence of life imprisonment is twenty years in Western Australia. Twenty years is not life in prison. I am championing the peoples voice and speaking for all the victims who can no longer speak. I am speaking for the families, relatives and friends of rape and murder victims who are traumatized on a three yearly basis as violent criminals are considered for parole. I am speaking for the husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and children who live in fear of their loved one’s murderer being released. And I am speaking for everyone who doesn’t want to be the victims of these violent crimes at the hands of a recidivist. I am campaigning for truth in sentencing as opposed to sentences immediately being reduced for a plea of guilty and time spent in remand. I am campaigning for no parole for premeditated murderer and repeat sex offenders and the revocation of mandatory parole. Murderers revoke their right to return to society upon taking another’s life. Rehabilitation is not an option for the crime of murder. They have taken away the ability of another to live, love and enjoy life – I demand that they, in return, forfeit their life and are punished with life imprisonment. Similarly, repeat sex offenders have shown that they cannot be rehabilitated. I am also campaigning for harsher penalties for violent crimes such as murder, rape, pedophilia, assault and incest. Many relatives of murder victim’s have approached me from all over Australia. Their stories are traumatic and full of horror, sadness and injustice. For too long the legal system has been geared and strengthened to empower the perpetrators of crime with lessening resources being allocated to victims of crime and society in general. Murderers get publicly funded Queens Counsels to represent them whilst a poorly resourced Police Service and Department of Public Prosecutions attempts to prove guilt and a sentence reflective of the gravity of the crime committed. Too often sentences are reduced on appeal. This is an election issue and I will be fighting this fight until at least March 2017 in Western Australia before campaigning throughout the nation. When I win this fight I am going to tackle other taboo issues such as domestic violence, the Mental Health system and the inequity and horror of the Family Court. I am advocating for victims and survivors of crime and their relatives and standing up for the underdogs. Please sign my petition reformation-of-parole-laws-in- australia?recruiter=523359023&utm_source=petitions_show_components_actio n_panel_wrapper&utm_medium=copylink Similarly, if you are passionate about my campaign and would like to donate much needed funds to help me fight the system and create equity, please go to Thank you so much for getting behind me and joining my group, The "We support Kate Group" on Facebook. Via Kate Moir. Please add your friends to this, the world first virtual political rally and please share.

Kate Moir
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Petition to Cherri Bonney


Hello all Australians and people who knew of this tragic time in our Australian history at Port Arthur 1996. I lived in Tasmania and contributed my help towards the families of victims, via my music career at that time, which barely scratched the surface to help that dreadful day in Port Arthur, Australia. My petition is to free the innocent Martin Bryant and allow his rights to be heard once and for all. It's been a festering boil in my mind and many others I'm sure, that poor innocent Martin Bryant is the 36th victim of an atrocity designed to amend gun laws in this country. There is much proof of this happening, but wont go into this for now. Martin was hand picked by ASIO to be handled by a Psy-op group in South Australia and become the patsy/ fall guy for this murderous cover-up in 1996 Port Arthur Tasmania.  Martin has an IQ of 66 and a mental ability of an 11 year old boy man. The handling of Martin started a decade or more prior to the mass murder by Psy- op ( mind control).  When the time came for that horrid day they simply had all the Government's on queue to murder escape, step down,  and tell the public, media lie after more lies, hiding, destroying all evidence from the public, victims families included, as this tragedy opened up, even more so to Carlene Bryant, Martins mother. As it is in 2015 nothing has budged to give Martin his lawful inquest, yet a shabby stupid piece put in the Tasmanian Mercury paper (Sept) by a Mr. Gary Ramage (Moron) destroying Martin's innocents and the public's view of Martin even more. What a hero Mr. Ramage is NOT!  Carlene Bryant, Martins mother has been denied access to her beloved son still rotting away in Risdon prison, ( and not by Martin's choice!)  where he is constantly being tortured. Martin is innocent of this horrifying mass murder cover-up, that he could not! have remotely carried out with his disabilities.  The true story tells of a much deeper sinister murder plan that was plotted by Government's well before that fateful day in Port Arthur. 1996. Martin deserves a Coronial Inquest by law!  BUT hasn't got it yet! isn't strange to have court hearings for such petty crimes YET Martin has been denied right from the start!  When 35 people were murdered and 22 wounded by gunmen, just a bit to STRANGE don't you think!  This is not how a so called judicial law system should work!  So far its corrupt!! if we are controlled in this manner already god help the next ASIO hand picked child or adult for maybe another Mass Murder any where in the world. I pray for every Australian to get behind a Coronial Inquest and to beat the drums for Martins freedom of speech, rights and for Martin to be heard once and for all.   As Australians we have a duty of care to all under privileged kids as Martin was and still is to a degree today, this hasn't worked either!  the law has been broken again and much more in this horrid nightmare. The other fact is Martin HOLDS the truth! simply because he is still alive! this alone is worth more then we all could imagine, our people in power must be shaking in their boots to say the least. Look out all Australian Government's  when the truth finialy destroys your sense of smell.  I think its high time to have this story straightened out!  and have our so called  " HONEST"  heads of power talking some truths and sorting out who's who, BUT we cant do it without the public support! ... Please raise your voice and sign the petition to have Martin's Coronial Inquest  under way, other wise we all lose in the long run, up until now Martin's life certainly has!  this is NOT the Australian way or is it? your choice...     'WISH I KNEW HOW TO BE FREE'   Words & Music,   Cherri Bonney,  Thank you for your time :-) Cherri Bonney   Perth, Australia 

Cherri Bonney
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Petition to Hon. Liza Harvey MLA, Michael Mischin, Colin Barnett, Michael Mischin,, Liza Harvey


        WORKERS COMPENSATION FOR W. A  POLICE OFFICERS Every Police Officer in Western Australia risks his/her life on a daily basis, never knowing if they will go home in the same condition they went to work. A huge and courageous decision considering that there is no Workers Compensation for them should they become physically and/or mentally damaged or lose their life whilst at work protecting the people of Western Australia. The following is a true, documented incident of one such Officer. At approximately 2230hrs Sunday, July 14th 1984 in Mt Lawley, an Officer stopped a motorcyclist and his pillion rider. Whilst checking details, one got behind him. They attacked using their crash helmets as weapons. Whilst on the ground they struck him relentlessly about the head. Then began kicking his head, with such ferocity a boot of one went through his chin. He suffered life threatening head injuries and fractures of the skull, resulting in a swelling of the brain. Holes were drilled in his skull to relieve the pressure. He was resuscitated twice!!!! As there was no Workers Compensation he, via the WAPOU made an application for an ex-gratia payment. The princely sum of $60,000 was awarded. He was only 34 years of age!!  Assuming that he lived the Biblical years of “3 score years and 10” until age 70 it would have been the equivalent to $1666.66 per annum. The system in awarding an ex-gratia payment is up to the State Attorney General. This is both faulty in design and equipment. Victims are not just the Officer directly affected but also their husbands/wives, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends and colleagues. To leave compensation to the whim of the State Attorney General who has no system or mathematical equation to refer to is manifestly unwise. Where is the transparency? The only motivating factor to determine if, and how much will be awarded, is the part played by the Media and the social Media. Many other medically retired WA Police Officers suffer physical and psychological injuries years after their incident or discharge, with little Service support. They feel isolated, abandoned and alone, and, without their families, friends and similarly disadvantaged Officers, they are! There are 900 (approx.) current & former Police Officers in this position, with more to come. An almost Annual Meeting of Politicians and the WAPOU meet to discuss how to compensate WA Police Officers, damaged either physically or mentally by carrying out their duties. The Meetings end in agreement that something has to be done but never translates into action.  Western Australia continues to be the only State that does not have its Police Force covered by Workers Compensation. The Police Commissioner believes a compensation scheme is needed. His comments on the subject are: “If you have a high profile and the media are interested in your particular case, it's likely the government will pay you some sort of compensation. But if you don't, you won't get anything at all and we have to resolve that. We're also very keen in being able to connect officers who are no longer able to work in the front line with other types of jobs and employment so they can constructively continue to work, but not necessarily in policing." On the 25th June 2012 WA Premier Colin Barnett was left tongue-tied at the Police Union Conference when asked if medically retired police should be paid compensation for their pain, suffering & loss of future earnings potential. Commissioner Karl O'Callaghan rescued the Premier by explaining the unfair system. On the 28th August, 2015, Premier Barnett was asked the following questions on a Compensation scheme for WA’s Police Officers. Here are his answers: Interviewer: Do you support a compensation scheme for medically retired police officers. Colin Barnett: I certainly totally support caring for our police officers, particularly if they are injured in some way during the course of their duty. There is some discussions going on in government now about re-examining the support they get and I expect that will see an improvement in that. I think it’s good at the moment but the Police Minister is working with the Police Union and others on making sure we really do look after police officers who may be injured. So the form of that, police officers are always treated a little bit differently in terms of their superannuation and their care, because of the nature of their work. So it’s not as per most people in government, but it is being worked on and we’re certainly taking a very positive, serious approach to it. Interviewer: Do you have a timeline for the changes in mind? Colin Barnett: I don’t, but I think the negotiations are being carried on in a very constructive way. And everyone shares the interest of making sure we look after police officers, men and women. West Australian Police Officers who have been injured, (or worse), in the line of duty and are subject to a loss of confidence process (Section 28) to remove them from the WA Police are treated unfairly and made to feel humiliated. There has to be a dignified way of retiring officers who can no longer be operationally utilised.        GIVE  OUR POLICE OFFICERS WORKERS COMPENSATION.                                  MAKE IT RETROSPECTIVE.  

Rick Smith
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