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Recusal of Justice SS Shinde- Bombay High Court

To The Honourable Chief Justice of India. Supreme Court of India New Delhi -110001 Re: Comment Made By Hon’ble Mr. Justice SS Shinde, Bombay HC. Your Lordship, we are writing to you to bring to your kind notice an extremely urgent and serious matter which merits your attention. The Hon’ble Mr. Justice SS Shinde, sitting Judge of the Bombay High Court, during the hearing of the matter of (Late) Stan Swamy, observed as follows: “We cannot keep aside humane considerations while deciding medical Bail Applications. We have respect for his work. Legally, whatever was there against him is (a) different matter. He was wonderful with the kind of the services he rendered to the society.  It was very dignified and graceful. Such graciously and honourably they performed it”. In our considered view, Hon’ble Mr. Justice Shinde, in making this comment, has crossed the line of Judicial propriety, since he was the Judge hearing the Bail Applications of Stan Swamy, and he has also been hearing the other matters involving the Bhima Koregaon incident. With utmost respect, we are of the opinion that a Judge who has to adjudicate on the merits of an extremely serious criminal charges, commenting openly about being appreciative of the work of one of the accused, casts shadow on his impartiality and fairness. Even though Hon’ble Mr. Justice SS Shinde has withdrawn his statement, that may not be sufficient and he must recuse himself from all matters relating to the Bhima Koregaon Incident in the interest of justice. We therefore, beseech Your Lordship, to look into the matter. Date: 01.08.2021. Legal Rights Observatory.    

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Justice for Rehan Ijaz

7 year old Rehan was missing for two days. He was abducted near his home in Mandi Ahmadabad, Tehsil Deepalpur, District Okara on July 25, 2021.A missing person FIR was filed at Thana Mandi Ahmadabad. July 27, his dead body was found. He had been sexually assaulted. --------------------------------------These are the facts. I don't know how to pen the turmoil this has caused in our hearts. He was family. That's probably why I'm writing this in the first place. I don't know if it's my place or if I am right to write this all even now. I didn't express my grief when it was Zainab. I don't remember the name of the girl who followed. Why would it make a difference now, now that it's my family? What has changed really? That it's close to home now?The cases haven't stopped. I don't (didn't) believe in harsher punishments. But those who did, where have these been given? In looking for news on this case, I stumbled across one dated July 2021, where two minors were abducted and subsequently found dead. Same district. Have the criminals been made an example of?In better days, I advocated for education. I have no hope now that these barbarians can be educated. How can they be? Are they even literate? Are there schools/colleges/juvenile corrective facilities in the area? Sexual frustration and awareness about consent ? Are there even functional government schools and hospitals in the area? What is the literacy rate of our country? What is our education budget? Average level of formal education? How do you teach people about human rights when they aren't taught anything at all in the first place.And did I care? Did I continue protesting for these changes that I wanted? Did I pressurise this government enough? (I don't question the government really, not after the inaction we have witnessed, the blatant victim blaming and blame shifting. I hold myself responsible.)How do we continue bringing children into this world? Who will protect my kids? Who protected Zainab? Who could protect Noor? Who could protect Rehan? No amount of privilege can save your children.I know I'm not very coherent. I know because my thoughts barely make any sense to me. If you are the sort that cares about facts, please read the first section. If you are as confused and as grief stricken as I am, please add your voice. Please protest. Before it strikes too close to your home, as it did to mine.-------------------------------------- - We request that the Supreme Court of Pakistan take notice of this case, to ensure that Rehan's criminals are punished.- We urge that an unbiased and unpolitical police probe is carried out, with a focus on the frequency of these crimes in Pakistan, particularly in areas with a large number of incident reports.- Finally, we look to spread awareness among parents and children and the community as a whole, to empower them to battle this sickness. Through this petition, we seek justice for Rehan Ijaz and a sense of security and safety for our children. We demand better protection, better policing and a safer environment for our children. We demand that we are heard, and that actual action is taken to stop the recurrence of such incidents. Please help share and support this cause to ensure justice is served for Rehan, and so that other innocent children can be saved from similar fates.

Saher Sajid
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