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Increase in the minimum punishment to 14 years for acid attack crimes in the IPC

We all have heard of acid attacks and probably simply brushed it off as another article/crime in a society, where crime is not an uncommon occurence. There have been changes in the law to provide for stricter punishment of these offences, the question remains if it is enough. It is an attack with physical and emotional ramifications. It is not only disfiguring the face or body, but a scar on the mind and multiple surgeries / physical pain to attempt to reconstruct a semblance of a face and life. Under Section 326A punishment for administering an acid attack is a minimum ten years which may extend to life imprisonment upon the court’s discretion. The punishment for attempting to throw acid on a person is punishable for a time period of 5-7 years under Section 326B irrespective of the nature of the damage caused to the victim. (Source: I have given at the end of the petition a few links to news articles from the Times Of India / India Today about the occurrences of this heinous crime.  Please do sign the petition, to urge the government to take up the matter and increase the minimum punishment to 14 years similar to that under a life imprisonment sentence. It will create the deterrent for the crime, that the victim needs to life with till she/he dies. Links:1. Thank you for reading so far, and please do sign the petition. 

Anil Lobo
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Petition to Chief Justice of India, Prime minister modiji

Need for a law to punish media for irresponsible and manipulated reports

     This is my earnest appeal to all my Indian brothers and sisters to sign this petition addressed to the Chief Justice of India to consider this as a public interest litigation and give strict warning to misbehaving media and to the Prime Minister of India to pass new laws to be able to award strict punishments to such reporters and news media.      I have given 3 examples, where some idiots had done something objectionable in different parts of India. However, each time, Times of India purposefully published it in a manner that was meant to create unnecessary division and mutual anger between our Islamic and Hindu brothers and sisters. Whereas the titles use the word ‘godman’, ‘swami’ and ‘Tantrik’, the names of actual accused are Asif Noori,  Akmalbaba A Raza and Deen Mohammad. There were no information in the reports to prove that the accused were “godman”, “Swami” or “Tantrik”. I cannot think of more irresponsible and ill-intentioned news reports. In fact, “godman” is a term mischievously created by our irresponsible media and must be prohibited from usage.      A few months ago, there was widespread suspicion that many media projected simulated photographs of a number of orderly looking burning images, which they claimed to be of bodies of people who died of COVID. Because of the sensitivity and widespread fear and/or reaction that such news create amongst our countrymen, I demand that India pass a law that any such news must have photos with automated stamps of time, day and GPS coordinates of the place. Further, the name and details of the photographer must be available for the police and judicial authorities in case of a suspicion.      I am sure you agree with me that such reporting is meant to disturb peace and/or create panic in the peace-loving people of our glorious country and hence must be considered antinational. Please sign this petition to ensure that we end such irresponsible reporting purposefully meant to disturb peace.

Ramakrishnan Angarai
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Petition to Government of India, Ministry of external affairs, Home ministry, German Embassy India, Mr. Amit Telang, Mrs. Mukta Dutta Tomar, Director General NIA, Director CBI, Sri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Indian Citizen Targeted/Tortured by Anti-Indian/National Forces in Germany. Action needed

Dear Friends, My name is Vedananda Gowd, holding Indian Citizenship. I have been attacked/Torture in in Germany with advanced weapon which I believe is an Microwave related advanced weaponry. After my return to India in year 2021 I have reported/complained about the matter to the following authorities. I am awaiting action in this regard from almost 4 months. 1. Indian Authorities National Investigation Agency(NIA)  2. Central Bureau of Investigation(CBI) 3. Ministry of External Affairs / Consulate General Of India Frankfurt (CGI Frankfurt)  4.  Raised PM Grievance , 5. Consulted with Indian Police limits. 6. Informed to German Embassy in India 7. Informed Foreign Affairs in Germany  8. Informed German police. All the above related proof of communication which I had with the sources as mentioned above please find in the below link.  Please refer to my URL link blog  login with password : microwave While being in Germany I had called German police to home, reported the matter to German police, informed about them about aerial attack. Because of lack of knowledge and belief they did not do anything and returned back. This is a kind of Directed Energy Weapons which was used against me to torture and was attempt on my life. Information regarding the Directed Energy weapon can be found in the below blog which I have created. I request dear friends your kind support to bring up the matter to the notice of the relevant authorities so that so that the criminal investigation on the incident can be taken up by the authorities and appropriate action against the perpetrators. Sincerely Vedananda Gowd

Vedananda Gowd
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