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Petition to Chris Koster, Loretta Lynch, Richard Callahan, St. Louis Post Dispatch Newspaper, St. Louis American Newspaper, NEW YORK TIMES, USA Today

Free "Oscar Mims" : Prosecuting Attorney and Court Officials Bullying An Innocent Man To Plead Guilty To A Crime He Has Not Committed

An innocent man, Oscar Mims is being detained and being bullied  (for over  2 years) to plead guilty to a crime he has not committed.  A great injustice is being done.  Please do not just sit by and watch this system imprison this man to 10 years in prison for a crime that has never been committed.   On June 4, 2013 Oscar Mims was arrested and taken away from his residence in St. Louis, Missouri without justifiable cause or reason, and is still being illegally detained against his will.   When we asked the Federal Agents why were they at our home for Oscar one of the Agents responded, “We really don’t have nothing on you.  We just had to come here because your name was on the list.” This is an illegal wiretapping case.   During the Evidentiary Hearing on September 25, 2013, the Lead DEA Agent (Mr. Hofer) testified under oath that there was no type of surveillance conducted on Oscar Mims & there is no evidence against Oscar Mims either : -  NO  confidential source -  NO  physical surveillance -  NO  cooperating defendant -  NO  undercover agents -  NO  mobile tracking device -  NO  trash search -  NO  search warrant and congenial searches -  NO  narcotics related arrest -  NO  interviews, grand jury subpoenas , immunity -  NO  pen registers, trap and trace devices-   -  NO  precision location into -  NO  mail cover request and financial investigation So if none of these investigative tools were used on Oscar Mims, why is he being held without bond for over 2 year & 39 days (to date) now and there’s no evidence on him in this case and the Prosecuting Attorney is still pushing for a conviction.  This makes no sense. In numerous Suppression Hearings (presided over by Judge David Noce) and PreTrial Hearings (presided over by Judge Rodney Sippel), Oscar repeatedly reminded the Judges how no type of surveillance was conducted on him & that even the Lead DEA Agent stated in the  Evidentiary Hearing that no evidence was gathered against him.  But Judge Sippel simply replies back, “Well that’s what we’re going to trial for.  We’ll let the jury decide.” Since 2013 Judge Sippel has also said he would not release Oscar on bond stating, “He is a threat to society.”  How can you deem a man who is being unlawfully detained & has never been a violent offender as being a “threat to society.”  The judge is just making up false accusation to justify/coverup/hide the injustice that Oscar is encountering.  Judge Sippel won’t let Oscar Mims out on bond by stating he’s a “threat to society” …….  But all the while this same judge keeps telling Oscar, “Well the offer is still on the table, we’ll let you go with time served if you just plead guilty.  And you can make it home to be with your family by Memorial Day …. by 4th of July.”  Oscar Mims is not the threat.  The threat is actually in this fraudulent case being EXPOSED and THE TRUTH getting out.  This is what the Judge & the Prosecuting Attorney (FEDS) want to keep hidden from you & from the public’s eye. The US Prosecuting Attorney (Kenneth Tihen) does not want to let this go.   He is being too prideful to admit he made a mistake, that Oscar Mims should not have ever been picked up & should not be further detained.  The US Prosecuting Attorney Tihen would rather hold on to his pride & watch another man’s life be unlawfully stripped away for another 10 years for a crime he has not committed. Since 2013 Oscar was never told nor read the charges that are before him.  Therefore he has never pled guilty or not guilty to anything.  During a Pretrial Hearing earlier this year (2015) with Judge Sippel,  Oscar brought this to the Judge’s attention, and the Judge told Oscar that was incorrect.  The Judge then asked the Prosecuting Attorney Tihen if the charges against Oscar Mims were read to him during the Evidentiary Hearing and approved & stamped certified.   The Prosecuting Attorney Tihen did not reply.   So Oscar asked the Judge to research it for himself & he’ll see it was never done.   At the next Pretrial Hearing Judge Sippel said he did review the transcript from the Evidentiary Hearing  & told Oscar, “The Hearing states that you waived your right to know the charges that are before you.”   Oscar stated to the Judge, “I never waived my rights.  Where does it say that?”   With Oscar demanding to see this certified copy for himself, the Judge recanted and then said, “Well you didn’t waive it, your Lawyer did it for you.”  Oscar responded, “When did he waive my rights for me.  I never asked him to do that.”  With careful research we have learned that Judge Sippel chose & appointed Attorney Eric Butts as Oscar Mims Public Defender in regards to this case.  From the very beginning, over 2 years ago, Oscar has had problems with this appointed Public Defender.  Oscar has even written letters to the National Bar Association to express the problems, only for them to reply back in so many words, “We can’t help you.  We don’t have a lawyer to appoint to you. You’ll just have to get yourself another lawyer on your own.” Of what good is the National Bar Association?   The Prosecuting attorney is trying to charge Oscar Mims with a crime to face 10 years in jail for something he did not do.  Is the National Bar Association really not concerned about that.   Seriously what is their purpose?  Is it to be a storage facility for incoming letters by local citizens about complaints & misrepresentation?  Seriously, what is their purpose?  So they can’t or won’t assist Oscar with getting another Lawyer. This case against Oscar Mims should have been thrown out from the very beginning since the Evidentiary Hearing on September 25, 2013, as well as during every Suppression Hearing & Pretrial Hearing that has taken place thereafter.  Both Judges presiding over this case have the authority to dismiss this case at any time. Every time Oscar goes before Judge Sippel,  Oscar points out to him each of the facts/issues that have been presented here.  And each and every time the Judge responds back, “Well that’s what we’re going to trial for.  We’ll let the Jury decide.”  Then Oscar responds, “With all of this information I’m presenting before you I should not be going to trial.  I should not have even been picked up.  I should not even be here.”  And every time this Judge responds back to Oscar, “Oh we’re going to trial, we’re definitely going to trial.”  The Judge even tosses around with a smile in his voice,  “I do believe the Plea Bargain is still on the table for you Mr. Mims, is that correct Prosecuting Attorney, are we still able to revisit that?”    And each and every time the Prosecuting Attorney responds back with, “Yes, the offer is still on the table for Mr. Mims.” Oscar is encountering various levels of injustice, deceit & racism from the Judges, Prosecuting Attorney & his Public Defender. All of whom are Caucasians.  From our research here is another clear example of it : The Plea Bargain offer on the table since March 2015 is, “If you plead guilty, the Prosecuting Attorney & the Court will let you go in 2 more months with time served.”  So then the questions arise : 1. Time served for “What?” 2. This Plea Bargain has never been given to Oscar in writing. 3. Since it has not been submitted to Oscar in writing,  it is not a concrete agreement, therefore it is subject to change by the Judge at any time. 4.  Attorney Butts (Oscar’s Attorney) has never made mention or given any information to Oscar about #2 and #3.   If someone is being paid to be your Lawyer, they are suppose to have your best interest at heart.    Since the very beginning & even up to this day, Attorney Butts does not.  And he has also never told Oscar that he has/is presenting a Counter Offer of any sort to the Judge & Prosecuting Attorney.  How about a Counter Offer of, “I submitted to the Judge & Prosecuting Attorney to let you go with all charges dropped.” 5.  Attorney Butts has said nothing on Oscar’s behalf.  All the more reason to validate he is not working for Oscar, but for the Judge and Prosecuting Attorney.  6.  Oscar’s lawyer (Attorney Butts) is not even trying to present the facts the “Lead DEA Agent” said during sworn testimony in the Evidentiary Hearing.  The Lead DEA Agent clearly said he has no type of surveillance & no evidence against Oscar Mims. Oscar is not going to plead guilty to any charges because he has not committed any crime.  With further research we learned that if he were to plead guilty, then all the transcripts from this case regarding him would be destroyed, forever lost & no one would be able to access, review or research this case & the injustice being orchestrated here in St. Louis, Missouri by Judges Noce & Sippel, and Attorneys Tihen & Butts.  With all the injustice Oscar has encountered for over 2 years from this case, it is almost factual that him going to trial would also be unjustly.  How is this factual?  Because, Oscar does not have an Attorney that is working on his behalf.  He will not have a fair trial & he will not have a jury of his peers.   The jury will be interviewed, screened & hand selected by the 3 individuals that are set on wanting to see an innocent man go to jail. (Those 3 individuals are Judge Sippel, Attorney Tihen, and Attorney Butts). This case has been set for jury trial on : August 31, 2015 at 8:30 a.m. in Courtroom 16-South at the  Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse 111 South 10th Street St. Louis, MO  63102  ___________________________________Letter Please join us in calling on these Officials & Newspapers to investigate the bullying, unlawful detaining and release of Oscar Mims  :  Eastern District of Missouri US Attorney, Richard Callahan Missouri Attorney General, Chris Koster US Attorney General, Loretta Lynch   St. Louis American Newspaper St. Louis Post Dispatch Newspaper New York Times USA Today I’m writing you today to call for justice for Oscar Mims and his family. Oscar Mims has been unlawfully detained for a crime that does not extist & he has not committed.  He is being bullied with the options to plead guilty or go to trial.  During the Evidentiary Hearing the Lead DEA Agent (Mr Hofer) testified there was no evidence against Oscar Mims because no type of surveillance was ever conducted on him.  We ask that you release Oscar Mims & drop all charges against him, so that he may be able to resume his life and continue taking care of his family that love & miss him dearly. Please uphold justice.  ---------------------- Sincerely,

Rochelle Riggins
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Petition to Rocky Chavez, Marie Waldron

Stop Dangerous Caregivers From Hiding Prior Criminal Abuse

Why am starting this petition? I'm a California mother whose non-verbal adult child with autism was abused by a dangerous and deceptive nurse. This man now has his criminal record hidden from background checks.  (I'll tell you how that's possible as you read further...) This nurse was caught on our home video surveillance repeatedly jamming his thumb into my son's eyes--a crime so sickening and bizarre-- it shocks the senses. He was also caught bending my son's arm over the bed board, shoving my son on the bed, yanking my son by the hair and slamming him to floor. My autistic son, who has the mind of a 3 year old, could not fight back. As a mother, the images of my vulnerable autistic son being abused by this sadistic caregiver haunts me, but it's also made me determined to do everything in my power to insure legislative changes are made to better protect vulnerable people like my son.  A jury convicted this sadistic nurse of 3 felonies under California Penal Code 368. Once off probation this nightmare of a man asked to have his criminal record "expunged" or "sealed." One would think this impossible, given the crime, right? Wrong.  Because of a little known law in California, this convicted felon was granted his request to hide his abusive criminal record from employers, and now, he can go work as a regular caregiver. If you watch video I've provided, you can hear the District Attorney plead to the Judge that this abusive man can now go work as a caregiver.  That means, as per his expunged criminal record, he doesn't have to tell an employer he was convicted of abusing a vulnerable adult. Or that he lost his nursing license. Or that he was previously convicted of animal abuse. HE WAS ABLE TO DO THIS AS PER California Penal Code 1203.4, which is the little known law that allows criminals to get their criminal records expunged. There are some crimes that can't be expunged. INCREDIBLY, the California criminal code California Penal Code 368, the one for abusing elderly and disabled people, is NOT listed on the list of crimes that can't be expunged.  Yes, incredibly, punching, kicking, eye poking and otherwise beating up on elderly and adults with special needs under California Penal Code 368 wasn't considered to be among the list of crimes serious enough that can't be "expunged" under Ca Penal Code 1203.4.  Unfortunately, whatever hopes the authors of Ca Penal Code 1203.4 had, they failed to address the potential consequences of allowing convicted criminals who abuse our most vulnerable citizens, to hide their past crimes.  This is a dangerous oversight, especially given the massive population of vulnerable adults in California, needing care and services. Thousands and thousands of disabled adults and elderly remain at risk from dangerous caregivers who get records of abusing vulnerable adults, expunged.  A justice system that allows caregivers convicted of abusing disabled persons to hide past, is a threat to public safety. People that physically harm vulnerable adults are dangerous people. This type of criminal abuse should never be hidden from employers doing background checks, so that employers can weed out dangerous caregivers who apply to work with children, disabled and elderly.  According to an April 21, 2011 report prepared for the California Senate Office of Oversight and Outcome, "A significant number of caregivers who get in trouble have prior criminal records...In more than a quarter of the cases found, criminal caregivers had committed earlier crimes, underscoring the value of background checks...In 13 of 17 cases in which the offender had a prior record, the old crimes mirrored the new charges...these caregivers had been caught victimizing the vulnerable, and went on to do it again."  Failure to include Ca Penal Code 368 among crimes serious enough to be ineligible for expungement under Ca Penal Code 1203.4, directly conflicts with California Welfare and Institutions Code, 4502, which states persons with developmental disabilities shall have a right "to be free from harm, including unnecessary physical restraint, or isolation, excessive medication, abuse, or neglect".  Failing to include Ca Penal Code 368 among crimes ineligible to be "expunged" under Ca Penal Code 1203.4, also defeats the purpose of AB 1612 and SB 856, which were passed to prevent people who were convicted under Ca Penal Code 368, from working as IHSS workers in California. Because CA Penal Code 368 isn't listed as a crime that can't be expunged, California's In Home Support Service program (IHSS) can't protect the public from criminals convicted under PC 368, if they have their records "expunged."   See what IHSS says, " MAY be eligible to be enrolled as an IHSS provider if one of the following conditions apply/occur...You have obtained a certificate of rehabilitation or your conviction has been expunged from your record pursuant to PC Section 1203.4." This is BAD news for California's IHSS system, serving disabled and elderly clients. A major liability.  How can California "protect" vulnerable adults from harm, if we don't include convictions under Ca Penal Code 368 among LISTED crimes that CAN'T be "expunged" under CA Penal Code 1203.4?   How can California allow abusive caregivers to work in a state funded social service program serving disabled and elderly? It's simply illogical and dangerous.  Imagine you need an in-home support respite care worker for your non-verbal teen or adult child with severe autism. Or disabled relative. And that person sent is a person who previously sucker punched, kicked and broke the ribs of an elderly person. But had their record sealed, so nobody knew.  Imagine you seek a private caregiver for your elderly mother. And, thanks to an "expunged" record of felony abuse, the caregiver doesn't have to tell you they were previously convicted of felony assault (broke her nose) on an 18 year girl with severe autism and the mentality of a 2 year old.  Imagine a residential group home for autistic adults, licensed by CA Department of Social Services, hires a new caregiver who was convicted of felony neglect 10 years ago, after she left an 82 year old man in the bathtub overnight, because she fell asleep after she got drunk on her shift. But she had her record expunged, so nobody knows she's high risk.  Dangerous caregivers who get criminal records expunged should be of interest to key California stakeholders involved in providing services to the elderly and disabled. The massive system serving seniors and adults with special needs is a massive, loosely monitored arena. Perfect place for predators who target elderly and special needs adults to hide and cause more harm.  Key California stakeholders are vulnerable to lawsuits and negative publicity resulting from felons who get felony abuse of elderly and disabled "expunged" and slip back into California's massive system serving disabled. More importantly, is the HEALTH and SAFETY RISK to vulnerable adults. Under Ca. Law, a vulnerable adult includes autistic adults who can't speak. Adults with Down Syndrome. Adults with Cerebral Palsy. Adults in HOSPICE CARE. Elderly with Alzheimer's. Adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Adults who suffered strokes or paralysis and can't talk. Adults who are medically fragile and can't fight back. These adults (18 and up) are the MOST VULNERABLE adults among us. We have a DUTY, as a society, to amend California Penal Code 1203.4, to prevent people who were convicted of abusing our most vulnerable adults to hide their criminal record. How can California prevent people who have been convicted of abusing elderly and disabled, charged under CA. Penal Code 368, from having their past history of abused expunged?  California Lawmakers must ADD felony convictions under California Penal Code 368 to the list of crimes that are INELIGIBLE to be expunged under CA. Penal Code 1203.4 The need to amend CA. Penal Code 1203.4, is an urgent matter of public safety. Please see: Most crimes against people with disabilities go UNREPORTED. Victims with disabilities frequently rely on others to identify and report suspected abuse or neglect. Incidents of abuse and neglect are often handled as EMPLOYMENT MATTERS rather than CRIMES and not referred to law enforcement. PRO-ACTIVE law enforcement is best done when laws protect public from people who have already been convicted of felony abuse from re-entering the workforce and HIDING their criminal abusive past. Not currently happening in California! California law allows people who have committed violent acts against elderly and disabled to get their records "expunged" (sealed) and go right back and apply for more caregiver jobs to work with the same population they were convicted of abusing.   In summary, CA. Penal Code 368 needs to be ADDED to list of crimes ineligible for expungement under Ca. Penal Code 1203.4.  CA PENAL CODE 368: Crimes Against Elders, Dependent Adults, and Persons with Disabilities [368 - 368.5] (a) The Legislature finds and declares that crimes against elders and dependent adults are deserving of SPECIAL CONSIDERATION and PROTECTION, not unlike the special protections provided for MINOR children, because elders and dependent adults may be confused, on various medications, mentally or physically impaired, or incompetent, and therefore LESS ABLE to protect themselves, to understand or report criminal conduct, or to testify in court proceedings on their own behalf. (b) (1) Any person who knows or reasonably should know that a person is an elder or dependent adult and who, under circumstances or conditions likely to produce great bodily harm or death, willfully causes or permits any elder or dependent adult to SUFFER, or inflicts thereon UNJUSTIFIABLE physical pain or mental suffering, or having the care or custody of any elder or dependent adult, WILLFULLY CAUSES or permits the person or health of the elder or dependent adult to be INJURED, or willfully causes or permits the elder or dependent adult to be placed in a situation in which his or her person or health is endangered, is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by a fine not to exceed six thousand dollars ($6,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment, or by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years. Does this sound like the type of criminal act that should be eligible to be expunged? No.   People convicted of felony charges of abusing elderly and people with disabilities should be required to divulge this felony charge to prospective employers to prevent them from working with vulnerable, defenseless people again. By signing this petition, you are speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves. Protecting the most vulnerable among us.      Please sign and share the petition.  Thank you!        

Kim Oakley
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Petition to The Honorable Judge from Bristol Superior Court

Punish woman that hung her dogs from tree, calmly watched them DIE and buried in yard!

A woman from Bristol, Connecticut has been placed under arrest after being accused of leaving her two pet dogs to hang, before having them buried in her yard. Local law enforcement were investigated a different complaint when they learned that 22-year-old Veronica Reyes had dispatched her two dogs in the most ruthless possible way. According to reports, a startled neighbor called the authorities when he noticed something hanging from a tree. At a closer look, the man was puzzled to discover there were actually two dogs out there. ‘I thought it was just terrible that anyone could act this was towards an animal’ the witness stated. ‘I just can’t understand how you can put something around a dog’s neck and let them go’. The witness also added that Reyes was just outside and was calmly watching her dogs suffer in agony and waiting for them to give their last breath. Afterwards, she placed the dogs in a trash bag and buried them in the yard. Vets have confirmed everything the neighbor stated. Reyes has been charged and is now held on a $10, 000 surety bond. Words fail me when trying to describe a person capable of acting this way. One thing is certain: this dog owner needs to be held accountable for her actions! Support this petition – sign and share now – and demand mandatory jail time for Veronica Reyes and ask authorities to impose a lifetime ban on owning animals.

Obaid Khan
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Petition to Yoweri Museveni Kaguta

Urge Ugandan President Museveni to pass the acid attack bill now.

After having lived for seven years with an abusive husband, I decided it was time to leave. I didn’t think I would survive another year if I stayed, so in 2011, I walked out the door and broke the crippling silence and isolation the abuse had made me feel. I felt empowered and free and finally looked forward to my future. But because I left my marriage, my husband considered me “disobedient” and, therefore, worthy of punishment. One day, he called me to pick up my children at his house and suddenly acid was thrown at my face and body. The next thing I knew, my face felt as if it were on fire. My skin was  literally melting away. He thought he would break my spirit, but he only made me stronger. Since my attack, I have been fighting to put an end to this horrific practice in my country of Uganda, and I need your help to do it. Please support our petition by asking H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to sign the Toxic Chemicals Bill into law. That is my story, but there are many more, each one as harrowing as the last. Acid violence occurs around the globe and isn’t specific to race or religion. My country, Uganda, has some of the highest rates of acid violence. In fact, since 1985, there have been nearly 400 reported cases of acid attacks here, and in just one hospital alone, they have reported 8 attacks and two deaths this year.  And those are just the ones that were reported. The real statistics are likely much higher. My name is Hanifa Nakiryowa, and my fellow acid attack survivor Gloria Kankunda and I have founded the Center for Rehabilitation of Survivors of Acid and burns Violence (CERESAV). We founded CERESAV because of our personal experiences, and because of the stories we were told by fellow victims. CERESAV’s ultimate goal is to address the issue of acid attacks and gender violence on a global level, but today we have a chance to make a difference in Uganda by helping to pass legislation that would classify products like acid as controlled substances. Cutting off easy access to acid has proven to  drastically reduce the rate of attacks in other countries.   Research indicates that the most effective ways to reduce acid violence are through regulation of the sale of acid, tougher jail sentences for perpetrators, and raising awareness of the devastating impact that acid attacks have on individuals and their families. Step by step, CERESAV hopes to make all of these things a reality, but we can’t do it alone.   With collective efforts, we can end this devastating act and save the next potential victim. I know we can make a difference. When strong women and fellow victims of female-directed violence, like Jaha who fought to end female genital mutilation, or Malala who is a champion for girls’ education started petitions, great things happened. Please join me in asking H.E. President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta to sign the Toxic Chemicals Bill into law.

Hanifa Nakiryowa
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