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Petition to Council of the European Union, European Parliament, European Commission, Boris Johnson MP, The British Council, UK Parliament, Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk

Exile Gina Miller from the UK in the event of a no deal Brexit

Gina Miller is a constant disruptive voice in British politics and pedaller of illegal action to thwart the UK leaving the EU as a pro-remainer who refuses to give up the ghost and call it a day. Short of being arrested, we believe that this is a more fitting punishment for Miller that she live the EU dream, abroad, only if a "no deal" is finalised after the 31st of October 2019..  She is constantly given a platform in which to be heard and launch her corrupt lawsuits against a fundamental democratic vote that was put forward in black and white to our great nation, while she has no sphere of influence over the direction of Brexit, is not a person of interest, continues her attempts to assist in defying the will of the people. 17.4 million people, to be precise.  The least of her charges should be: contempt of court, obstruction of justice, forging a lawsuit and political meddling.  I hereby declare this petition a good will message to her personally and with the help of British Parliament consider the sincerity of this petition, remove Gina Miller permanently from the UK should it be the case that the end result of the negotiating process is a no deal Brexit. I hope for this change to be discussed and televised in The house of commons or Parliament if necessary, to reach a formal conclusion by the end of 2019 if we reach 100,000 I will be immediately available for comment or interview (only if this petition is successful) should it be requested there after and not before.  Kind Regards: England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. 

James Phillips
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Petition to Amber Rudd MP

Victims of stalkers to be informed the date of their stalkers release from prison

  My name is Lorraine Mitchell.  My stalking ordeal began back in the summer of 2007. Unlike the majority of stalking cases. The man who stalked me for 10 years was a stranger to me. Until he first approached me outside my work , I had never seen him before. I had no idea his name or where he lived. However he knew everything about me. He stopped me just as i got into my car and asked me out on adate. When  I refused, he kept insisting and when i was about to drive off, he disclosed that he had been following me for 2 years ..he knew my name, my address, the names of my 3 children, he knew i had been divorced a year and that i was seeing someone. For the next 10 years, I lived in fear of my life from this man who would not leave me alone. He would follow me in his car, stop me on my dog walks,  send me inappropriate messages on social media , even when i blocked him he would set up a new profile.. differant name but same photograph. Every time i rejected him, my car tyres got let down, my car was moved, my beloved cat was killed , and then later dug up and was decapitated.  He he even followed me in his car to the police station when i went to ask for help! Even though i reported him to the police, the police did not take me seriousky until 2017. Finally he was arrested , charged and sentanced to 4 years in prison. I cannot start to tell you the impact this had on me psychologically and physically. I thought i was going mad, imagining things and even started to doubt my own sanity. In early 2017 i was diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress disorder. However as soon as i met up with Sam Taylor Director of Sussex Stalking Support in 2017, I suddenly felt as though a weight  had lifted. Her knowledge and understsnding of the complexities of stalking, and also the procedures i could put in place was phenominal. I suddenly felt believed and realised that my fears were real and that this was a dangerous man. Later in court i found out he did have 23 previous convictions which included weapons. The support Sam has given me is life changing. I cant thank her enough for all the support she has given me, and also in raising awareness of this dreadful crime..which was not been taken seriously enough. And still is not being taken seriously enough. I am now working as a volunteer at Sussex Stalking Support and it shocks me to hear other victims stories and how they are being let down by the criminal Justice System.   The last 2 years , I have felt safe,  but have flown by and Sherzad Salih, the man who stalked me will be released into the public this August. Only a couple of weeks away. I have been told by the probation department that I am not allowed to know the day of his release, until the day he is released.  On the day of his release I will be phoned by the probation and it I will be informed that he has been released into the public. I will also then be told of only the conditions of his release, which apply specifically to me. I have been informed by the probation office that it is not their policy to inform victims of the exact date of their perpetrators release from prison in order to protect the perpetrator! This means every day in August,  I will wake up thinking, " Is this the day he will be released?" I cannot plan holidays in August now, as I do not want to leave my adult son at home, incase the stalker turns up. Stalking is about power and control, and once again this man has control over me. I feel that victims needs should be taken into consideration when perpetrators are released. Especially victims of stalkers. Why are his needs so more important than mine?  Once I know what date he is going to be released I can then prepare myself. In the past he has repeatedly broken restraining orders carrying weapons. I believe he still poses a significant risk to me, my family and my pets. I have realised also, that I am not alone in this horrendous situation.  All victims of crime are not allowed to know the date of their perpetrators release. As Stalking is about obsession, fixation and is relentless  and no treatment has been found to cure this. I am petitioning that all victims of stalking and domestic abuse are given the date of their perpetrators release into the public. This is so that victims can prepare themselves and keep themselves safe. I have since received an apology from Sussex Police and have been ask to speak at Police training days on stalking. However on hearing other victims stories,  I feel changes are needed which could prevent lives been lost and damaged.  Stalking is about Power and Control. Victims have their lives totally controlled by these awful perpetrators. Please help me to have our voices heard and I would be so grateful if you would sign my heartfelt petition.  Thank you.   

Lorraine Mitchell
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