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Petition to Chairman Jay Clayton, Michael S. Piwowar, Securities and Exchange Commission, Kara M. Stein

Government Investigation Into Facebook Fakes

For years Facebook has hidden the true extent of the number of fake subscribers (profiles) on their social media platform. The value of Facebook as a business is, in large part, based upon the number of subscribers to Facebook. This is the basis for advertising fees which provide revenue for the company. We assert that Facebook deliberately underestimates the number of fakes on their platform, and when they do report it, buries it into their quarterly reports and describes it in terms that disguise its true significance. We believe that Facebook has engaged in a decade long deception of the public and their shareholders. That they have allowed the practice of fake profiles to be created, numbering by their own estimate of over 270,000,000 (or more than 10%). Facebook has allowed this practice without regard for the societal impact by criminals and even terrorists, in an effort to inflate their subscriber numbers. By their own recent admission, 10% (and we believe it to be more like 40%) are fake. We implore the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to thoroughly investigate Facebook for Securities Fraud, and in addition ask the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Facebook for unsafe and deceptive business trade practices that endanger consumers by constantly subjecting them to criminal fraud within their platform, and that Facebook has consistently failed to respond when notified of these abuses. We also believe that Facebook systematically defrauds its advertisers by claiming "reach" numbers that it knows include fake accounts. Our organization has reached out to Facebook for years to attempt to help the company recognize the extent of the problem, and develop methodologies for mitigation. Each such attempt has been ignored. We there for request a formal investigation by the SEC, and a formal referral to the FTC to address these matters, and to do so in the public arena so that shareholder, advertiser, and consumer confidence in the Facebook platform may be secured.We ask this on behalf of Facebook subscribers worldwide.The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams9737 NW 41st Street, Suite 530, Doral, Florida 33178

Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams [SCARS]
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Petition to Richard Scott, Brad King, Peter Magrino

Justice for Katherine Bryan Hoover and Baby Rehlin

My Story: On July 26, 2014, my 25-year-old daughter Katherine Bryan Hoover and her husband went to visit her husband's friend, 35-year-old William DeHayes, at his home in Brooksville, Florida. During their visit, DeHayes decided to show off his gun collection. His subsequent recklessly negligent actions would prove fatal to my daughter, as well as to her unborn son, Rehlin. My devastated family and I are seeking justice on their behalf. Here's what happened that horrible day. When DeHayes began showing off his gun collection, he checked the first several guns to ensure they weren't loaded. But when he pulled out his .22 caliber revolver, he neither checked to see if the safety was on, nor if it was loaded--an act of complete and utter negligence. While showing off this unchecked .22 caliber revolver to his visitors, DeHayes began twirling the revolver in his hand like a gunslinger, in an incredibly cavalier manner ("kinda like a cowboy would," he later told police). He was pointing the revolver in Katherine's direction. The gun was cocked and loaded. As DeHayes twirled it on his finger, it discharged, shooting Katherine in the head. Katherine was rushed to the hospital, where she died a few hours later. Doctors delivered her unborn son, Rehlin, via emergency C-section, but as he was only at 5 months' gestation, he lived a mere 30 minutes before dying, as well. My family and I are bereft at these senseless, tragic, and completely preventable losses. I rushed to the hospital to be at Katherine's side, and I cannot tell you how traumatic the entire experience was. I've never seen so much blood before in my life as I did that night. Watching my baby girl leave this world and remembering the joy of when she came into this world, I thought I was going to die right there beside her. I begged and pleaded with the doctors to save her, even though I knew in my head that they couldn't do anything for her. My heart just couldn't accept it. Katherine also left behind a beautiful little boy, Nicholas, who is 6. He will have to endure a lifetime without his loving, devoted mother--all because of DeHayes' negligence. Making matters worse, because investigators say that Katherine's death was due to an "accidental shooting," they have declined to charge DeHayes, despite the fact that drug paraphernalia (specifically, a bong) was at the crime scene--and despite the fact that DeHayes essentially admitted in his interview with the Hernando County sheriff to a pattern of negligence. According to a recording of his interview obtained by the Daily Beast, he told the sheriff: "I haven’t slept in three days trying to figure out how the hell [the gun] went off. I don’t know. I mean them damn guns. The shotgun goes off when it wants to. I almost blew my damn head off twice." Excuse me, but shotguns don't go off when they "want" to. Shotguns go off when their owners are negligent. Full stop. Despite this damning evidence of repeated negligence, and despite the fact that there are children in DeHayes' home who might be at risk, officials not only refused to arrest or charge him: they also gave him his guns back, without so much as a slap on the wrist. I am shocked, appalled, and devastated at how the judicial system has failed us. In fact, I feel like I am going crazy. How is it that DeHayes' right to own and play recklessly with his guns trumps my daughter's right to life? If a person drowns a dog, charges are filed. Is not my daughter's life, and that of her baby, worth more than that of a dog? How can this be? Please, help us secure justice for Katherine and Rehlin. Please prosecute DeHayes for involuntary manslaughter, negligent homicide, and/or other appropriate charges, and give him a trial before a jury of his peers. As his pattern of recklessness demonstrates, he is a menace to society. He deserves to be prosecuted for his unconscionable actions that proved fatal to Katherine and Rehlin. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Donna Bryan bereaved mother of Katherine Bryan Hoover

Donna Bryan
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Petition to Monroe Township Board of Education, George Adams, Ron Coleman, James Henderson, Joe Mahoney, Lisa Pflugfeleder, Joe Rumpf, Andy Schwaiger, Jeff Simpler

Removal or Resignation of Charles Earling, Dave Sullivan & Ralph Ross Sr.

Superintendent, Charles Earling, along with David Sullivan and Ralph Ross, also employees of the district, have had first hand knowledge that mold exists and has existed in Holly Glen Elementary School as well as other schools in Monroe Township for an extended amount of time.  They were requested to have the mold tested numerous times throughout the years, but continually ignored our pleas. Mold can cause serious health issues.  The most common mold symptoms and health effects are associated with a respiratory response. Chronic coughing and sneezing, irritation to the eyes, mucus membranes of the nose and throat, rashes, chronic fatigue and persistent headaches can all be symptomatic of black mold exposure or black mold poisoning.  There are also numerous long term affects it can do to your body and immune system.. The actions of these individuals to ignore the pleas of parents, staff,  and teachers along with outside contractors is irresponsible and unforgivable.  It is also criminal. Due to their actions, it has twisted all confidence from our community members and we are standing among each other to demand a change. We urge the members of the Board of Education, who were elected into office with the intent to be the voice of the public and to have our children’s best interest in mind when making decisions, to put a plan into place to remove Charles Earling, Dave Sullivan and Ralph Ross Sr. from the positions they hold in the Monroe Township Public School District. The negligent decisions they have made has caused health hazards to our staff, teachers, administrators and most importantly, our children. This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated any longer. This requested removal of these individuals is based upon the reports of black mold findings and the cover-ups that have taken place by these individuals.   We, the public are rightfully urging you to use the power that was given to you upon your election. Our children are the most important asset in our lives.  It is unfair that they have been exposed to these conditions without someone standing up for them and stepping in to take action.  Please restore the voice of the people, the faith in our community and the love and concern for our children.

Debbie DeFelice
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Petition to CD Newton

Justice for Emerging Cleveland Strangler Unknown Survivor

The Lure to Death "Women raped and beaten up inside an empty house." - The Plain Dealer, June 19, 2006. Sadly the case was "suspended" just 4-months later. Tragically, eight months after that, Anthony Sowell, aka Cleveland Strangler began his now infamous 11-Women of Imperial Avenue killing spree from 2007-2009. "Ms. Crutcher provided a sketch of her assailant, which ran in the June 30, Plain Dealer. In hindsight, it looks much like Sowell."- Nobody's Women: Crimes and Victims of Anthony Sowell, the Cleveland Serial Killer- Steve Miller Justice vs. Obstruction The truth is Vernice Crutcher, handed to CPD Sex Crimes Unit and the press via a forensic sketch, the then-nameless emerging Cleveland Strangler, in June 2006. Fact is, September 7, 2005, nine-months earlier, Mr. Sowell became a registered sex-offender. If Ms. Crutcher was shown his photograph, leading to his arrest, the 11-Women of Imperial Avenue tragedy might have never occurred. Now conflict of interest, bias, indifference, and politics, obstruct her justice and closure.  The Emerging Cleveland Strangler Cold Case Breakthrough! Ms. Crutcher's gray watch and ring were discovered in a coroner's photograph of the 11-Women of Imperial Avenue victims array of jewelry. (Mr. Prosecutor, no one-size-justice-fits-all. The law:  "due process and equal protection under the law." Crutcher v Sowell NOW!) The Call to Action Proponents of victim's rights, advocates for survivors of sexual assaults, supporters of civil rights and everyone, are asked to please sign this petition.  Full Disclosure Vernice Crutcher is my ex-lover. I am an investigative author relentlessly pursuing justice and closure for her. I seek to "change" the narrative as to how this horrific attempted-murder attack happened to her.  Mission  Expose civic and law enforcement failures that served as the catalyst that enabled the Cleveland Strangler. Failure to comply with "Megan's Law," requiring state and local authorities to issue a "community notification," when a registered sex offender moves into a neighborhood. Also, a non-thorough investigation of her case resulted in the now infamous 11-Women of Imperial Avenue.   Updates and a FREE Ebook on this true crime memoir and legal thriller can be downloaded at -My Sister's Keeper: The Cleveland Serial Killer Untold Story. Thank YOU! YOU could have spent your precious time elsewhere. THANK YOU in advance for reading and signing this petition! God bless!

CD Newton
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