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Petition to Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, Vision Zero LA, LAUSD

Stop The MacArthur

Children should not be exposed to adult entertainment and alcohol! We must stop The MacArthur from getting an adult entertainment license (like strip clubs have) and a license to sell alcohol from 6:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m. daily directly adjacent to Charles White Elementary School and across the street from a park filled with thousands of children. If they obtain this adult entertainment and 20-hour/day liquor license, they will open a huge nightclub complex inside the old Park Plaza Hotel, which will expose children to all kinds of harm, greatly increase crime in our already crime-ridden neighborhood, and gravely endanger pedestrians. Our neighborhood has 5 times the national average of pedestrian casualties and is a major focus of Mayor Eric Garcetti's Vision Zero Initiative to reduce pedestrian fatalities and injuries. If The MacArthur's proposed project is approved, it will flood our tiny, congested neighborhood with thousands of drunk drivers, and reckless Uber, Lyft, taxi drivers, and valet parkers, resulting in a mass pedestrian casualty crisis. Please let Mayor Eric Garcetti, Councilmember Gil Cedillo, the LAUSD, and Vision Zero know that they must stop this proposed project from being approved and protect the lives and safety of their constituents. Los niños no deben estar expuestos al entretenimiento para adultos y al alcohol! Debemos evitar que MacArthur obtenga una licencia de entretenimiento para adultos (como los clubes de striptease) y una licencia para vender alcohol de 6:00 a.m. a 2:00 a.m. diariamente, directamente adyacente a Charles White Elementary School y al otro lado de la calle de un parque lleno de miles de niños. Si obtienen esta licencia de entretenimiento para adultos y licores de 20 horas al día, abrirán un enorme complejo de clubes nocturnos dentro del viejo Park Plaza Hotel, que expondrá a los niños a todo tipo de daños, lo que aumentará enormemente el crimen en nuestro vecindario, que ya cuenta con el crimen y gravemente poner en peligro a los peatones. Nuestro vecindario tiene 5 veces el promedio nacional de víctimas peatonales y es un enfoque importante de la Iniciativa Visión Cero del alcalde Eric Garcetti para reducir las muertes y lesiones de peatones. Si se aprueba el proyecto propuesto de The MacArthur, inundará nuestro pequeño y congestionado vecindario con miles de conductores ebrios, y los imprudentes Uber, Lyft, taxistas y aparcacoches, lo que provocará una crisis masiva de víctimas peatonales. Por favor, informe al Alcalde Eric Garcetti, al Concejal Gil Cedillo, al LAUSD y a Vision Zero que deben detener la aprobación de este proyecto propuesto y proteger las vidas y la seguridad de sus electores.

Stop The MacArthur ~ MacArthur Park Residents
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Petition to Waldo Bekker, Mr Musa Mntambo, Ms Maureen Zimu

Complete the security fence at Nkutu Picnic Site

In September 2018, after a number of violent house robberies in Forest Hills 2 the Forest Hills 2 Neighbourhood Watch (FH2NHW) agreed with management of Krantzkloof Nature Reserve (KKNR) that we could erect a fence along an existing fence line if we donated the materials to build such a fence. Through intelligence obtained from various bush cameras that the NHW had installed, we ascertained that suspects were gaining entry to the reserve, and subsequently our neighbourhood, through an always open, unsecured gate at Nkutu Picnic Site. They are then free to access properties within our neighbourhood to commit crimes, many of which have been violent. THE DONATE BUTTON BELOW DONATES FUNDS TO WWW.CHANGE.ORG TO MARKET THIS PETITION. WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR DONATIONS.  THIS PROJECT HAS ALREADY BEEN PRE FUNDED BY THE COMMMUNITY. YOU ARE HOWEVER FREE TO DONATE TO CHANGE.ORG IF YOU WISH. To date our efforts to get this project completed have been met with excuses of not enough man power. We have offered to pay for the entire project in terms of materials AND labour with funds raised and donated by our community. The majority of our communication to KKNR goes unanswered for weeks or not returned at all. To date, after 8 months, only the poles have been installed. What remains is for the straining wire, razor mesh and steel lockable gate to be installed. All materials to complete this project have been paid for by FH2 and delivered to Nkutu Picnic Site and are in the possession of KKNR. PETITION We the community of Forest Hills 2, surrounding areas and the general public who use the foot paths in the reserve, demand that Ezemvelo allow us to complete the project of erecting a fence, with lockable gate, along an existing, unsecured fence line, at the Nkutu Picnic Site, in Waterfall, as agreed in September 2018 with management of KKNR. All materials that are required to erect such fence have been donated and delivered to KKNR. We remain committed and stand ready to donate the funds that are required in labour costs to erect such fence as previously agreed. In the first week of May 2019 approx eight incidents have been reported of house breaking or attempted house breaking where access to these properties is gained through the unsecured fence line in Ezemvelo’s Nature Reserve. The delay of 8 months is therefore unacceptable to the community of FH2 seeing as we are prepared to pay all costs associated to complete this project and the new fence will follow an existing fence line.

Forest Hills 2 NHW Security
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