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Petition to Naoto Ōtani

Help a family of a victim of pedophilia, rape and murder get their justice.

Last year, 24/3/2017, Nhat Linh - a Vietnamese 3 years old disappeared on the way to school in Matsudo city, Chiba province. Her body was recovered 2 days later near a river in Abiko city, Chiba province.  A month later, Japanese police captured Yasumasa Shibuya, a 46 years old chairman of the Parent Association at the school Linh was attending at the time. He was suspected to dispose of the victim's body and was also charged with multiple crimes including murder. Shibuya was charged base upon DNA evidence collected from the victim's body which matched the hair found in his vehicle. For the last year, the victim's family has been traveling back and forth between Vietnam and Japan to gather signatures demanding the Japanese government sentence the perpetrator with the highest level of punishment - death penalty. Mr. Shibuya still persists that he's innocent and remain silent in order to prolong his day without court. No trial has happened for almost a year since the day he been caught. With enough signature, we can help Nhat Linh's family find justice and punish the pedophiliac who committed this atrocious crime. In the picture is Nhat Linh's father gathering signatures from people. Source in Vietnamese:

Anh Van Giang
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Petition to Theresa May MP, UK Parliament

Tougher Laws for Knife Related Crimes

Knife related crimes within the United Kingdom, are starting to spiral out of control. In bigger cities such as London, Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester, knife related crimes are as common as theft. The issue we have, is that the laws in this country are far to weak. Criminals don't care if they're caught for their crimes, as they're likely to only get a suspended sentence along with a little community service. Even if sentenced, prison is a life of luxury for most, with access to qualifications, drugs, TV & computers, mobile phones and free food. Being caught with a knife or any offensive weapon, should carry the same charge as being caught with a firearm. Even being caught with a firearm doesn't carry a big enough sentence. The minimum sentence for being caught in possession of a firearm or knife (without causing harm), currently stands at around 4-5 years imprisonment.  We want to see tougher sentences! The minimum sentence for possession should be 20 - 50 years imprisonment with no right to appeal, or chance of early release on good behavior.  Causing death by firearm or knife only holds a 30 year sentence, which according to the Government is a life sentence. Life imprisonment should 100 years, again without the right to appeal or early release.  If our Government actually had any real concern for the safety of its citizens, they would seriously consider making life extremely hard for thoes who think it's acceptable to pose a threat human life. Please sign this petition in support of increasing prison sentences for the above mentioned crimes.  

Nick Mcdade
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Petition to Parliament of Victoria, Bill Shorten, Daniel Andrews

Justice for the victims, not the criminals

                                    #VictoriaDemandsBetter In the early hours of April 25th, 2016, I was brutally attacked and carjacked whilst driving home by a gang of 6 youths armed with baseball bats. After cooperating with the Victoria Police investigators for a whole year in an attempt to find the culprits responsible, the police finally identified a suspect and charged him with Theft due to insufficient evidence of his participation in the assault. In the early afternoon of 22nd of May 2017, a respected magistrate handed down an unfair and unjust sentence to the assailant. The accused claimed that he was a heavy drug user at the time of the incident and does not remember anything and made a claim that he has changed his ways since, a claim that was not substantiated in any way before the court. Magistrate Spencer decided that since the accused has "turned his life around" by obtaining casual employment and due to his young age and history of drug use, it is appropriate to find him guilty of the charge of theft. The magistrate, however, deemed it inappropriate to have a conviction on his record nor for him to spend any time at a correctional facility or in community service. The magistrate thought it sufficient to hand him a penalty of $3000 only which he would have to pay within 12 months of the sentencing date. No compensation or restitution was awarded to me for the pain and suffering that I had to endure as a result of that person's actions. The 22nd of May is now, in my mind, the day that justice was not served and our legal system failed another victim, yet again. That day highlights the flaws present in our judicial system. It proves to the criminals that judge will let them walk free, without facing any consequences, as long as they merely claim that they were drug addicts and have since been rehabilitated. In light of the situation above, I urge you, as an elected member of our great states' Parliament, to introduce new legislation that will see other victims of such heinous crimes receive justice and see the criminals held accountable for their actions. The great state of Victoria not only deserves but demands justice. The system has failed me numerous times, and although my life will never be the same as a result of the attack on me, I hope that together, we can ensure that other victims do not experience the same injustice that I have experienced and that they are compensated fairly for what they have gone through.   Faithfully yours; Michael Tallal  

Michael Tallal
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