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Petition to The Department for Education, WJEC

Ban Confinement Chambers in The UK.

In this day and age, the children in the United Kingdom are at serious risk to their sanity and mental wellbeing. You may ask what however? Well unknown to many if a child is caught misbehaving in school, even if it does not directly harm anyone in any way at all, they can be thrown for up to 5 hours in a white room with no communication, human contact or stimuli to the brain. Which is what is necessary for stable brain development for young children. This 'room' itself is a bland cube plastered with white walls with a booth entrenched within with the innocent child's back turned to a usually abusive member of staff (who in themselves is forced by job restrictions to attack a child psychologically). This is known to cause serious issues to a young child's future brain development with many known students turning to self-harm or gaining symptoms such as depression and schizophrenia in future life merely because of the unjust, forced, almost jail-like action burdened by The Department For Education in Britain. Is'nt it surprising however that such methods of torture have been going on for 65 years unnoticed by parents and society alike? Sounds familiar hmm. 'Isolation' oh wait, ahh yes prison comes to mind as this is also a tactic used in maximum security prisons containing the worst of society, what are we trying to raise here people of Britain? Prisoners or Our Next Generation? Take a stand against this psychological warfare and get our children heard!    

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Petition to H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES, Adama Dieng, Farhan Haq Deputy Spokesman for the Secretary-General haqf>at, Cyril Ramaphosa


PETITION TO THE SECRETARY-GENERAL OF THE UN, H.E. MR. ANTONIO GUTERRES TO END FARM MURDERS IN SOUTH AFRICA 26 October 2017 His Excellency, Mr Antonio Guterres, my name is Louis Michael Green and I am a pastor and a concerned citizen from Kraaifontein, Cape Town, South Africa. I am appealing to you to use your influence in the UN and throughout the world to help us in South Africa to end the scourge of farm killings in our country. We must end farm murders in South Africa before it is too late. Farmers throughout South Africa produce our fresh fruit, vegetables, and meat and without them, our nation will starve. At first, when I started this petition, I had one signature, my own. I was aiming for 100,000 signatures for this petition when I started but as a result of the fantastic response, i.e. 115,000 signatures in 6 days, I have decided to increase the target to 200,000 supporters. The huge response to my petition to STOP FARM MURDERS is an indication of the urgency of the matter and the public outcry in South Africa. At first, I intended to take the petition to the State President, Mr. Jacob Zuma, and our Minister of Police, but after much prayer and thinking, and after receiving hundreds of messages from farmers, family members who lost loved ones and many petitioners, I have decided to take our petition directly to you at THE UNITED NATIONS IN NEW YORK, the USA, and ask for an audience with you, the SECRETARY GENERAL OF THE UNITED NATIONS, H.E. Mr Antonio Guterrez. Many of my petitioners believe it would be a waste of our time to take the petition to the State President, Mr Jacob Zuma, because he has done nothing about the farm murders since his election and he continues to do nothing. It would be a similar waste of time to take the petition to the Minister of Police, Mr. Fikile Mbalula, because he has been critical of the mass action on Black Monday, 30th of October, 2017, and he has not released the specific statistics of farm attacks and murders. We have great confidence in you as the Secretary-General of the United Nations, that you will be able to place our petition on the international agenda. If it is possible to have an independent commission of inquiry from the Commissioner of Human Rights violations into the FARM MURDERS in South Africa, we would also greatly appreciate this. We would, in the meantime, also petition our own government to demand an independent commission of inquiry into farm murders to investigate the root causes of such murders and a response from the present government (from the Ministry of Police) on what will be done to stop these murders with immediate effect. We will, however, not hand over the names of the 125,000 petitioners to the state for fear that the petitioners would be intimidated. However, we could say in our petition to our government that we refer to the 125,000 petitioners as verified by the Secretary-General of the United Nations and that the record is kept at the UN that would verify the veracity of the amount of our petitioners. I was encouraged when I saw what a young South African, Talitha Basson was doing when she mobilized thousands of farmers almost on her own using Facebook to mobilize them to united action in a march to Cape Town on 30th of October, 2017.  We are mindful that all murders everywhere in South Africa are reprehensible and should be stopped. Every murder, irrespective where it happens, is regrettable. However, the murder of farmers in our country does not only impact the loss of life but also has a snowball effect of robbing our nation of its food security. I am planning to follow the correct Parliamentary procedures to get this letter and the petition to the Speaker of Parliament, so I will seek out the help of an M.P. who bears the same burden, to also submit our petition to our own Parliament in South Africa. This matter has been debated in Parliament on several occasions without any effect. This is the reason why I felt we should appeal to international organs, like the UN. Perhaps, our government will give this matter its most urgent attention when our petition reaches your office and if it can be arranged our South African delegation coming to see you in New York would love an opportunity to discuss our report with the dossier containing our claims of human rights abuses with the UNHCR. I and all my petitioners trust God for a positive outcome to all our endeavours. Be Blessed Kind Regards Senior Suffragan Bishop Louis Michael Green A concerned South African Citizen Affiliated to The Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, South Africa

Bishop Louis Michael Green
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Petition to The Secretary

Earls Court Police Issues

We hereby call on Sadiq Khan, as Mayor of London, and the Metropolitan Police to review their plans set out in the Draft Strategy for Consultation July 2017 as failing to reflect the needs of a densely populated inner London borough such as the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. These proposals, given the incremental reduction in policing in the previous administrations, leave areas of the capital seriously under-equipped to cope with crime. It would leave the borough with only one operational police station and undesignated replacements for our Safer Neighbourhood (SN) hubs. We would like to see the re-opening of Kensington Police Station on Earl’s Court Road as a fully operational police station, with efficient desk staffing, and the retention of the Safer Neighbourhood Team hub (Police Office) in Kenway Road Cyber fraud might have increased, technology might have improved, but other street crimes continue to be committed and require a dedicated police presence that is appropriately resourced — one size does not fit all and must meet the needs of residents. OUR AREAS OF CONCERN The proposed closure and sale of Notting Hill Station with relocation of staff to Kensington Police Station The proposed closure of the SN Hubs: Royalty Studios, St John’s Church, Pavilion Road, Kenway Road Closure of the partnership spaces at Chelsea Town Hall Library Closure of the partnership space at Kensington Central Library

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