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Petition to New York Governor, Go. Kathy Hochul

Gov. Hochul allow MTA & State Employees to Continue Telecommuting for Employee well being

Don't make your office staff who have worked from home during the Pandemic be forced back in full time. This is a no cost benefit to the staff saves taxpayer money and frees up space on the trains and buses for paying customers. Tens of thousands of state workers have proven they can successfully and productively telecommute and should be allowed to do so. Improving productivity It is estimated that employers in the US lose $1.8 trillion a year in productivity. From distractions like water cooler gossip to excessive commuting, health problems and more.  Better for your health and the environment The average person in the U.S spends 60-80 minutes getting to and from work. With the drive to reduce our carbon footprint, telecommuting is an excellent way for your company to go green and improve your employees general well being. Keeping older generations in the workforce With 74% of older Americans wanting work flexibility, telecommuting presents this generation with an ideal way to make ends meet without a hectic daily commute. It also gives them the opportunity to attend health checkups without it interfering with their work schedule. Decreasing costs Telecommuting helps reduce operating costs, cash in on the appeal factor and boost your bottom line.  Reducing employee turnover Have you ever sat down and worked out the average cost of on-boarding a new employee? According to Deloitte, this figure can be in the $4,000 range!!  

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Petition to Joseph R. Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Charles E. Schumer, Mitch McConnell, Kyrsten Sinema, Mark Kelly, Kevin McCarthy

Keep COVID-19 Testing Free For All

As of March 22nd the federal government ran out of funds for COVID-19 testing. Without immediate action this will result in millions of Americans loosing access to critically important testing.  The Federal decision to not fund COVID-19 testing thru the HRSA will adversely impact the access for uninsured to receive reliable testing. Phoenix, AZ: Embry Health has been providing COVID-19 services to different communities across Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, New Mexico, and Washington, when communities worldwide needed a test that could result in a life-or-death situation. We have offered over 4,000,000 tests and seen over 2,000,000 unique patients over these past two years. Unfortunately, with the recent announcement of the HRSA program losing funding, everyone will be impacted, from medical providers to patients. Embry Health has been forced to end free testing for uninsured patients, resulting in many of our patients being affected. "If people do not have free COVID-19 testing available, they will not get tested, putting families and loved ones at risk. Therefore, Embry Health continues to encourage Congress to authorize additional timely funding for COVID-19 testing, treatment, and vaccinations. This funding is critical to ensure the testing and vaccine infrastructure built by labs and providers across America remains available for all patients, regardless of insurance status," said Embry CEO Raymond Embry. To those who have been our supporters and community partners, we thank you, because of you, we made a difference together during this pandemic. We encourage you to sign this petition to ensure that those who are not covered by insurance can continue to rely on the HRSA fund to cover claims submited for uninsured patients who still need to be able to have access to free COVID-19 testing.

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