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Close The Gap On Recruiting

As of January 2022, hiring trends are improving but COVID-19 cases continue to climb (330 million). According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, nearly 10 million people faced unemployment from environmental and economical impacts of COVID-19 in 2021.  By December, the CDC reported at least 200 million global cases and millions of deaths.  *Billy Bob's is a fictional business that was used to represent the nonfictional reality of unfair interview practices.* When people like you and me end up unemployed, we turn to sites like Linkedin to find companies with immediate job openings without realizing those companies are wasting thousands of dollars outsourcing talent through staffing agencies that don't have either one of us in their talent pool. If you're offered a job cleaning tennis shoes for $7.50/hr at Billy Bob's, but have the professional experience that matches the job post you see on LinkedIn, you're likely to hold off on Billy Bob's until you hear back about the LinkedIn job because it pays 5x more than Billy Bob's. Algorithms have replaced humans, and largely control the screening AND status triggers for job applications.  Due to minimal regulations around recruitment practices, employers aren't required to provide reason for decline or provide interview feedback, so even if you land an interview(s) and don't get the job, you'll have no idea what to do differently or improve upon in your next interview. While these employers do sometimes manage to find the right employees, recruitment technology algorithms are largely flawed and job seekers are the ones paying the price. Sign this petition to call for a recruiting reform to: Hold employers responsible for better screening of applicants and alleviate risk of burden for job seekers who are not offered full-time employment after 1 or more interview participations  Implement auditing mechanisms to monitor the efficiency of candidate screening algorithms  Eliminate cloud waste from storing, scrubbing and computing unnecessary and/or unqualified job applications Implement standards to quicken the turnaround time for hiring decisions once a candidate reaches a certain stage of the interview process PROPOSAL: Establish budgets to compensate candidate no less than the equivalent of minimum wage per hour spent in an interview with a prospective employer. Employers can establish their own rules for what thresholds should be set for interview consideration, and doing so will not only compensate the job seeker for their time and contribution, but potentially lead to higher employment rates assuming employers would reduce occurrences of interviews resulting in no decline. 

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Petition to Gavin Newsom, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Joseph R. Biden

No mask mandates in California, USA

Just like Gavin Newsom at this packed basketball game, which by his smile and his demeanor he is consenting to the safety of the facility and the event. Just like Barack Obama’s birthday and Nancy Pelosi’s recent party. I want ZERO mask mandates in California imposed on anyone, including the ability for a private business to muzzle another person. No one should be at liberty to decide the medical fate and medical individuality of a unique individual. No medication and no dose is the same and no method is the same across the board, and unfortunately government and small businesses are deciding this for individuals.  Viruses exist and will continue to exist, they will mutate. Covid and Covid mutations have survival rates in the 90 percentile. People should have a choice, just like with other communicable diseases  whether or not to wear a mask that can contribute to their personal belief and or mental health (which is their privacy) and most obviously their physical health. Just as someone has the choice to protect themself by staying home or wearing a mask or taking medication, healthy American citizens should not be denied their inalienable rights, which have been infringed on by the government. Now is the time to stand up.  The last inalienable right is the most important and one which pertains to this petition immensely. To act in self-defense (personal, family, innocents, nation).To own and carry weapons for self-defense and for ensuring that the nation remains free.To own and control private property (land, money, personal items, intellectual property, etc.)To earn a living and keep the fruit of one’s labor.To freely migrate within the country or to leave the country.To worship—or not worship—God in the manner one chooses.To associate with—or disassociate from—any person or group.To express any idea through print, voice, banner, or other media.To be secure in one’s home, papers, and person against unwarranted searches and seizures (privacy).To be advised of the charges, in the event of arrest.To have a judge determine if the accused should be held for trial or for punishment.To be tried by a jury of one’s peers and face one’s accuser, in the event of being charged with a crime.To be tried by a jury of one’s peers, in the event of a suit in which the disputed amount is substantive.To suffer no cruel or unusual punishment.To establish, monitor, control, and petition our servant government to help secure the above rights.To abolish said government, when it becomes destructive of these rights. Inalienable rights were provided by 

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