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Petition to Premier John Horgan, Minister Adrian Dix, Minister Anne Kang, Dr. Bonnie Henry

Notify BC Post-Secondary of COVID-19 Exposures

When you leave a comment, please mention what BC University or College you feel connected to. PETITION:CONSIDERING, BC remains in the midst of the fourth wave of a global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus and its variants, Public and private Post-Secondary Institutions across British Columbia represent significant community gathering places for tens of thousands of workers, students, and community members, Cases of COVID-19 are occurring on campuses across the province, A lack of official information has led to uncertainty, misinformation and added stress in an already difficult time, The K-12 Sector recently improved its exposure notification after similar concerns were raised, We the undersigned faculty, students, staff, and community members of post-secondary institutions as well as concerned citizens and organizations call upon the Government of BC, the Ministry of Advanced Education, and BC Public Health Office to, Post notifications of any COVID 19 exposure, cluster, or outbreak event occurring on a post-secondary campus on the local Health Authority website as soon as possible, Work with post-secondary institutions to provide regular and timely notification of COVID-19 exposures, clusters, and outbreaks directly to all institutional community members while ensuring the privacy of any individual, Provide consistent procedures for all faculty, staff and students to notify their classes, colleagues, and fellow students of potential exposures, clusters, or outbreaks in their classrooms and workplaces. JOINT LETTER FROM ORGANIZATIONS, UNIONS AND OTHER GROUPS If your organization would like to join VIUFA in signing and supporting this petition please send an email to Your organization's name will be added to this accompanying letter. SPREAD THE WORD! DOWNLOAD A POSTER TO PUT UP AROUND CAMPUSMedia can contact Chris Alemany at or 250-731-7930

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Petition to City of Toronto

St. James Town Urgently Needs Space for Food Security

Find petition translations at the end.St. James Town is in the midst of an urgent food crisis. Food bank lineups are long and too many in our community are left empty-handed. Residents have long been struggling to obtain a community kitchen and access to space for local food security projects,  and the need is now more urgent than ever. St. James Town is a densely populated high-rise neighbourhood in downtown Toronto, and is among the most diverse communities in the world. Our underserved community of 20,000 plus residents is home to many well educated newcomers and essential workers. We need your help to access much needed secure space and resources to feed ourselves and our neighbours! To help improve access to basic needs, in 2015, we created a resident-led community enterprise co-operative to improve community health and human rights. But it has been too hard to get dedicated space to operate our many projects. The City and Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) is ill prepared to make room for and assist local organizations in vulnerable BIPOC communities. The co-op has worked with resident members, experts, youth volunteers, and farmers since 2013 to research and design an innovative climate resilient model for sustainable healthy food security: the O.A.S.I.S Food Hub. The Organic Agro-ecological Sustainable Integrated Systems model is a full-cycle, replicable food hub designed to support on-site capacity for healthy food and water security, and ensure emergency preparedness run by and for at-risk communities. As our city-funded feasibility study shows, OASIS also aligns with City and Federal Governments' food security, climate action, poverty reduction, anti-racist policy goals and targets, as well as the Human Right to Food. In October 2019, Councillor Wong Tam championed the OASIS model with a motion for city staff and TCHC to work with our team to find pathways to approval in support of implementation. Because of this, (and in spite of delays due to COVID 19), phase .5 of the plan, a customized shipping container Food Depot and Kitchen was all set to go for this fall. TCHC tech staff agreed with our pandemic-safe design and developed a site plan to locate and service the Food Depot. But, on September 1st, the plan was halted at the last minute by a different department. After 9 years of sustained effort and due diligence, we still have no dedicated space to gather, store, process and distribute local produce and staples.   When the lockdown shut down all local borrowed spaces, members were forced to run operations entirely from their apartments instead of in our anticipated shipping container depot. Thanks to staff in the councillor's office, emergency response team and Wellesley Community Centre- the co-op got access to temporary space (but no kitchen to cook in) on December 5th for our Red Cross Emergency Food Response project, which runs until February 19th. But it will still be winter, and then spring - during a pandemic, an ongoing climate emergency and economic chaos- when our food security will be even more at risk. We will still need safe secure space! With your support it may become possible to relocate the shipping container depot on a privately owned site - TCHC runs only 4 of St. James Town's 18 buildings. Your support could also finally convince the City and TCHC to make the effort required to permit secure access to underused and underground spaces. This would allow us to obtain funding and develop our sustainable community run eco-smart food hub. St. James Town has faced many recent emergencies- building fires, floods and blackouts that have displaced and disrupted thousands of lives. It is now a COVID hotspot in lockdown in the grips of a growing hunger crisis. Due to climate chaos, we know there are more emergencies to come. What will happen when food prices rise further, there is not enough surplus in the food bank system, and we again have no space for high-volume food distribution? When too many households are facing hunger in March, April, May....Could there be food riots? We know what's needed, we have a solid plan and members ready and able to respond to local needs.  All we need is enough safe and secure space!  Please sign our petition and help support action for inclusive, just and sustainable food security across the GTA (we are not alone in this struggle).  Petition (Albanian)Petition (Nepali)Petition (Tamil)Interested in helping us expand our reach? E-mail us to translate our petition:

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Petition to Saskatchewan Residents

Public School Immunization Policies for Saskatchewan Students

Recent news leads us to believe that a paediatric vaccine for school age children will be coming soon.  Did you know that immunizations are not a requirement for children to attend public schools in Saskatchewan?  There remains a large population of Saskatchewan residents who are unvaccinated despite the glaringly obvious medical benefits. Unfortunately, a large portion will be parents of school aged children.  Without school immunization policies, many children won't receive the vaccine as the parents continue to not trust medical consensus. Vaccines allow our bodies the ability to practice fighting a virus before contracting it.  In many cases, vaccines allow our body to fight off exposure to a virus and we do not contract the disease. Practice makes perfect.  An immunization policy BEFORE the inevitable vaccine comes is mutually beneficial.  Those who choose the paediatric vaccine for their children can be assured of decreased Covid-19 transmission (as fewer children in close proximity will have contracted it). Those who want to ignore science can start a commune on Crown lands, or something. You may ask, "is it even legal to require immunization for public services?".  The answer is: Yes, it is.   In Canada, only Ontario and New Brunswick have public school immunizations.  (  Since schools are provincially managed, each province chooses their requirements of immunization status.  As there are other provinces with immunization policies means that Saskatchewan is either a) in disagreement with the policy or b) ignorant of the policy. If it's A, this is an opportunity to demonstrate proactive measures of a foreseeable issue. If it's B, then feel free to advise the province of other provinces and the steps they have taken, decades ago, in our nation's history.  I ask that you sign the petition, but also write a letter or call: Minister of Education: Hon. Dustin Duncan - - 306-787-7360 Your local MLA: The leader of the opposition: Ryan Meili - And of course, our Premier: Scott Moe -;

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