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Petition to Downingtown Area School Board, Chester County Department of Health

DASD Community for Metrics, Safety and a Stable Learning Environment

We are Downingtown area community members (Join our Facebook group here!) who feel strongly that schools should NOT be attempting in-person instruction right now. The intersection of pandemic fatigue, cold weather, and the flu, cold and holiday seasons are creating the perfect storm of conditions for us to lose our tenuous hold on viral spread. People are not wearing masks as they should be, stay home rules after exposures and even positive tests are ignored, and hybrid learning is NOT working well enough to make the risks worth it. We would like to see the brick and mortar hybrid students return to a consistent, sustainable virtual program, one where all students get equal opportunities to interact with their peers and teachers every day. Instead of bouncing our kids back and forth as COVID hops from school to school, we would like to see the school district focus their resources to support all families in navigating virtual learning until warm weather and/or lower numbers return. Some programs which could use improvements: Virtual and/or small group tutoring and childcare programs for children whose families are struggling at home Increasing virtual social interactions between students Bringing awareness to virtual mental health programs and food programs to support at-risk children and families Ways to empower parents to support/connect with each other and create small, safe learning pods and virtual study groups We know that not everyone can bear the load of childcare, careers, and managing our children’s educations from home. We realize that virtual is not an easy learning model for everyone. But we also understand that children are known to be primarily silent spreaders and the only indicator that we should be looking at are rising community numbers. While our schools remain open, community spread of the virus will continue to soar, and having half of our students go in person for two days a week at a time is just not worth it. The guidelines from the state and county are clear. Learning should be virtual once community numbers are above 80/100,000. Please sign this petition and let our leaders know that there is a large following of parents who understand the value of following the Department of Health’s recommendation to shut down in-person learning.

Tara Mezzasalma Haarlander
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Petition to Motion Church, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department

Motion Church: Adopt a Masking Policy Now!

The goal of this petition is for Motion Church to enforce a masking policy for its three campuses and intern program for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.  With a confirmed number of over thirty-five thousand cases of COVID-19, Pierce County has been one of the hardest hit in Washington during the pandemic. Businesses have been shuttered for months, many more have lost their jobs, and over five hundred people have died from COVID-19 complications over the course of the last year.  Despite all this collective loss within our community, Motion Church has been holding services and large events on a weekly basis with no proper COVID-19 protocol at all three of its campuses, putting hundreds at risk. Many of these at risk are young, unpaid Motion Interns who have no say in how the congregation chooses to operate.  Many concerned parents of Motion Interns, as well as other community members have asked the church in the past to adopt proper COVID-19 masking and social distancing rules, but have been met with silence or excuses from the church about how the virus isn’t real.  Guidelines for places of worship set forth by the state indicate that places of worship may be open, but they must adhere to proper COVID-19 masking and social distancing protocols. We are asking Motion Church to adhere to these guidelines for any event or service they choose to hold in the future, and for the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department to ensure that this is enforced. 

Alexa P
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Petition to New Hanover County Schools, Stefanie Adams, Nelson Beaulieu, Pete Wildeboer, Stephanie Kraybill, Hugh McManus, Judy Justice, Stephanie Walker, CHARLES FOUST

New Hanover County Schools Must Follow All CDC Reopening Guidelines

New Hanover County Schools Must Follow All CDC Reopening Guidelines On Feb 12, 2021, the CDC released updated, and much needed, guidelines to support school districts in their reopening plans. On Feb 10, 2021, NHCS schools voted to transition Prek-5 students to Plan A, 5 day in person instruction. We are asking NHCS to hold an emergency meeting to create an in person learning plan that complies with the CDC. According to the updated guidelines, communities in the Orange (Substantial Transmission) and Red (High Transmission) zones, Elementary Schools must operate “in hybrid learning mode or reduced attendance. Physical distancing of 6 feet or more is required.” At the time of writing this petition, New Hanover County has 311 cases per 100,000 residents over the past 7 days. This puts us in the Red Zone (High Transmission). We also have a percent positive of 8% which puts us in the Orange  Zone (Substantial Transmission). To comply with CDC guidance, NHCS must adapt their in person learning plan to support reduced attendance and social distancing at 6 ft. apart. Our goal is to get as many students back to in person learning as safely and as quickly as possible! To do this, we must comply with the CDC! We also understand this is a community public health issue. Safety within our schools impacts the safety of our community, and vice versa. NHCS not only has the responsibility to keep our students and staff safe, but to do its part to keep our community safe. We are asking Board Chair Stefanie Adams to call an emergency meeting between now and March 2nd, to address how NHCS will comply with the CDC safety guidelines. We are also asking Board Members Nelson Beaulieu, Pete Wildeboer, Hugh McManus, Stephanie Kraybill, Stephanie Walker and Judy Justice, to support an in person learning plan that aligns with CDC guidance. 

Sandy Eyles
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Petition to St Lawrence University Covid Safety Committee

Move St Lawrence University to Phase 3 for residential visitation rights

St Lawrence University recently moved back into Phase 1 of Residential Visitation rights in response to a recent outbreak at Clarkson University, despite there being no significant increase in cases on campus. Having already spent several weeks in Phase 1, and having only recently entered Phase 2, this reversal does not make sense. The conduct of the vast majority of students, combined with the lack of a significant increase in cases, should not have warranted this reversal which amounts to little more than a campus lockdown.  We as students are not paying tens of thousands of dollars to be stuck on a single floor, with very little availability to see our friends and classmates. The lack of social interaction has a serious effect on our mental health. There is no reason why at this point in the semester, with only two student cases currently, that we can not enter into Phase 3 and continue with the current testing regimen. Last semester the combination of wastewater testing and precautionary dormitory quarantines was enough to prevent any major outbreaks, and we as students do not see why this cannot be the case now.  We the students at St Lawrence University are requesting an immediate reassessment of the situation, and hope that we will be able to enter into Phase 3 soon, while still working together to keep the Laurentian and Canton community safe. 

Chad Smith
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