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Petition to Kenfig Corporation Trust, Councillor Richard Granville

Protect Kenfig National Nature Reserve before it's too late!

Kenfig National Nature Reserve is under threat! As a special area of conservation (SAC) and site of special scientific interest (SSSI) Kenfig is recognised as one of the most important sites for wildlife in Europe, home to extremely rare species like the Fen Orchid, Medicinal Leech, Petalwort, Great Crested Newt, Hairy Dragonfly and Great Bittern, to name but a few. On 31st December 2019, the current lease holders, Bridgend County Borough Council, will relinquish their long-standing management of KNNR when their lease comes to an end. Despite BCBC declaring their intention to end their management of the site over 8 years ago, there has been no announcement from the landlords, the Kenfig Corporation Trust, naming a suitable successor.  Numerous communications to the Kenfig Corporation Trust from the community, our local council and our local MP, Madeleine Moon, raising our concerns about the future management of this very important site have failed. Kenfig Corporation Trust remains silent and have refused all requests to discuss the issue with the community who wish to work with the Trust to ensure the reserve has a prosperous future for generations to come.Quite simply, Kenfig National Nature Reserve is a jewel in the Welsh environmental and historical crown and it’s distressing to consider that this rare gem is about to be neglected, open to fly-tipping and abuse. It is imperative that a suitable management structure is put in place now, before it's too late! Photograph courtesy of Ty Williams

Protect Kenfig Nature Reserve
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Petition to Tamsin Law, Case Officer,

Protect the Welsh countryside. Say no to a chicken broiler unit, pollution and endless traffic.

In a valley in Mid-Wales, near Shropshire, is the vibrant town of Welshpool, fondly referred to as "the gateway to Wales", and an area of countryside that is extremely precious to both locals and visitors. Admired for its stunning location, vast landscape views, public footpaths such as Glyndwrs Way, pristine streams, ponds teaming with protected wildlife such as crested newts, a rare butterfly and abundant birdlife, the area is enjoyed by everyone from farmers, residents, ramblers and dog walkers to tourists and visitors.  It is here, at Frochas Farm, in this beautiful valley, that there is now an application which has been submitted to the Powys Council, to build a 7,200sqm major industrial development, intensive poultry unit (IPU), which could turn out over 1 million broiler chickens for meat per year. The site would be less than one mile from the centre of Welshpool and the high street. One mile from Powis Castle, 300 metres from Llanerchydol Hall (a Grade II* hall with historical gardens and park). 500m from Glyndwr's Way, a national walking trail. About 250m from Dingle Nurseries & Garden, a RHS listed garden, which attracts many visitors.  For those who may have objected previously to this industrial development through the Welshpool Council, Roger Perry & Partners and/or this petition, it is critical that you now submit a final formal objection to Planning Services council to have an impact on the final decision.   The application is now showing on the Powys Council website, to read more and submit your objection to Planning ServicesClick Here We will be submitting this petition to the council, but we desperately need your objection on the Planning Services website, linked above, as that is where your "vote" objection matters most.  Each individual member of a household or business may submit an objection – this is strongly recommended. People may share the same email address.  Obviously, the more objections the council receives the bigger the consideration for the case officer. We encourage you to share this information with your friends, family and colleagues who are also entitled to object.  We are of the understanding that the deadline for objections is August 2, 2019. Welshpool is home to a number of tourist attractions such as the historic and impressive Powis Castle, part of the National Trust, the heritage railway steam train, a thriving high street, Montgomery Canal (which is a site of specific scientific interest) and Welshpool golf club. This industrial size chicken factory could seriously jeopardise tourism to the town and turn shoppers away.   To read more information about the impact of IPU's click here.  Poultry dust and gas levels are usually highest in winter. Read the Quick Guide to Poultry Dust from Health & Safety Executive The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales has been very active in raising awareness on a government level about the long term effects of IPUs in Wales on the environment. Further information can be found; CPRW Stats, Data & Maps "IPUs pose a very real threat to the county’s landscapes, ecosystems and to the tourist industry. We will continue to campaign for appropriate support to be offered to farmers to ensure the future of the county’s small farms," quote from CPRW Brecon & Radnor website.  For more information about IPUs (intensive poultry unit) and broilers please go to Compassion in World Farming We would like to thank all of you that have signed this petition so far, it is very motivating to see just how many people don't want this industrial site in the middle of such beautiful countryside. 

Residents of Llanerchydol
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Petition to Robert Courts, Priti Patel

Mullin Museum and 28 Luxury Holiday Lodges - is this right for our community?

We chose to live in this area as we love the countryside, the quiet and the community. Please help protect our little corner of Oxfordshire by opposing Mullin’s Museum. Here are some reasons that you should consider signing this petition. Extra Cars and Construction Traffic - Many of us enjoy walking, cycling, walking our children to school, horse riding along our roads and lanes. In the last couple of years traffic has massively increased in the area. Not only this but many of the drivers are unused to driving courteously along our narrow lanes. With traffic at peak times predicted to DOUBLE because of the museum, our roads will become even more dangerous. A meagre £200,000 has been offered for traffic calming measures to be shared by all the affected villages. Great Tew alone are getting the same amount for a car park unrelated to traffic issues. Is this fair? A lack of public benefit - Did you know that as part of the deal £11million is being spent on renovating Great Tew Manor which has been left to decay over recent decades by its private owner? You might wonder why such a large sum of money is being allocated to this when the local community will receive only £1.2 million in comparison. It will be difficult to ensure that the social housing that is a legal requirement of the development will actually be built, as there is currently no site or permission for it. This is a vanity project that will make a few rich people even richer, but it is hard to see how it will benefit ordinary people. Environmental Impact - This is not a sustainable development and does not promote the use of public transport or minimise the need to travel. It will be built in the open countryside. This is in direct contravention of the Local Plan. Surely a site close to a town such as Bicester Heritage Centre would be more appropriate and offer local housing, amenities and access transport networks without having to blight the countryside. Do we really need extra jobs? – For such a major development, not many jobs will actually be created. There would only be 100 new jobs on the actual site and not all of these will go to local people which will create extra traffic. ‘Up to 338’ jobs would be created in the local economy but it is hard to see how there would be much benefit to the local economy as visitors would be spending money in the museum and not in the community. West Oxfordshire has an exceptionally low unemployment rate, so the jobs are not needed anyway. This is not small scale or sustainable tourism – It will ruin the tranquil and rural character of the area. We already have Heythrop Park and Soho Farmhouse within our very small part of OX7 and we can’t sustain a development of this size. There is also no need for it as there are several other large motor museums within easy reach. Further Development of Enstone Airfield - You may think that in having a museum and 28 luxury homes is preferable to having a large housing development built on this land.  However approval for this development would set a dangerous precedent, potentially making it much easier for future building of houses in the open countryside. If any of the above makes you question why the development should go ahead please just take 2 minutes to like, share and sign the petition, your name will most certainly make a difference. You may think that it's too late to STOP Mullins development, but it's not! Planning permission has not yet been granted, despite a resolution in favour by the planning committee. An application has been made to the secretary of state for the case to be "called-in" for scrutiny. This means all or part of the development could still be stopped. What is needed is for us to come together and let our local MP know local feeling. Most of us have never written to our MP before, so by signing this petition, we'll be able to let Robert Courts know how we feel as he will be asked for his constituent’s views about the development.     If you wish to know more about the development, please follow these links:

Suzanne Disney
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