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Petition to Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council, Lisa Nandy MP, Yvonne Fovargue MP

Initiate a referendum in Borough of Wigan and its townships on our continued membership of Greater Manchester/GMCA and strengthen our links to Lancashire.

Wigan’s links with the County of Lancashire are historic. This applies to all towns administered by the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan, namely - Ince, Ashton, Golborne, Leigh, Standish, Orrell, Tyldesley, Atherton and Hindley. Since the formation of Greater Manchester in 1974 to this date our links to Lancashire are becoming weakened some would say broken by our continued association with Greater Manchester. Wigan, Leigh, Ashton, Ince, Standish, Golborne, Atherton, Tyldesley, Orrell and Hindley are not in or do not form a part of Manchester. They all form part of the historic County of Lancashire. The people of ALL towns in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan have never been consulted as to whether they want their links to Lancashire weakened/broken at the same time our ties to Greater Manchester strengthened to such an extent Wigan/Borough of Wigan will have imposed on it a Greater Manchester Mayor. This Mayor will become known as the Mayor of Manchester. We want Wigan Council and our elected politicians to respect tradition, our heritage and strengthen our links to Lancashire. Therefore we ask Wigan Council to :- Conduct an immediate referendum on Wigan’s/Borough of Wigan’s and its townships continued membership of the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (in or out). Review Wigan’s/Borough of Wigan’s and its townships links to the County of Lancashire. To produce reports to Councillor’s and MP’s outlining all ways these links to Lancashire can be strengthened and to liaise with residents, local groups and the Association of British Counties to ensure tradition and heritage are respected and correctly promoted.  

Michael Moulding
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Petition to Mark Carne, Medway Council

Clean up Luton Arches ! #lutonarches

We are Arches Local a Big Local group in the Chatham Medway area. One of our focal points is the Luton Arches, which local residents derived our name from. Though acting as a major gateway #lutonarches has become very rundown and a major eye sore. Looking at the broken window theory this has lead to it being a breeding ground for drug dealing, street drinking, littering, and various other antisocial behaviors. We would like to see the regeneration of the whole and surrounding area of the Luton Arches, and hope to act as catalyst for it. We have become majorly concerned at the associated health risks posed by the large number pigeons alive and dead nesting in the netting designed to keep them out under one of the arches. We are also concerned not only for our own communities welfare, but that of the pigeons who often become trapped in the netting leading to injury or death. The pigeons feces and disintegrated dead carcasses constantly drop down on the pedestrian walk way below.  When these droppings dry, there is a risk it can become powdered and possibly float up into the air as dust, kicked up by passing feet. We are not doctors or scientists but we are worried If you inhale the pigeon dropping dust, you are possibly at risk of exposure to; Cryptococcal Meningitis, Salmonella and Listeria, Viral Encephalitis, E. Coli, among many others.  We have contacted Network Rail about this issue and others, and we would hope they are already aware of the pigeon problem as they periodically turn up to do work like replacing the guttering recently, but never address any of the interconnected problems sufficiently. They have as yet not replied to any of our concerns even though we feel the associated health risks posed warrant an immediate response, though we appreciate they are a very large organisation.  It can be hard to be heard sometimes over the bureaucracy, form filling, and bounced around departments. So this petition is to demonstrate that the people who live within Arches Local area and the wider community do care about where we live even if the current environment does not reflect this. We hope by people signing and sharing this petition it will lead at the least to Network Rail providing a solution to the pigeon problem that is beneficial to all parties, and we would not mind if they gave the wrought iron underbridge a lick of paint to ! We also call on Medway Council to use everything in their power to ensure that the pigeon issue among others related with the Luton Arches area is resolved. Thank you for your time and hopefully your support. Regards Arches Local  

Arches Local
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Petition to Paul Windley

Reduce Allowances Of North East Lincs Elected Members & Make The Mayoral Roles Unpaid.

We The undersigned present this petition to North East Lincolnshire Council to ask that all elected members of North East Lincolnshire Council Reduce all of their Councillor Allowances & Reduce the amount of all Special Responsibility Allowances, that is paid to all elected members by 2020 in line with all other public sector staff. We also ask that the council and elected members consider making the Mayor(ess) & Deputy Mayor(ess) positions within the council Unpaid with immediate effect. It should be an Honour to represent the county of North East Lincolnshire As A Mayor(ess) & Deputy Mayor(ess) rather than having a financial value that comes with it each year known as A Special Responsibility Allowance. We would also ask that any allowable expense claims should be made with receipts or other proof of payment for each expense claimed and that any claims for travel expenses to attend any council meetings or any other council business should not be claimed, After all any working person does not get paid to travel between Home & Work We would like to see a Maximum Amount of Allowable Expenses that can be claimed per councillor per financial year for all reasonable expenses which should exclude travel to/from home and place of official council business and that all proof/receipts should be presented with the claim form. We ask for these measures to be taken in the Name of Austerity as we are losing frontline council services including Reduced Waste & Recycling Collections, Reduced Library Opening Times (which is currently under consultation) etc. Our Parks are not being correctly maintained, Litter Bins in Grimsby Town Centre & On A lot of Residential areas are not being emptied enough thus being allowed to over flow causing litter on the streets. Grass verges & recreational grounds with green areas are not being cut down. Our roads and pavements are not being maintained to any form of standard with many of the roads having pot holes and pavements being cracked, moving slabs, black scars of tarmac through them which is spoiling our roads and streets even more. You Have Given The Go Ahead for suitable sites including full Surveys, Site Plans,planning permission etc to take place in order to find one or more sites suitable for travellers as a stop over point within North East Lincolnshire which has been in the press stating that a minimum budget of £20K has been set aside for the council to fulfill its legal duty and provide such a site/s but this amount could rise if more than one suitable site is found, We are by no means against the travellers having a suitable site which we believe the council has a legal duty to provide, however these sites will need to be funded somehow. Money has been spent on installing “intelligent” Traffic Lights at the toll bar roundabout including having the roundabout removed which has cost the public purse. Meanwhile The council has said it can not afford to come in line with the other 75% of councils that offer mixed recycling collections with the use of a wheelie bin for recycling as it would cost the council much more and any savings would be lost. Meanwhile over the past 14 years there has been several increases in Elected Members Allowances & Special responsibility allowances for serving their community as a councillor and sitting on one or more committees/panels, Although we do realise that elected members on more than one comittee/panel are only paid one SRA. We also note that the basic allowance and SRA’s have been frozen in some years over the past 14 years and has risen in other years during the past 14 years. However the Total Gross Pay between all 45 elected members has risen by 32582.86 in the 2013/14 Tax Year Compared to that Of the 2003/04 Tax Year which are the most upto date figures that can be accessed as some files will not download or open for viewing from the NELC Website. The above changes would see some additional savings in addition to those of the reduced waste and recycling collections and the potential reduced library opening hours, which could then be fed back into frontline services that are desperately needed by the residents of North East Lincolnshire but are being reduced heavily.

Carl Robertson
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