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Petition to Durham County Council

Stop the Cemetry Lockdown at Bishop Auckland Town Cemetery

Whats happening? Some people are aiming to get Bishop Auckland Town Cemetry locked down early evening. However, I don't believe this should be the case. This would mean that no access could be gained to the cemetery beyond this time. Unfortunately, I work long shifts. I work 9-9 every day of the week and sometimes I start earlier and finish later than that. This means I can't visit my mother who recently passed away. This been still so raw, it's making a difficult time even more difficult.  I believe that people should be allowed access to their loved ones 24/7 365 days a year. People who have lost loved ones during early hours such as myself may find comfort in visiting their graveside for a few minutes to have a little chat with their loved ones. Whilst I understand the concerns of the local councillors regarding ASB (antisocial behaviour), this is happening through the day. My mothers grave has been damaged on multiple occasions during opening hours. Her resting place has also been damaged by local pests such as rabbits etc.  If vandals wish to be into the cemetery, they will find a way regardless of what measures are in place. Bishop Auckland Town Cemetery is the only one in this area that is locked during the evening and the only one that receives damage. There are other/better solutions to achieving the same goal and ones they still allow loved ones access during the night.  Please spare a minute and sign this petition so I may approach those involved with the lockdown proposal and explain that this will do more damage than good.  Thank you.

Rob Latcham
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Petition to Nesil Caliskan

SAVE ENFIELD HIGH STREETS! Investigate Environment & Operations at EC

Are you a disgruntled Enfield resident that is tired of being faced with petty, vindictive, minor issues with the Council? Have you ever been treated with disrespect, humiliated or regularly ignored by a member of Enfield Council in the hopes that you will just “go away” Anyone else that is now completely fed-up with the deliberately lackluster, old-fashioned, derogatory, outdated attitudes of a quasi-ruling regime, I invite you to sign this petition. *HINT* It is such poor taste to publicly knock your newly elected Mayor and youngest ever council leader in history. This is an achievement for females and a chance for a fresh take! Where is the commitment to your constituents? Where is the example we set to our young people, in the hopes that they can benefit from our actions?  From what I have seen on LYDS Enfield, the current councillors & other Council representatives persistently slate each other and attempt to bully constituents on social media sites. ”Enfield Council is committed to serving the whole borough fairly, delivering excellent services and building strong communities” This is their standard email signature... Enough is Enough... 1) a review and investigation is publically called for the heads of departments competency, integrity, accountability for fashist &/or over-zealous attitudes and any financial or beneficial interests connected to Planning Departments & Highways/Environmental with sub-contractors  Prevention: 2) A change in the way constituents can vote for local leaders (make it easier & publicise it more effectively!!!) Teach & educate our community in politics. Give people a voice they can trust in!! The Many Benefits that Give a Dog a Bone bring to the local community...  Since opening in 2014 our charitable model has recycled over 10,000 tonnes of reusable items back into the community, instead of them going straight to landfill. We work every day with our community to address wealth disparity and encourage regeneration by helping women and men back into work. The Environmental Department at Enfield Council have refused to aknowledge the recycling benefits and good work we achieve within the community. The only correspondence we have ever received has been from your environmental department; Your department has reported us to DTS on several occasions. All investigations have been closed. Fined for Obstruction of the Public Highway Prosecuted for Obstruction of the Public Highway Prosecuted for Illegal Street Trading (High Mags September 2017) Further notice received of intention to prosecute the landlord at 446 green lanes. I am not surprised there are a record number of empty shops in Enfield Town and Palmers Green.  

Carly Twyne
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