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Bring the "Kirkland: Dark Chocolate Super Fruits" Back to Costco

A while back, a product known as, "Kirkland Dark Chocolate Super Fruits" had been discontinued. Personally, I like the product because, in addition to tasting amazing, the nutrition values are less anxiety-inducing to me. I am recovering from Anorexia Nervosa, so my diet of foods that I allow myself to eat is still very limited, and this product was among the few real treats I would allow myself to eat. I have looked for a product that could be used to replace the Dark Chocolate Super Fruits, but I haven't been able to find anything as good as the original Costco product. That said, I have seen posts online that show that I am not the only person who misses this product, so I want to see if we can bring the chocolate-covered fruits back to Costco. I called the Costco administration, and I was told that if there were enough people who wanted the product to return, we just might see the product back in stores again. Signing this petition can help bring the product back to stores, but providing feedback to Costco directly would also be an incredibly useful contribution. I believe there is a suggestion box in each Costco store, and there is also a link titled "Feedback" at the very bottom of the Costco website that can be used to make recommendations to Costco more directly. If you contact Costco about the product, the product is titled Kirkland Dark Chocolate Super Fruits and, the item number is 125739 (including the item number helps those at Costco know what product we are talking about). Thank you for taking the time to read this, and possibly, supporting the goal of this petition!

Grace Hamilton
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Petition to Dan

Bring Costco to Columbus, Georgia/Ft. Benning!!

The purpose of this petition is to give any (current or future) residents of the Columbus Metropolitan Area a chance to voice their desire to have Costco build a warehouse here. #ColumbusCostco The petition has been shared with/emailed to the mayor of Columbus, the local news paper, local news stations, and is being shared across Facebook. If you see this on social media, please share it publicly so it can reach as many people as possible! The MOST DIRECT WAY to tell Costco you want them to build here is to contact the real estate broker for Costco. This is just as crucial as signing the petition itself!! His name is Dan Venable. He is the sole person responsible for deciding whether or not Costco will come here to Columbus. Dan Venable's office phone number is 571-434-0604 x314 Call him and leave him voicemails. Make sure you tell him your name and why you want Costco to come here! Ask him to PLEASE call Chris from JMC Flatrock Partners, the local real estate company who purchased the old swift mill site. Then ask others to do the same. If you do not hear back from Dan, by all means follow up with him. Costco Wholesale has been looking into building a warehouse here in Columbus, Georgia since about 2012. Columbus has since grown to become the second largest city in Georgia with a population of 200,000. Columbus is also home to Fort Benning, where there are over 100,000 active-duty military, family members, reserve component soldiers, retirees, and civilian employees on a daily basis. Fort Benning can be a very transient area as people move in and out as they receive orders, etc. A lot of these people are from locations that already have a Costco, a point that has been made to them on their Facebook page. There have been SEVERAL news articles posted online over the last 2 or 3 years where readers were asked which retailer they wanted to see they was not currently in Columbus. If you are reading this you can guess who the number one choice was........ Costco. These articles have been given to Costco. Recently a large plot of land that has sat vacant for years was recently purchased in May/June 2017. This was the Old Swift Mill site in Midland. The land will be developed into what will be known as "Midland Commons". It is expected that Costco would go here if they decide to build. One of the owners of the company that purchased the land who is talking directly to Costco has said he could use some help in convincing Costco to build here. A local news paper ran an article discussing what could possibly go here. You can guess what the number one answer was that people gave..... Costco. Despite all of the above information, despite our population and income, Costco still has not decided to pull the trigger on building a warehouse here. Costco's Facebook team says they know about the posts on their wall from Columbus residents who want them here. They know about the news paper articles. What they do not know is how many residents actually want them here. It is high time they find out. One of the biggest things making this so urgent is that there are only TWO PLACES left in Columbus where Costco could build a warehouse. One is the new Midland Commons site and the other is by Williams Road. If Costco does not build in one of these two places. Costco will NEVER be able to come here. Space has run out and time is close to running out. If you want a Costco in Columbus, Georgia then THIS will be the final chance you have to make that known. SIGN. THIS. PETITION. Our collective voice really is THE LAST thing we can do to convince them. If they decide not to build here, they will NOT get another chance. Whether or not Costco build here is NOT up to the mayor, NOT up to the developers that purchased the old swift mill site, NOT up to the local news papers. It is 100% up to COSTCO whether or not to build here... 100% Costco. Whether you live in the Columbus area or not, please reach out to the following news media outlets to help us get more people aware of the petition. WLTZFacebook: WLTZ First NewsEmail: news@wltz.comPhone: 706.507.NEWS (6397) WTVM Facebook: WTVM News Leader 9  email: Phone: 706-494-5458 (ask for a reporter or the assignment desk). Ask them to run a story (or 2, or 10) about the petition. WRBL Facebook: WRBL News 3 email: phone: 706-324-6397 (News room). Ledger Enquirer Facebook: Ledger-Enquirer email: (Tony Adams) Sunny 100 Facebook: SUNNY100 email: Phone: 706-596-5400 (Newsroom Line) 103.7 Lite FM Facebook: 103.7 Lite fm email: Phone: 706-327-1217 You can join the Facebook Group as well: I told Costco (Dan) that we would get their attention one way or another. LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN! Let's show Costco that the second largest city in Georgia is not just another city who wants a Costco. MAKE SOME NOISE! If you want Costco Wholesale to FINALLY build a warehouse here, then SIGN. THIS. PETITION and get others to do the same! Reach out to the media and Dan as much as you can #SignAndShare #ColumbusCostco Thank you!

Kevin H
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