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Petition to Costco Wholesale

Costco: Commit to permanently carrying recycled paper products in your stores

Many everyday paper products sold in the US contain 50-75% material sourced from old, second-growth, and sometimes virgin forests in Latin and North America. The forests that are being cut down to produce things like toilet paper and paper towels provide irreplaceable habitat for wildlife and are important absorbers of carbon dioxide, the main heat-trapping gas linked to global warming. Their removal contributes to climate change and loss of biodiversity. In addition, producing paper products from virgin sources rather than recycled material requires more water and often uses polluting chlorine-based bleach.  Those same paper products can be made from recycled paper, thus reducing our impact on existing forests, the climate, and our water systems while diverting paper waste from going into the landfill. While the comfort and softness achieved by virgin-sourced products will always make those products competitive, a rising number of consumers are looking to reduce their impact on the environment through purchasing decisions. As a Costco shopper and an advocate for the sustainable use of our natural resources, I am asking Costco Wholesale to commit to permanently carrying paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, disposable plates and cups) sourced from recycled materials in all of its stores. Costco Wholesale details it’s commitment to good land stewardship practices on it’s website. Those commitments include avoiding deforestation and conversion of natural ecosystems, conserving or restoring natural ecosystems, avoiding pollution, and protecting water resources. By committing to carrying recycled paper options in it’s stores, Costco can stand by it’s commitment to the environment while continuing to offer great products to it’s members. 

Shannon Jones
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