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Petition to managing director - cidco, commissioner - nmmc, urban development department, Gurunath Arse, Chief environment secretary, Conservator of forest, Konkan divisional commissiner, Somraj , sunil agarwal, Devendra Fadnavis

Save Navi Mumbai Wetlands Save Yourselves .

 Chief Minister of Maharashtra,  80 hectares of Mangroves & Wetlands worth crores on prime location on Palm Beach Road saved by High Court orders from being handed over to a private builder for residential and commercial development in name of golf course by changing the land use from No Development Zone to Regional Park Zone and Residential Zone . The Bombay High Court on 1st November 2018 shelved the state government’s ambitious proposal to build a golf course and a residential colony near the upcoming Navi Mumbai airport calling it a destruction of water bodies/wetlands “which will infringe the fundamental rights of citizens.”A division bench of Justices Abhay Oka and Riyaz Chagla was hearing a bunch of PILs against an October 2016 notification of the state’s Urban Development Department. Interestingly, one of the reasons cited by the state in favour of its plan was that since the area was frequented by migratory birds and was located within 4 km of the proposed international airport, it could pose a danger to aircraft by exposing them to bird hits.“There is no material placed on record ito show that for preventing possible bird hits, making of the golf course is the only solution,” the bench observed.. It then added that the water bodies maintain ecological balance and therefore, “public trust doctrine” imposed an obligation on the state government and related agencies to protect them. The PILs also sought protection for two city lakes – the DPS lake in Sector 52, Nerul and the other one at Palm Beach Road, Navi Mumbai – both of whom were in danger due to garbage and construction debris dumping. The court directed that all the water bodies shown in the National Wetlands Inventory and Assessment prepared by Space Application Centre, Ahmedabad must be protected. On the issue of the golf course and a residential colony, the court also noted that although the proposal was being discussed by the planning authority – City and Industrial Development Corporation – since 2002, the authorities had failed to show that the impact on the ecosystem and environment was assessed or at least “such assessment was made available to the Planning Authority or the state government” while clearing the proposal.  Why waste public money in unnecessary litigation ? Action should be taken & legal cost should be recovered from officials responsible for such decisions .   Thanking you For complaints about wetlands destruction call 1926 or post online complaint on newly launched website Link to our Facebook page : Link to Twitter :   saveNaviMumbaiWetlandsTweets (@sunnyagro):  Link to a short film on this issue by international channel : �This wetland in Navi Mumbai, India, acts as a natural barrier against floods and is home to more than 80 bird species, which is exactly why the Agarwals are doing everything they can to protect it ✊  Youtube link to film : Another very informative film on Citizens initiative & Mangroves warriors . FB link : You tube link:

SaveNaviMumbai Wetlands
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Petition to Municipal Council Zirakpur, RERA Punjab, punjab cm, SSP Mohali, Deputy Commisioner Police

Cheated Investors In Maya Garden Magnesia,Zirakpur Project Seek Help

We are the investors in the commercial project that is known by the name of Maya Garden Magnesia. The project is located on the Chandigarh-Ambala highway on NH-22 opposite McDonalds and is promoted by Barnala Builder Pvt Ltd (Owned by – Mr Satish Jindal & Mr Deepak Jindal) A Brief Background: Back in 2017-18 many investors from all over India and abroad invested in this project. At the time of sales, the salesmen persuaded the builder that the project will be handed over to investors by September 2022. The investors were offered 1% of the amount invested per month till the possession was offered by the builder around the above said date. The salesman also showed computer generated clips of the project (Available on Youtube) and guaranteed the finished project would be what was shown on the graphic video. To this proposal many investors like us did invest their precious corpus into this commercial project. Current Situation: As of today, the promoters have gone back on their words and the investors feel cheated. Below are the points to support our statement: 1.   Though the project was scheduled for possession in September 2022, the builder started forcing premature possession of a section of the complex which they term as block A back in April 2020 (during 1st lockdown because of Covid). It may be noted that the building being offered for possession was nowhere near completion. On further opposition and analysis by the investor group it was found that the building possession was being offered based on a false completion certificate. After a lot of efforts by the investors the matter was investigated, and corrupt officials suspended. After this development of events the builder had to cancel his possession offer and had to roll out the assured returns of 1% per month. Surprisingly and against promises made the builder adjusted the money to be paid out to investors in the form of balances the customers owed to him (5% in most cases). There were even cases where investors had paid 100% of the money in advance to the builders and yet they had to run pillars and post to get a refund. 2.   On the present date, the builder has once again offered possession of a specific part of the building – Block A to its investors while the other parts of the building continue to be built. Overall, the property is nowhere near completion as promised and is not in a condition to commence business. Below are the points to support our claims: a.   Electrical wiring not in place. b.   No fire fighting equipment installed. c.   No escalators provided as advertised. d.   No washroom fittings. e.   No certificate from NHAI f.        No NOC from Environment,fire fighting,pollution,disability In addition to the above discrepancies, it may be noted that there is no provision for this project to be offered for possession in parts via partial occupancy certificate. As per CLU letter issued by town planning govt it is clearly mentioned that “the site shall not be bifurcated for the purpose of development and will be developed as one single unit.” – Please find the document attached for your reference – Ref# PBIP/LORC-1/1607355764) 3.   It may be noted that the assured carpet area promised by the builder in the agreement letter has been changed on the offer of possession letter. The actual carpet area being offered is almost 40% less than the Super Area that was mentioned to the investors during the sales process and mentioned in the agreement document. This point must be investigated. 4.   Currently the investors are being forced to take possession or pay hefty holding charges (late payment fees) despite all the above pending work and present discrepancies. 5.   The investors are being asked to pay a hefty maintenance charge of Rs 8 per sq feet which is very high compared to what other commercial projects charge in tricity. 6.   The investors are being forced by the builder to pay 3 years maintenance fee in advance. This was never discussed during the sales process and is a surprise to us. 7.   The property is stated to be maintained by a company called My Space. This company is promoted by the same promoters as Barnala Builders (Promoters of Maya Garden Magnesia). During the sales process, the promoting company advertised that JLL would be maintaining the project. This is clearly stated in the marketing document provided to investors. This is a clear case of mis-selling.   Finally, as investors in this project we feel cheated and dejected having to follow-up with the builder and their staff without any results on demanding promised services and product during sale. It is clear that the builder has all intentions to cheat its investors and wants to make his profit while letting their customer suffer! Please beware that many investors in this project are retired working professionals who decided to put their life savings into this hoping for assured returns. Many of our investors are middle class working professionals who put the majority of their savings into this project for some security. But alas they have been treated like dirt by Barnala Builders and its associates. This incident is an example of theft and loot which is currently being carried out in the broad daylight. This must be attended to and dealt with strictly. We the investors in this project seek your help in dealing with this issue and helping us get our just rights.

Siddharth Mishra
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