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Petition to Delfin N. Lorenzana, Rey Leonardo Guerrero, Ronald M. dela Rosa, Pantaleon D. Alvarez, Aquilino Martin de la Llana Pimentel III,, Cristina Ellezar Palabay, Galileo Gerard Kintanar Jr., Maria Lourdes Aranal Sereno, Conchita Claudio Carpio-Morales, Rose Trajano, Hajji Moh'd Ersad Malli, Florin Ternal Hilbay, Rex RB. Reyes, Jr., Sonia Punzalan, Peter Angelo V. Perfecto, Michael L. Tan, Paolo Manalo, Socrates Buenaventura Villegas, Romulo Geolina Valles, Luis Antonio Gokim Tagle, Marlon Manuel, Ryan V. Silverio, Abdiel Dan Elijah S. Fajardo, Emerlynne Gil, Leah C. Tanodra-Armamento, Robert Reyes, Herbert Docena, Sara Duterte-Carpio, Oscar Moreno, Rolando Joselito Bautista, People of the Republic of the Philippines

Remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte From Office

We Ask Your Soldiers And National Leaders To Remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte From Office For Good. With The Extrajudicial Killing Of Innocent Civilians, The Possible Declaration Of A Nationwide Martial Law And Federalism. We Are Urging The Armed Forces Of The Philippines And The Philippine National Police To Remove President Rodrigo Roa Duterte From Office To Help The Filipinos To Start A New Hope For Many Generations. Duterte, As President, Cannot Rule 100,000,000 Filipinos On 7,107 Islands Effectively Without The Support Of Your 500,000 Soldiers Who Could Implement His Orders. Your Armed Forces Through Philippine Defense Secretary Delfin Negrillo Lorenzana Must Show Him The Logistical Difficulty Of Such An Enterprise, The Threat To National Security Of A Breakdown Of Law And Order Amidst Threats From Isis-like Brigands And Foreign Countries, And The Harm To Your National And Economic Interests That Would Be Brought About By The Destruction Of Institutions It Took Your Taxpayers And Public Servants Decades To Build. If Despite Sound Advice, President Duterte Still Chooses To Declare A Nationwide Martial Law And A Federal System In The Country, We Ask Your Soldiers In The Armed Forces To Suspend The 1987 Freedom Constitution And Immediately Support Of A Nonpartisan Government In The Country. Nonpartisanism Is Best Way To Save Your Land. There Must Be Almost No Gap Between These Events Above To Prevent The Breakdown Of Law And Order, A Civil War, The Repeat Of Violent Dictatorship And Plunder, Or The Invasion Of Your Country By Foreign Elements That Would Exploit Such A Leviathan Political Crisis. Please Remove President Duterte From Office By Signing And Sharing This Petition. We Are Sending This To Philippine Defense Secretary Lorenzana With Copies Furnished To AFP Chief Of Staff Rey Leonardo Guerrero, PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez, Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, KARAPATAN Executive Director Tinay Palabay, Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Archbishop Socrates Villegas, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, International Commission of Jurists Senior Legal Adviser Emerlynne Gil, And Others.

People's Union Against Dictatorship And Tyranny / Народный союз против диктатуры и тирании
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Petition to Elaine C. Duke

Investigate Judge Jeff Moskowitz in Maine

Judge Jeff Moskowitz is potentially engaged in document fraud by using his signature as a judge and his court-issued stamp on judgements that are fraudulent. There has been a sustained public outcry in Maine about the corruption in Judge Jeff Moskowitz’s courtroom in Portland, Maine. Authorities involved in oversight and accountability for Maine judges and crimes of public officials in Maine have refused to investigate Judge Moskowitz—no matter how many courtroom victims have come forward. Most frequently, Judge Moskowitz targets women. He appears to be a misogynist of meanest-kind, stripping mothers of their children and women of their wealth. In the courtroom, Judge Moskowitz appears to take pleasure in causing women to suffer, smiling when women cry out in pain and outrage at his illegal and brutal judgements. Homeland Security says document fraud poses a threat to our national security and public safety; including human smuggling and trafficking, racketeering, money laundering, financial institution fraud and national security investigations.  Homeland Security created the Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force to target criminals and beneficiaries behind fraudulent schemes. By many accounts, Judge Jeff Moskowitz in Portland, Maine is involved in document fraud. Please join us in asking Homeland Security’s Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force to investigate Judge Moskowitz in Maine.

Lori Handrahan
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Petition to Senator Henry Stern, Retired Senator Fran Pavley, CHP Coastal Division Assistant Chief Sean McRae, CHP Coastal Division Chief Reginald Chappelle, CHP Southern Division Chief Chris O’Quinn, CHP Southern Division Assistant Chief Omar J. Watson, LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell, LA County Undersheriff Jacques La Berge, LA County Assistant Sheriff Bobby Denham, Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean, Ventura County Undersheriff Gary Pentis, Ventura County Assistant Sheriff Bill Ayub, Ventura County Assistant Sheriff Eric Dowd, Ventura County Supervisor Steve Bennett, Ventura Country Supervisor Linda Parks, Ventura County Supervisor Kelly Long, Ventura County Supervisor Peter C. Foy, Ventura County Supervisor John C. Zaragoza, LA County Supervisor Hilda L. Solis, LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, LA County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn

End Obnoxious Motorcycle Noise by Enforcing Muffler Laws

Your baby is sleeping at home when suddenly disturbed, awakened and starts crying by what sounds like a squadron of Apache helicopters rumbling over your house.  You are sitting on the patio of a nice street-side café when it becomes impossible to hear your friend, or think about anything else other than what sounds like twenty World War 2 tanks rolling down the street. You are getting married at a nice hillside venue just outside of Los Angeles when all of the sudden it sounds like an earthquake and a raging mudslide combined rolling down the hill. These are a few examples of precious life moments ruined by illegally modified motorcycle mufflers. The 17-time Emmy award winners, multiple Tony award winners behind the 'Book of Mormon', and grammy recipients, and creators of the the television cartoon South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, captured what every single one of us thinks when motorcycles come rumbling through town. Here is the opening clip,  --------------------------------------------------------------- We, the citizens of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties, have nothing against LEGAL motorcycles, we are simply asking that Law Enforcement enforce the already existing muffler laws (VC 2510 & SB 435).   If you are sick of being disturbed by what sounds like a warzone, the obnoxious noise pollution from illegal motorcycles, then please sign this petition.  And most importantly, if you believe that no one is above the law then please sign this petition.    --------------------------------------------------------------- FAQ Are there any existing laws that give law enforcement the authority to cite obnoxiously loud motorcyclists? Yes.  VC-27151 and SB 435 make it illegal to ride an obnoxiously loud motorcycle.  What type of enforcement shall be taken against vehicles emitting excessive noise?  From CHP Bulletin 98-100: “Providing none of the disqualifying conditions listed in 40610 (b) are present, the use of CHP 281, “Notice to Correct,” or checking the Dismissible Violation “Yes” box on the CHP 215, “Notice to Appear (Arrest Citation),” would be appropriate for these violations.” CHP Bulletin 98-100: Why are some motorcycles so loud and others are not?   All newly manufactured motorcycles leave the dealer’s lot with an EPA certified muffler that is both state and federally required to limit exhaust emissions to 80 decibel levels.  But some motorcycle owners decide to then illegally modify their muffler to obnoxiously loud levels. Why were the EPA, Federal and State Laws created in the first place?   There are thousands of noise laws across the country for good reason. Because it’s a quality of life issue. Those laws protect us from noise. For those who remember when smoking was allowed in airplanes and restaurants - this was an accepted form of pollution that has been eradicated. So, let’s enforce noise pollution laws too.  It is not "delusional" to complain about hearing the roar of motorcycles, just like it’s not “delusional” to complain about being stuck on a plane with the overpowering smell of cigarette smoke or second-hand smoke while you eat your lunch. Why do police say that they can’t do anything about it? "I do know that vehicular noise enforcement is NOT complicated and I have a 99.8% conviction rate for all noise citations coming before me for adjudication. Police Officers simply have to get off their butts and do their job...problem solved!!!" - Rick Holtsclaw, a retired Houston Police Officer.   But law enforcement says that they need a decibel (DB) meter to pull over a motorcycle and they don’t have DB meters? CHP Bulletin 98-100, VC 27151 and SB 435 do not mention the requirement of a DB meter to pull over a motorcycle.  The enforcement guidelines of CHP Bulletin 98-100 are as follows: “The only drivers who should be cited are those whose vehicles: 1)    are not equipped with a muffler 2)    clearly emit an offensive, harsh, excessive noise, or; 3)    have a clearly defective exhaust system (holes, leaks, etc.)” The bulletin goes on to instruct its officers to listen to the vehicle: “Do I actually have to listen to a vehicle to cite it for a violation of either Section 27150 or 27151? Yes.  Drivers of vehicles should not be cited for violation of either Section 27150 or 27151 VC unless the officer has personally listened to the vehicle in operation.  This can be either under actual driving conditions or with the vehicle stationary and the engine running.  Even if the officer has inspected the exhaust system and does not see a muffler present, the officer should listen to the vehicle.”  What about SB 435, the Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act passed in 2010?   Whereas VC 27151 gives offers Law Enforcement Officers the ability to pull over a motorcycle if it sounds obnoxiously loud (“clearly emitting an offensive, harsh, excessive noise”), and then cite them with a fix-it-ticket, SB 435 adds more teeth to the citation.  Prior to SB 435 an officer could pull over a motorcyclist if the officer think’s the exhaust is too loud, and cite them as long as one of the following is true: 1)    not equipped with a muffler 2)    clearly emitting an offensive, harsh, excessive noise, or; 3)    have a clearly defective exhaust system (holes, leaks, etc.) and thanks to SB 435, a fourth law can now be added: 4)    not equipped with a readily-visible EPA stamp that certifies federal emissions compliance (for motorcycles or after-market exhaust system equipment manufactured after 2013) If the EPA muffler is in fact there, then the motorcyclist only gets cited for a fix-it-ticket for one of the other three above mentioned laws.  Is there a big motorcycle lobby changing the noise laws so that they can have maintain and have louder motorcycles? Yes, and they are dangerously powerful enough to change our state’s laws.  Before 1980, ANY modifications that made the factory equipped motorcycle louder were ILLEGAL, but the motorcycle lobby succeeded with a small text change and limited the efficacy of the law. Instead of Section 27151 VC prohibiting all modifications that increase the noise level of the exhaust system over that of the factory-installed motorcycle exhaust system (as it did until 1980) Section 27151 VC was changed to only prohibit the modification of the exhaust system to amplify or increase the noise emitted by the vehicle….. making the vehicle not in compliance with section 27150 VC or exceeding the noise limits established in Sections 27201-27206 VC. It’s just a small text change, but one that allows the motorcyclist to defraud the court in the following way: The motorcyclist gets pulled over and cited for a) clearly emitting an offensive, harsh, excessive noise, or b) lack of a muffler, or c) a clearly defective exhaust system, and is cited with a fix-it-ticket to correct the deficient exhaust system.  Then the violator will correct the deficiency by simply reinstalling the factory installed muffler, get the fix-it-ticket signed off, and then simply reinstall the illegal equipment that got them the ticket in the first place…. and then measure the decibel level with a DB meter and get it dismissed in court.  Then, the violator will simply reinstall the illegal equipment that got them the ticket in the first place.    Furthermore, the motorcycle lobby cut the funding for the Muffler Certification and the Licensed Muffler Certification Station Programs in 1979.  More recently, Senator Fran Pavley submitted her bill SB 435, the Motorcycle Anti-Tampering Act, but the motorcycle lobby watered down the original bill, which had teeth.  The original bill made it a violation to not have a readily-visible EPA stamp that certifies federal emissions compliance for all motorcycles manufactured after 1985 (this is the year the EPA made it a law that all manufactures must certify that their mufflers do not exceed a decibel level over 80 dBa).  Instead, the motorcycle lobby was successful in changing it to “motorcycles manufactured after 2013” – exempting the majority of motorcycles on our highways.  In addition, the motorcycle lobby was successful in reducing the ticket from a proposed $300 fine to a $50 fine, and removing the moving violation that goes as a point against your driving record to a simple fix-it-ticket and lastly removing the biennial smog-check for motorcycles. According to the Air Resources Board, which backed the smog-check version of SB 435, motorcycles account for less than 1% of vehicle-miles traveled in the state yet account for 10% of passenger vehicles' smog-forming emissions; swapping a compliant tailpipe equipped with a catalytic converter for one without emissions controls can emit as many as 10 times more smog-forming pollutants per mile. Senator Fran Pavley should be commended for at least getting SB 435 signed into law despite the powerful motorcycle lobby successfully weakening the bill.  At least someone is sticking their neck out against the powerful lobby and moving the ball forward.  

Johnnie Doe
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Petition to City of Colorado Springs

Force Colorado Springs to Repair the Barr Trail

The City of Colorado Springs acquired ownership of the first two and one quarter miles of the Famous Barr Trail on America's Mountain on December 30th 2016. This high profile trail begins in Manitou Springs at an elevation of 6600 ft., and climbs to the Summit of Pike's Peak at an elevation of over 14,100 ft. It is estimated that at least 60,000 people hike the Barr Trail each year, and over 300,000 people use this section of the Barr Trail to come down from the Manitou Incline each year. This popular trail is in terrible condition. It is composed of tight switchbacks which lack proper drainage. The trail must be modified to meet  modern drainage standards. The drainage problems have caused severe erosion damage on the steep hillside. The trail is riddled with obstacles (large rocks), which make hiking slow and dangerous. The fence along the trail that prevents people from cutting across the switchbacks is in desperate need of replacement. It is a terrible eyesore, much of the paint is gone,  and poles are rotten and falling off in many places. The City has just finished spending $5 million in grant money on the nearby Manitou Incline, why do they  refuse to  answer my questions about these important repairs? On the summit of Pike's Peak the City refers to themselves as the Proud Stewards of America's Mountain. Demand that the City tell us the estimated cost of these repairs, and the projected timeline for them.

COS Land Swap
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