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Petition to Joseph R. Biden, Miguel Cardona

President Biden: Cancel student loans in the first 100 days.

Trillions could be injected into the economy with no money needed from the Treasury, and nothing added to the national debt.   Federal student loans have become a national threat.  Before the Pandemic,  One in every 5 adults in the U.S. had student loans, and over 80% of them were either unable to pay, or were paying but their balances were going up.  The default rate for 2004 students is 40%, and they took out less than a third of what today's students have to borrow. The default rate for current borrowers will easily exceed 75%, if not far higher.  This is more than four times the default rate of sub-prime home mortgages.   By every reasonable metric, this is a catastrophically failed lending system. This is not a partisan problem. Nineteen of the states owe more than their total state budgets in student loan debt, and most of these are "red" states. More than half of all student loan borrowers identify as being politically independent, or republican. More than 40% never graduated.   All are trapped by a uniquely predatory lending system from which nearly every consumer protection has been stripped- including  bankruptcy rights that the Founders called for ahead of the power to raise an army and declare war in the Constitution.  The predatory, hyper-inflationary lending system that has resulted is what the Founders feared. The citizens must not, and should not tolerate this unconstitutional lending scam any longer. The President and Secretary of Education have all the authority needed issue an executive order cancelling all federally owned student loans- about 85% of all student debt. Nothing would be added to the national debt, and no tax appropriation would be needed.  This is, by far, the least expensive, and most expedient way to inject trillions into the economy.  President Biden must to do this in his first 100 days in office.  He must also issue an executive order returning bankruptcy protections to student loans, and urge Congress to do the same for ALL student loans. Critics claiming that cancelling loans will largely benefit people who don't need it are completely wrong.  100% of all borrowers were determined to be "financially needy" as a condition for federal loans. 80% were never going to be able to repay them before the pandemic.  The highest balance borrowers are over 50.  They outnumber people under 25 with student loans and owe 3 times more, despite having borrowed far less.  What's more: the most successful student loan borrowers tend to refinance their loans out of the federal system, so would not benefit from federal loan cancellation. Analysts have predicted that cancelling student loans will increase GDP by about $100 billion for the next ten years, but they do not take into account the borrowing capacity (and thus spending) that such a move would free up. This would be another $1 Trillion injected into the economy in the near and medium term.  Some experts even believe that debt cancellation is the only way to avoid a depression. Rest assured, the taxpayers will be fine.  The federal government has been profiting wildly on these loans for many years, and decades of White House Budget data show that the Department of Education has even been making a profit on defaulted loans.  On balance, the taxpayer will have very little- perhaps no- net loss when these loans are cancelled. This is an historic opportunity for President Biden to do what he said he was going to do, cure a recession, and create a better higher education financing system for the country. This is YOUR PETITION.  It requires more than your signature to succeed.   Get everyone you know to sign, and paste the link to it wherever student loan borrowers are likely to see it (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)  Also, contact your local media, and tell them to cover it. We've had enough.  We don't have to take this.  Petition created by Alan Collinge, founder of StudentLoanJustice.Org and author of The Student Loan Scam (Beacon Press).  

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Petition to U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, Ron Wyden, Jeff Merkley

Financial Relief for Young Adults During the COVID-19 Pandemic

My name's Austin, and I'm a sophomore attending Oregon State University. Many young adults and I are receiving no financial relief during the COVID-19 pandemic. Congress recently passed H.R. 748. This will provide $1,200 for taxpayers who: Make under $75,000 per year; Cannot be claimed as a dependent on someone else's taxes. Many young adults will be claimed as a dependent on their parents' 2019 taxes, making them ineligible to receive financial relief. This is especially devastating for college students who are losing their on campus jobs and need to cover a large number of their expenses such as books, housing, and tuition costs. H.R. 748 also fails to provide any additional relief for parents claiming the young adult as a dependent. H.R. 748 states taxpayers with children will receive "an amount equal to the product of $500 multiplied by the number of qualifying children (within the meaning of section 24(c)) of the taxpayer." The referenced section 24(c), which regards the child tax credit, states, "The term 'qualifying child' means a qualifying child of the taxpayer (as defined in section 152(c)) who has not attained age 17."   This means anyone claimed as a dependent who is between 17-years-old and 24-years-old will receive no form of financial relief. This is financially devastating to young adults, college students, and their families. Congress must pass a bill that will provide financial relief for young adults who can be claimed as a dependent. Please send any questions to

Austin Goergen
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Petition to President Robert S. Nelsen, Joy Stewart-James, Ed Mills

Re-Open Optometry with Low Cost Eye Exams / Glasses + Reinstate Optometrist at Sac State

In the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Online Distance Learning, Sacramento State University has closed down the Optometry Department and laid off the Optometrist, which offered low cost eye exams ($20 exam) and glasses (average $79) / contact lenses for students.  In less than 3 years, over 5000 students were examined and treated, most of whom are People of Color, First Generation, and economically disadvantaged students without insurance. Online Distance Learning due to COVID-19 has significantly impacted all students, and increased the need for eye exams, and access to glasses and contact lenses. There is an increase of:  Blurry Vision Eye Strain Headaches Computer Vision Syndrome Dry Eyes Other medical eye conditions that were treated included: Foreign object removal Eye Infections Eye Trauma Blinding Diseases like Diabetes, Glaucoma Governor Newsom has declared Optometry to be an "Essential Service" during COVID-19, but Sacramento State has not allowed the Optometry Department to be Open, and instead, Closed it down. This hurts All Students, but especially People of Color, who overwhelmingly are affected by potentially blinding eye diseases, such as Diabetes, Glaucoma, High Blood Pressure.  Research studies show that convenient access to low cost vision services is directly linked to Learning Success and Bridging the Achievement Gap amongst economically disadvantaged students. Vision is a health strategic priority to help close the achievement gap Enrollment is at an All-Time High. Sacramento State spent Millions of dollars $$$$ to EXPAND The WELL building (Student Health and Counseling building), but are now providing LESS services, while students continue to pay HEALTH FEES. CSU is currently in a class action lawsuit for reducing services to the students but not reducing tuition fees.  CSU and UC systems face lawsuit for nonrefunded students fees Sacramento State and its administration claim to be Anti-Racist and Inclusive with their Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, but this is NOT CONSISTENT with the elimination of the Optometry Department, that services so many People of Color.  Sacramento State is sabotaging the tools needed to achieve Learning Success, Bridge the Achievement Gap, and improve the Graduation rate. Sign this petition to Reverse This Injustice! Let your voice be heard that we demand that Sacramento State Open up the Optometry Department, so that All Students, especially People of Color, First Generation Students, and economically disadvantaged students get Equal Access to excellent vision and Learning Success!  

Lidice Garcimarrero
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Petition to Columbus City Schools

Finish the Columbus City School Year Virtually

On Thursday, February 25th, Columbus City Schools informed Columbus City School students that grades 6-12 would return to the school building. This decision was made without the consultation of parents or students.  Many buildings in the district are notorious for the lack of windows. The CDC guidelines state, "When indoors, ventilation mitigation strategies help to offset the absence of natural wind and reduce the concentration of viral particles in the indoor air." However, schools such as Centennial have no windows in classrooms.  There is no way to "prepare" for the virus as the district would like for us to believe. Students may be asymptomatic, meaning they could carry the virus and not show any symptoms. As a result, they may spread this to students.  Many people will argue to switch to "Online Academy", but this is inconvenient because Online Academy means the student will be dropped in a new classroom and receive new instructors. This is inconvenient because students have gotten adjusted to their virtual classrooms for months.  Others argue homeschooling is an option. Not only do many students not have the resources to be homeschooled, but students taking AP/IB credits will lose all their hard-earned work and credits.  Online academy or learning extension centers are providing a stepped-down level of instruction relative to the AP/IB programs. So, are these real options? To many, this appears as extortion to send kids back to school.  The only way to ensure our safety is if everyone stays home. CCS, allow us to stay at home to ensure our health, and no one dies from this plan that lacks structure. Thank you.   

Colubus City Schools Change
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