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Petition to President of the United States, United States Department of Transportation, FMCSA, U.S. House of Representatives, Elaine Chao, Raymond Martinez, Jim Mullen, Mike Pence, U.S. Senate

Protect Truckers Through Covid 19

Truckers are working hard to haul the goods the American people need. It is a travesty that Covid 19 legislation is grossly inadequate in addressing the unique needs of the long haul driver. Long haulers are away from home far more often than they are at home. If a driver becomes ill with Covid 19, it is far more likely it will happen on the road. They are especially vulnerable, due to their dependence on truck stops, where they encounter the traveling public frequently.  Additionally, they are in and out of shippers and receivers and rest areas regularly.  This situation is declining, as rest areas and shippers/receivers are increasingly closing restrooms and instead installing Kybos.  At this time there is still no official guidance, nor assistance, for the long haul driver. If drivers get sick, your shelves go bare. Our nation's drivers should not have to risk financial catastrophe for themselves and their families, in addition to their increased risk of illness, for absolutely no compensation*, nor assistance, in the event they fall ill or test positive. A minimum of 3 issues need addressed immediately. 1. Establishment of a hotline for drivers where they can receive guidance on what to do and where to go if they become ill when on the road. Due to the nature of their vehicle, up to 70 foot long and 80,000 pounds, they will likely require facilitation in regard to getting them to a clinic or hospital and later, possibly, to a motel or appropriate facility. 2. Drivers who become ill while in the course of their duties, who were forced to quarantine in a motel or other facility away from home, should be reimbursed 100% of all expenses for food, supply delivery and lodging. If a family member must travel to the truck driver, those travel expenses should be fully reimbursed. 3. Drivers who become ill in the course of their duties should be entitled to sick pay, commensurate with their average daily earnings, until such time as they are medically cleared to return to work. Additionally, a driver who tests positive, whether ill or not, but who is required to be quarantined, should also be entitled to sick pay. This should apply to all drivers, no matter the number of employees their carrier employs, including owner operators. (edited for clarity 4/2/20) Considering the disgusting pet pork projects allowed to pass, this protection for the American truck driver should not even be in question. This petition does not ask for hazard pay, raises or bonuses - it asks only for protection. Truckers, friends and their families are millions strong and we're watching. Do the right thing. Thank you to all those who sign in support the American truck driver.  We deeply appreciate you. *ETA, 4/2/2020:  Please see the 2nd update for more information about why the legislation passed thus far does not adequately provide sufficient protections for ALL truckers.  IMPORTANT UPDATE! 4/7/2020: Announced today is a proposal for hazard pay for essentials, including truck drivers.  Although hazard pay is not what was asked for in this petition, this is a side-step in a direction that might address what we ARE asking for - sick pay & reimbursements for Covid related issues.  There's never been a more important time to reach out to your lawmakers and share, share, share.  One part of the statement that is a little worrisome says, "The Heroes Fund would provide funding directly to eligible employers so they could then distribute the premium payments."  Who is an eligible employer?  The end goal of this petition is that ALL truckers are covered for illness.  Keep your eye on this! Hazard Pay for Essentials

Rachelle Tuttle
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Petition to Governor Tom Wolf - Pennsylvania, PA Rep. Mike Turzai, PA Senator Joseph Scarnati, Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania State Senate

Allow Pennsylvania licensees to sell spirits for take-out & delivery thru 12/31/20

The COVID pandemic has shut down non-essential businesses, but Pennsylvania has decided that grocery stores and beer distributors (as well as our local brewers, distillers, and vintners!) can stay open. That still leaves the market for legal alcohol sadly underserved. The State Stores are closed, and the PLCB's website is proving unable to meet customer demand. Individual statewide deliveries from only three warehouses put added stress on a delivery chain that's needed for medical supplies. There is a simple, elegant solution that has benefits for all: allow Pennsylvania's restaurants, taverns, and beer distributors to sell wine, beer, spirits, and cider for take-out and local delivery. Ontario just made a similar allowance through the end of the year.  Given the current devastating restrictions on the restaurant and hospitality industry, there is a strong likelihood that many of these businesses will close and never re-open. Every one of them will leave unemployed citizens, blighted neighborhoods, weakened banks; shocks that will echo throughout the state. If these businesses are to remain open in order to rehire laid-off employees after the emergency, they need every opportunity to stay afloat. We need to allow them to create profit where they can, and they can fill the hole that the State Stores have left. Restaurant people are licensed, trained, and motivated. They are already paying their taxes on every bottle sold. Most of them already have an inventory of spirits that is a frozen asset. Let them sell that and make money to pay employees, rent, utilities, and debt, a chance to re-open fully when the crisis abates. Beer distributors, also licensed and trained, need to be allowed to sell wine and spirits simply in the name of fairness. They are doing their part to serve Pennsylvania citizens' needs in the crisis, they deserve to continue to survive this. The PLCB's wholesale arm is supplying large customers, like supermarket chains, with wine. In the name of fairness, in the name of economic survival, they need to supply all licensees who can safely do take-out or delivery sales in their neighborhoods. The addition of spirits to trucks that are already on the road is a no-brainer answer to the problem of spirit sales to citizens (without the risks of statewide home delivery). Infrastructure is already in place, or can be put in place quickly with the assistance of the PLCB's wholesale suppliers, who have already offered to help. That means more jobs for Pennsylvanians. There is no good reason why this should not be allowed. The only thing holding it back is laws that were put in place as much as 85 years ago. That was a different time; Prohibition was repealed to help meet an economic crisis. Once again, we find ourselves in very different times, and new laws are needed to meet new crises. Help the hospitality industry now, and change this rule immediately. This can make a huge difference to the future of literally thousands of small businesses, and tens of thousands of employees, across Pennsylvania.

Lew Bryson
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Petition to Preferred Campus Management, American campus communities, University of Central Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis, The White House, Florida Representitives, Mayor Buddy Dyer

Allow Students Who Live Off-Campus to Terminate Their Lease

Many students, like me, and their families lost their job due to COVID-19 and are not able to afford their rent. UCF asked students to return to their permanent residence yet the off-campus housing apartments are still charging us rent and threatening late fees/penalties and giving us slim to no options. Students have enough debt as it is this is just added pressure during extremely unprecedented and difficult times. The UCF Interim President, Thad Seymour, Jr. sent out a letter to all off-campus student housing managers requesting them to work with students on a case by case basis and to consider granting early lease terminations, as UCF has begun processing refunds for on-campus student housing.  UCF sent an alert to all students (attached) stating the following: "UCF Alert UCF Alert - Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020 12:32 PM "UCF has taken strategic actions to depopulate the campus over the past several weeks. By tonight, students who reside in UCF Housing should have returned to their permanent residences. Those with extenuating circumstances remaining on campus and students in off-campus housing must abide by the order. Students currently off campus should not return to UCF until further notice." According to this UCF Bulletin dated 3/25/2020, students were asked to return to their permanent residents, and therefore by following pertinent instructions from the direction of their university, we are now prejudiced to be held accountable for our lease obligations. Since students were informed from UCF that the rest of their spring and summer semesters will be online and stay home at their permanent resides, therefore the remainder of our leases should be terminated as most Spring/Summer leases end in July 31, 2020. The off-campus affiliated housing facilities including Plaza on University, Knights Circle, The Retreat, The Station, The Point, Mercury 3100 and many more complexes are holding students at bay by threatening consequences if payments are not made in the timely fashion. They are blatantly breaking the law and taking advantage of college students and again giving us incredible stress when President Trump distinctly gave a reprieve to help those affected during this astounding economic collapse, from the horrid pandemic. THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF STUDENTS THIS MUST END AND WE MUST BE ALLOWED TO TERMINATE OUR LEASES IF WE CAN'T AFFORD TO PAY THEM!!!!

Sara Goldstein
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