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KTU should be led by someone more responsible

TL;DR KTU is one of the largest Universities in Kerala. Conducting offline exams during a worldwide pandemic hinders the recovery of the entire nation from the pandemic. It is a highly irresponsible move from the University's side. The University is also known to take actions that cause discomfort to its students. Hence, we want 1. A fresh Board of Governers that genuinely cares about the students 2. Inclusion of a larger student body in the University and 3. More transparency in the working of the UniversityAs a University housing students of immense skill, positive changes like this ought to raise the University to newer heights and will help it to reach international standards in no timeThe term University is coined from the Latin word Universitas. Universitas refers to "a number of persons associated into one body". As an educational institution, the major population of a University is undoubtedly its students. So it is outright unacceptable when one of the major universities of a state claiming to be at the forefront of literacy of a country housing more than a billion people behave in such an irresponsible manner during a worldwide pandemic. The recent decisions taken up by KTU show that it holds students' safety very trivially and embarrasses itself as a technological university. The changes we want: 1. The University should be governed by a board of responsible individuals Responsibility is not about finishing your job on time or holding regular meetings. Responsibility is essentially the ability to respond. An entity that serves as the apex authority of more than 200,000 students should at the least be led by individuals who can respond to the outside world. Holding exams in an offline manner during a pandemic situation is being highly irresponsible and endangers the lives of the students, the sphere of individuals associated with them, and the teachers and college staff. It should be led by people who actually care about the welfare of the students and takes action supporting the grievances and needs of the students.The University should also be detached from the State Government and should work towards the interest of the students at all times. 2. Presence of a larger student body diverse with student representatives from as many colleges under the University A student body whose voice has equal power to the chair members of the university should be present in the university and they should have a say on the actions taken up by the university on matters involving the students. The student body should ideally consist of representatives from all the colleges under the university. The COVID-19 outbreak has shown that it is, in fact, viable to hold large scale virtual meetings, so incorporating students and their opinions on matters like this in a democratic way would not be a herculean task. 3. More transparency in the working of the University The decisions made by the University ultimately affect the students. Thus as a public entity, the University should bring more transparency into its meetings and decisions, providing live sessions and transcripts of the meeting that lets the public know what made the University arrive at its decision regarding a particular subject.4. A better websiteOne of the biggest challenges students under KTU face is navigating the website of the university. The website is structured weirdly, making it really hard to use and navigate for the students. A better website could be constructed by professionals that makes accessing it easier for the students. The website also needs to be backed up by better servers as the website constantly faces issues and bugs during high traffic times. If it is not possible to take action positively for at least the first three of these four requests, we the students request to remove the inclusion of Abdul Kalam Ji's name from the university's name. Having such an eminent person who genuinely cared for the welfare of students as the name of a University that doesn't even care for the health of its students is outright disrespectful to Kalam Ji and his visions for India. 

Students of KTU
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Petition to Dr Harsh Vardhan, Anurag Kundu

Open Vaccinations for Pregnant Women in India

I am an eight months pregnant journalist, living in Delhi. It is one of the cities that is worst affected by India’s COVID second wave. Pregnant women are in a category that face a very high risk of mortality if they contract COVID. Despite this, pregnant women like me in India cannot get vaccinated to protect ourselves and our unborn child. I spent the last one month talking to pregnant women who had contracted the virus in the second wave and to families who had lost a loved one, who was pregnant and COVID positive, and didn’t get medical attention on time. Most said it was impossible to access life-saving healthcare. These interviews are published in my recent story where I find that COVID hospitals in India are turning away pregnant women telling them to go to maternity hospitals, and maternity hospitals in turn refuse to admit them, saying they cannot take COVID patients. With nowhere to go pregnant women are losing crucial time, many of them succumbing to COVID-19. Recent international studies have linked coronavirus to a higher rate of maternal mortality and increased risk of preterm and stillbirth. Despite this increased vulnerability, vaccination is not an option in India because the Modi administration says it is unclear whether the available vaccines, Covishield (AstraZeneca) and Covaxin are safe during pregnancy. Vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna, which have data showing they are safe for pregnant women, are still not available in India. These lives can be saved but we need to act now. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) should immediately prioritize vaccinations for pregnant women and their caregivers. Vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna (that are known to be safe for pregnant women) should be made available. Safe spaces should be created for pregnant women to get vaccinated, so they do not contract the virus in overcrowded centres. Strict penalties should be imposed on hospitals that deny medical assistance to pregnant women who are COVID positive. A 24/7 helpline and an enforcement body should be created to ensure this.

Priyali Sur
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Petition to Dharmendra Pradhan, Sohini Bhattacharya, ElsaMarie DSilva, Dr. Shruti Kapoor, Right to Education Forum, Yuvaa, Dr. Ranjana Kumari, National Coalition for Education, Wada Na Todo Abhiyan

10 Million Girls are at Risk of Never Returning to School #100DaysofAction

My future is at stake.  This second wave of the pandemic has left people struggling for food, struggling to get medicines and oxygen. Family income is hanging by a thread but most importantly, any hope for education is lost. How will we ever recover from this? My name is Nisha* and I was forced to work until I was nine. I only learnt the word "school" after half of my school life was over. I have been working for years with organisations like Save the Children to ensure that girls from slum areas in Delhi are enrolled into school, get the books they need and extra help in studies so they are really learning. But now, it seems even those efforts are at stake. Girls are always seen as weak or a burden, they are the first ones pushed into work, sold to the highest bidder or married to the cheapest. I have seen some of that first hand, in my own life. Our government needs to give special attention to this silent pandemic, one where girls like me are lost to the worst possible lives. A life without education for a girl is a life without any rights. My dream is to see girls take strides towards their futures. This is slowly becoming a distant dream. Will you help me hold on to it? Will you #AllyUpForHer and help #SaveOurEducation? Nisha*, 18 years, New Delhi. 10 million girls are at risk of never returning to school. The effects of COVID-19 crisis has put the promise of ‘education for all’ into jeopardy, casting a long shadow on their future. While school closures are an effective precautionary measure to contain the spread of COVID-19, evidence from previous emergencies suggest that the longer children are unable to attend learning facilities, the more likely it is they will never return to school. The risk of children dropping out-of-school applies especially for girls and the most marginalized including children of migrant families As the Minister for Education, we urge you to consider the below recommendations from Save the Children so all children, especially girls, continue to learn. 1. Ensure learning continuity through equitable access to teaching learning materials for vulnerable children with special focus on girls including development of low-tech and no-tech solutions. 2. Ensure psychosocial wellbeing support to combat the impact of COVID-19 for children, parents, caregivers and educational personnel. 3. Ensure uninterrupted provision of safe and nutritious food for all children (Mid-Day Meal) during closure of educational facilities. 4. Ensure dedicated financial support to ensure continuity of learning of children who have lost both or one of their parents due to COVID-19. 5. Increase in union and state education budgets to ensure that all children have access to quality, inclusive education equitable education and build back equitable, more inclusive and resilient education systems. 6. Ensure teachers, Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) and helpers well-being especially those personally affected by COVID-19, limit their role to teaching/academic work and prioritize their vaccination. 7. Minimize use of schools and educational institutions for any public health interventions (including use of schools for medical use or COVID-19 vaccination centers) to reduce risk of COVID-19 transmission. Nisha's words echo our asks and it is our collective responsibility to #AllyUpForHer. India must ensure that girls are brought back to school or we are at risk of losing an entire generation of learners to the pandemic. We are campaigning for #100DaysOfAction to say all children, especially girls, continue to learn. And we ask you to #AllyUpForHer!

Save the Children
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Petition to Narendra Modi, Joe Biden

We need to save the nature, environment, animals and earth! Enough is enough!

Where were we born? Mother Earth.Can we live without food? No, we cannot.Where do we get food from? Earth, its nature, environment provides us, but no, we cruel human beings, torture the animals unnecessarily for our satisfaction and we disturb the normal ecology of mother earth for our satisfaction.What are some necessary food items? Fruits, vegetables, pulses etc. No need to slaughter innocent animals for that.Why are animals important? They maintain the ecology of the earth. Animals help humans in so many ways, from professional support (as guide dogs for the blind) or offering us love and companionship in our daily lives. There are so many reasons they are important.Can we live without breathing? No. If there are no plants, trees etc.,  Can we breathe? No, as they provide us oxygen, and oxygen is necessary for breathing.What are plants, trees etc., part of? Nature, the environment, the earth.We are harming and polluting the rivers, the normal and natural resources of water, aquatic animals and plants.What are plants, trees etc., part of? Nature, the environment, the earth.We are harming the nature, environment, animals and the earth, without whom we can't live. We are killing ourselves.In other words, we cannot live without the nature, environment, animals and the earth! We slaughter the animals with cruelty and the nature, environment, animals and the earth, and it is not good! We cut the trees, plants etc., and that also is not good!  We can use animals as our food if they are old and weak but for our taste buds, we kill them unnaturally.And last but not the least, do we, humans, harm the nature, environment, animals and the earth? Yes, we do.Is it wrong to harm them? It is very wrong!Do we need to put a stop to this? Yes we should! We need to put a stop to this right now! And if not now then we will never be able to put a stop to this, and as we are harming the earth, the mother nature will keep on taking on revenge to our unjustice to the nature, environment, animals and the earth and doing reciprocate of our wrong doing. Corona virus is a lesson for all of us.Do what you can do to save the nature, environment, animals and earth.Plant trees.If you don't have pots at home, and can't buy because of lockdown, then you can use used cold drink bottles, mugs, buckets etc. There are so many options!Stop cutting Trees. Don't cut them. If you see someone doing so, stop them.  Don't waste paper, eraser etc. They are made of trees. Wasting them means wasting trees.Become vegetarian.Stop eating non veg food. Avoid it- Don't buy it at all. Don't eat it at all.Stop wasting food and water.For example- If you go to a wedding, then believe it or not, approximately 40 percent of the food prepared at a wedding venue is wasted and thrown away after the wedding ends! Take small amounts of food at once.I request all of you to pledge to plant a tree/plant. This can be an international thing. Something that happens atleast once in a month. The government should plant as much as they can in the whole country. Do as much as you can to save the planet.If I, a 12 year old can do this, then why not you? Your step counts. Each and every effort helps. If now then never. Send this petition to each and every person you know. We need to stop harming. We need to stop being cruel. We need to what we can do. Yes, we are already late but things can change if we have the strong desire to do that and do what we can do.-Swarnika Agarwal

Swarnika Agarwal
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