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Petition to Stephen McNeil, Justin Trudeau, Chuck Porter, Office of the Premier - Nova Scotia

COVID-19 Rent Freeze Nova Scotia

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, countless workers have been laid off while many others have to dramatically cut back their working hours to care for children or elderly relatives. A new study by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reports that only 14% of workers in the lowest income bracket have paid sick leave, with the threat of COVID hanging over our heads the decision to stay home or go to work is literally life or death. The federal government has already expanded EI benefits and created a stimulus package to help Canadians stay afloat during this pandemic, but this aid is useless when the majority of that money is going towards keeping a roof over our heads. Nova Scotia has the oldest population in Canada, and a large population of students and part-time workers who are at risk of not receiving EI benefits. What happens come April 1st when a large percentage of us are not able to make rent? People should not have to pay to keep a roof over their heads during a pandemic. We believe housing security is a right, which is why we are calling for the following: 1. A rent freeze for all tenants in the HRM and greater Nova Scotia. Especially those who are high risk for COVID-19, unable to work due to the provincial state of emergency, under self-quarantine or in isolation. 2. A guarantee that in addition to a moratorium on all evictions, no tenant will be evicted or forced to retroactively pay rent once the state of emergency is over due to the economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. 3. For the government to redistribute vacant units and empty hotel rooms to be used by people who are homeless or living in shelters, to reduce their risk of becoming sick or transmitting the virus to others and to aid with social distancing measures. Even if you do not rent or are receiving pay, sign for those of us who cannot. We are stronger and healthier together. Join our Facebook group to continue organizing and fighting for housing security.

Sydnee Blum
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Petition to Premier Jason Keeney, Health Minister Tyler Shandro, CMOH Deena Hinshaw

We Demand Alberta Premier, Health Minister, & CMOH Debate Experts On COVID Restrictions

Alberta, It's Time: to join us in demanding the Alberta Government listen to the experts! When: Monday, April 12th, at noon Where: Alberta Legislature, Edmonton, 10800 97 Avenue NW Alberta, It's time for a real and honest debate over the current government's COVID restrictions. The Alberta Government has refused to be transparent about their actions throughout this crisis. It is, in fact, long past time for a real discussion of ALL data that has been compiled and the various strategies the government has used over the last year, today, and may use in the future. An Alberta Medical and Emergency Management Team is ready to debate and are demanding Premier Keeney, Health Minister Shandro, and CMOH Hinshaw commit to this democratic principal. The current government has not been granted a mandate from the people of Alberta for their handling of this crisis and no opposing view has been seriously debated in the Legislature. For our democratic institutions to survive any crisis, rigorous debate and consultation must exist. This is especially true when government policy has such vast and long lasting effects. This diverse team of leading experts in their corresponding fields is made up of: Lt.-CoL. (retired) David Redman, CD1, BEng, MSEE Dr. Dennis Modry, BSc, MD, MSc, FRSC, FACCP, FACS Dr. Roger Hodkinson, MA, MB, FRCPC, FCAP Retired police officer David Dickson “For over a year, the Government of Alberta has used a blanket population-wide approach with arbitrary and constantly changing measures that have resulted in unnecessary death of our seniors and collateral damage to our society’s mental health, societal health, children’s education and development, Albertans with other severe illnesses, and our economy,” “In the interest of over 4.3 million Albertans, we want to provide all of them with a transparent discussion of data, facts, and alternatives so we can all make an informed, collective decision on how best to move forward with the interests of every demographic in mind.” The topics the group want to cover are, but are not limited to: 1. Actual dangers of SARS CoV-2 by age group and steps taken to protect those in LTC homes and the most vulnerable; age 60 years and older with multiple comorbidities. 2. Absence of Emergency Management process, resulting in absence of due diligence required in an emergency. 3. Identification and review of supporting science and corresponding data that led the province to their conclusions that this approach was appropriate, and not worth revision as the crisis evolved over the past 12+ months. 4. How effective are population-wide stringent restrictions (lockdowns) at controlling the pandemic and are they the best response? 5. What are the priorities in the management of the pandemic and how can we shift the response from fear to confidence?   Sign the petition to end the lockdown in Alberta: Links:

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