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Petition to Governor Tom Wolf - Pennsylvania, PA Rep. Mike Turzai, PA Senator Joseph Scarnati, Pennsylvania State House, Pennsylvania State Senate

Allow Pennsylvania licensees to sell spirits for take-out & delivery thru 12/31/20

The COVID pandemic has shut down non-essential businesses, but Pennsylvania has decided that grocery stores and beer distributors (as well as our local brewers, distillers, and vintners!) can stay open. That still leaves the market for legal alcohol sadly underserved. The State Stores are closed, and the PLCB's website is proving unable to meet customer demand. Individual statewide deliveries from only three warehouses put added stress on a delivery chain that's needed for medical supplies. There is a simple, elegant solution that has benefits for all: allow Pennsylvania's restaurants, taverns, and beer distributors to sell wine, beer, spirits, and cider for take-out and local delivery. Ontario just made a similar allowance through the end of the year.  Given the current devastating restrictions on the restaurant and hospitality industry, there is a strong likelihood that many of these businesses will close and never re-open. Every one of them will leave unemployed citizens, blighted neighborhoods, weakened banks; shocks that will echo throughout the state. If these businesses are to remain open in order to rehire laid-off employees after the emergency, they need every opportunity to stay afloat. We need to allow them to create profit where they can, and they can fill the hole that the State Stores have left. Restaurant people are licensed, trained, and motivated. They are already paying their taxes on every bottle sold. Most of them already have an inventory of spirits that is a frozen asset. Let them sell that and make money to pay employees, rent, utilities, and debt, a chance to re-open fully when the crisis abates. Beer distributors, also licensed and trained, need to be allowed to sell wine and spirits simply in the name of fairness. They are doing their part to serve Pennsylvania citizens' needs in the crisis, they deserve to continue to survive this. The PLCB's wholesale arm is supplying large customers, like supermarket chains, with wine. In the name of fairness, in the name of economic survival, they need to supply all licensees who can safely do take-out or delivery sales in their neighborhoods. The addition of spirits to trucks that are already on the road is a no-brainer answer to the problem of spirit sales to citizens (without the risks of statewide home delivery). Infrastructure is already in place, or can be put in place quickly with the assistance of the PLCB's wholesale suppliers, who have already offered to help. That means more jobs for Pennsylvanians. There is no good reason why this should not be allowed. The only thing holding it back is laws that were put in place as much as 85 years ago. That was a different time; Prohibition was repealed to help meet an economic crisis. Once again, we find ourselves in very different times, and new laws are needed to meet new crises. Help the hospitality industry now, and change this rule immediately. This can make a huge difference to the future of literally thousands of small businesses, and tens of thousands of employees, across Pennsylvania.

Lew Bryson
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Petition to United States Department of Labor, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Senator Chuck Schumer, Governor Andrew Cuomo, NYS Department of Labor, Yvette D. Clarke, Eliot L. Engel, Nita M. Lowey, Carolyn B. Maloney, Sean Patrick Maloney, Antonio Delgado, Donald J. Trump, Tom Reed, Paul Tonko, John Katko, U.S. House of Representatives, Brian Higgins, Grace Meng, Lee M. Zeldin

Fix unemployment system NOW.

There are now millions of people who cannot get through the phone lines or internet to complete their unemployment applications. Many of us having been trying for many weeks, calling hundreds or even thousands of times a day just to try time reach one person to finish our applications.  At this point many of us already have or are about to run out of money for basic needs like food and rent.  We propose the following changes: 1) Allow all incomplete applications to be filled out and completed over the internet. This will also help to significantly reduce call volume to the Dept of Labor.  #WaiveTheCall 2) Implement a numbered Callback System for people to have the option of leaving their phone number for a return call. We don't care if that callback takes 1 week, but we do care to have the certainty of someone who will be there to help us. We will put our phones down and wait for the call instead of further tying up the Dept of Labor's phone lines. Join our Facebook Group with thousands of others going through the same thing:

Michael Desposito
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Petition to Governor Tim Walz

Allow Garden Centers in Minnesota under COVID-19 Protections

We are the 100’s of mom & pop garden centers located throughout Minnesota, and as Governor Walz is doing his best to mitigate the damage done by COVID-19. We would request one exception to the “Shelter in place” set in place on 3/25 for the allowance of Garden Centers in Minnesota to be open for the purpose of mental and physical well-being.  We understand the big box stores need to be open to sell hardware, but with them also having the ability to sell plants and us being restricted to have online sales, delivery, and curb side pickup only of our plants, we are asking to be open.             Gardening is very much a stress buster, gets people outside, gets us physical, helps ease up the demand for veggies, fruits, and herbs from our Minnesota farmers so they can sell to people who can’t grow their own, brings healthy eating, brings the feeling of accomplishment, and with many Minnesotans out of work we need that, helps cut down on grocery budgets, helps bring families together, and so much more. Most greenhouses and nurseries are in open air areas and have ample room for customers to be social distant. For these garden centers, spring is crucial to our bottom line, so we are doing everything we can to roll with the changing tide and will do the following.   ·        We not only sell perennials, annuals, & shrubs but a good percentage of our spring sales are Veggies and Herbs to help our customers have Victory Gardens. ·        Limit our sales to our open-air retail space only. ·        Limit the number of customers to keep social distancing ·        Have 1-way isles to keep social distancing ·        We will be keeping our doors open to avoid touching of knobs. ·        We will have hands free credit card payments.  ·        We will wipe down all carts after each use in accordance with CDC standards. ·        We will have special hours for Sr’s and those at a higher risk. ·        We will have our shopping isles wider to accommodate social distancing. ·        We will still offer (some stores free) delivery for those that feel the need to stay home. ·        We will still offer curbside pickup.   So, we are asking you the home gardeners to sign, and post this wherever you can so we the Mom & Pop Minnesota Garden Centers can open and serve our communities. Email your state representative TODAY encouraging them to allow Minnesota Garden Centers to open with COVID-19 precautions in place. Find your rep and their contact info at  

Jennifer Buse
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Petition to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, Mitch McConnell, Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz, Charles E. Schumer, Tulsi Gabbard, Brian Schatz, Mazie K. Hirono, Hawaii State Senate, Hawaii State House, David Ige, Ken Ito, Donovan M. Dela Cruz, Laura H. Thielen, Ronald D. Kouchi, CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, Ed Case, Sean Hannity, Sean P. Duffy, Sean Patrick Maloney, Marco Rubio, Nydia M. Velázquez, Kamala D. Harris, Kamala Harris, David Sampson, Jimi Grande, Tom Glassic, California State Senate, California Governor, Vicente González, Joe Donnelly

Compel Government to support Small Businesses who had Business Interruption Coverages

A petition to -Support Small and Medium Businesses who have paid in good faith for Business Interruption CoverageThe goal of this petition is to compel the government, both state and federal to work in coordination with private insurance companies for the immediate benefit of small and medium sized businesses that are the back bone of America.. At this unprecedented time in American history, there is no better and quicker way to do this than to utilize the existing structure of insurance companies to get funds immediately into the hands of small and medium sized businesses who have paid for business interruption coverage, and whose claims are now being denied as a result of State mandated Covid-19 business closures. We believe that notwithstanding ANY exception or exclusion contained in the fine print of any insurance policy - The Federal Government in partnership with the insurance companies should immediately accept and handle business interruption insurance claims in the same way that the Federal Government has budgeted and mandated that banks extend paycheck loans and and individual state unemployment offices extend and enhance unemployment benefits to both W-2 employees and now, as never before, to 1099 subcontractors. I urge everyone to please sign this petition to compel the government as well as our insurance companies to work together for the best interest of small and medium sized businesses to facilitate the immediate payment of business interruption claims. Loans should be the last option, not our first or only option! The very existence of many businesses and jobs are at stake.

Anna Funk
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