Coronavirus and Schools

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Petition to Hon. Rob Fleming, Hon. John Horgan, Hon. Adrian Dix

Give BC Students an Online Option for the 2020/2021 Academic Year

PLEASE DO NOT DONATE MONEY TO THIS CAMPAIGN! WE JUST NEED OUR VOICES HEARD BY DECISION MAKERS! Many British Columbia families are not convinced that the return to school plan for British Columbia will keep teachers and students safe from Covid-19.  Families have a right to keep their children home from school to limit the potential for exposure and spread.  However the distance-learning options available currently through the public school system in BC are largely independent or self learning options with limited teaching support.  And they require the student to give up their spot in their current school (for some they may never be able to get back in). British Columbians need an “online” public schooling option that delivers a similar amount of teaching support to “in class” learning.  An option where several lectures are provided for each subject  weekly and the opportunity to discuss ideas or ask questions in an “online class environment” is provided.  An option that reserves their spot at their current school for a time when it is safer to return to in class learning.There are a large number of British Columbians who would choose online schooling and can provide the hardware and internet required for their children to succeed.  However only a small number of students K-12 have the skills necessary for independent learning...and only a small number of parents have the availability and the skill set to step in as the teacher.  If BC provides a comprehensive online schooling option as suggested, many parents will choose it.  This will reduce the number of students that need to be accommodated in class and may make it easier to maintain lower class numbers and improve social distancing in the schools.  Limiting the number of students in the schools will improve safety for the teachers and students who return to class.  Therefore, a comprehensive online schooling option improves safety for those who stay home and for those who go to class.  It effectively improves safety for everybody in BC!    

Pamela Woyciehouski
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Petition to Quebec Ministry of Education, Government of Quebec

Québec schools to Announce a SAFE Plan for 2020-2021 School Year

Recently, the Quebec government has announced that online learning will resume in the fall, in the case of another outbreak of Covid-19. According to a Global News article, “The details of the education ministry’s emergency protocol are still in the works and expected to be shared with school boards and service centres by Sept. 15.” This is problematic, given the fact that most Québec schools start late August. The government is not giving teachers, schools or students enough time to prepare.  I understand that we are living through uncertain times, but an emergency education protocol needs to be put in place before the end of August. As a student, I want to have an idea of what the fall semester of school will look like. I want answers to my questions regarding the school before the year commences. Above all, I want everyone to be safe and stay healthy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. Additionally, teachers, principals and other staff need to be notified about how schooling is going to work prior to the return to school. The goal of this petition is for the Ministry of Education of Quebec to inform students, teachers and parents, prior to the start of school, if it is deemed unsafe to return. In addition, they should let us know if we will be doing online learning or not. That being said, teachers should have a reasonable amount of time to prepare should schooling be done online this fall. Sign this petition if you want the Ministry of Education in Québec to give clear-cut answers about elementary and high schools’ return to school in the fall. EDIT: As of today, this petition also has the goal to fight for SAFE protocols for returning to school. 

Serena Totera
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