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Petition to Tammy Baldwin, Ron Johnson, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives

Pass US Copyright Legislation that Supports Creators, Competition, and Consumers

The United States' current copyright law is too much in the favor of copyright holders. This ends up hurting content creators on websites like YouTube, competitors to copyrighted products, and the average consumer. Content creators have to deal with rampant misuse of DMCA strikes that take down their videos and suppress criticism or review that is legal under fair use. Competitors have difficulty making products to compete with others as the creators of the original product can use the DMCA in their favor to prevent making similar products. The average consumer suffers too with having to purchase the same product multiple times to use it on different platforms and being required to deal with digital rights management and licensing that hurts users that lawfully purchase products and software.  To end the woes of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, I am proposing that Congress reintroduces the Digital Millennium Consumer Rights Act into this session and gets it passed. This law will rein in the power held by large copyright holding companies and give it back to those it currently hurts like the average person.  Copyright holders have a right to protect their property but US law is currently unfairly in their favor.  By sending this petition to Wisconsin Senators Tammy Baldwin and Ron Johnson, I hope that they bipartisionally will support copyright law reform. Even if they decide to make new copyright law rather than simply reintroduce the DMCRA, that is fine, but action needs to be taken. DMCA reform is essential in a world ever-dependent on creative thinking and technology. 

Griffin Bianchi
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