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Petition to Ohio State Senate, Ohio State House, Ohio Governor

Release Ohio's COVID-19 Contact Tracer Data

According to the ODH's own site, Ohio plans on hiring up to 2,000 contact tracers to help combat the spread of COVID-19. This program has been coordinated through Massachusetts-based Partners in Health. While these initiatives may sound helpful in theory, they come at a cost. Without accountability as to the effectiveness of these programs, the taxpayer may be on the hook for a futile program that only serves to erode personal privacy rights. Other states such as California have not found significant success with their contact tracing programs, but the lack of transparency makes this difficult to measure. Although contact tracing is in full swing throughout the state, citizens have to hear about outbreaks thirdhand through investigative reports done by the local media. This selective attention prevents us from answering important questions such as: Do gyms, churches, salons, and restaurants represent significant sources of new infections?  Are current restrictions making an objective difference in health outcomes? Are masking policies effective at preventing or slowing community spread? We call on the State of Ohio to publish the following data regarding contact tracing: Collection statistics, including calls made, methods used, and answer rate Anonymized metadata regarding outbreaks (For example, hospital, long-term care facility, factory, restaurant, or personal gathering) Financial data regarding the cost of the program and utilization of current employees Evidence of contact tracing successfully improving public health outcomes

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