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Petition to Shri Narendra Modiji, Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishankji', Shri Prahlad Singh Patelji, Shri Mahendra Nath Pandeyji

Degree/Diploma for Vegetarians in Hotel/Hospitality Management Courses

  DEGREE/DIPLOMA FOR VEGETARIAN’S IN HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSES Around the globe and also in India there are various religions, races, communities, castes and human groups which prefer eating vegetarian food only. Some Religions and communities are Vegetarian only. In India, majority of people are Pure Vegetarians, some are Non-Vegetarians while others are occasional non-vegetarians. Learning to prepare non-vegetarian food was compulsory in Hotel Management Degree Course till recently. Due to that, there was no option available to the students other than to practically prepare and present the non-vegetarian food. Students coming from Vegetarian Families who were inclined towards this esteemed course were deprived admission by their parents. Recently, Ministry of Tourism has given option of “learning Vegetarian only” in all the 71 IHM ( Institute of Hotel Management), which are under NCHMCT ( National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology), Tourism Ministry, Central Government , Institutions it is running all over India. With this initiative the passionate students can take admission and pursue career in the field of Hotel Management. But the awareness on large scale is required to be undertaken for the Vegetarian passionate students about availability of option of "learning Vegetarian Only". Recently,U ( University Grants Commission ) and AICTE ( All India Council of Technical Education ) has agreed to give permission of this option if it is applied for. It is strongly suggested that there should be an option of “learning Vegetarian only” in present degree course for Vegetarians in Hotel Management Studies in all the Institutions whether run by Government or Deemed Universities, by State Governments or by private Hotel Management Education Institutions. Such change is highly recommended as it is the need of society. Such a degree at all institutions will not only be a boost for the students but it will also benefit the Hotel and Tourism Industry, by getting qualified intelligent Vegetarian Chefs and staff in India and all over world. In this Course, students have to study in more than 40 different subjects like Accommodation, Laws, Travel & Tourism, HR Management, Accounting, etc. out of which Culinary Skills (Cooking) is one of the specialized areas. So, the Vegetarian students were not only losing the Opportunity to learn this skill but they even cannot learn other subjects and were deprived of having their career in those areas. Once this option is introduced at all places, then various people around the world can enjoy different and new delicacies of Vegetarian dishes. Many Renowned chains of Hotel, airline companies and passenger cruises operating internationally serve pure vegetarian food during stay and travel, can provide it with authenticity. Also , the Government initiatives like Skill Development, Swatch Bharat, Healthy India, etc will get big booster by bringing this option in Hotel / Hospitality Management Institutions. Also, we request the Hotel Industry to have designated only Vegetarian Restaurant with dedicated only Vegetarian Kitchen in all star hotels where more than one Restaurant is available. In this regards, I appeal you to use your good offices to support the cause and bring a “Degree/Diploma for Vegetarians in Hotel Management Course” in reality by pursuing the need to Heads of Governments, Education, Tourism Ministers, AICTE, NCHMCT, Universities and other concerned authorities at all levels to give option and create awareness about the availability of Learning "Vegetarian only option"  CA Chandrashekhar R Luniya,Pune. M : +9198222 57474 Email:

CA Chandrashekhar Luniya
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Petition to Securities Exchange Board of India

PAN CARD CLUB LTD must return investors' money within a deadline!

Pan Card Clubs Ltd, a subsidiary of PANORAMIC UNIVERSAL LTD which owns big chain of hotels around the world including Hotel United 21 at Thane has been under scanner for raising crores of money from common public from its unregistered business! Though it has delivered on its promises for the last 13 years, it has now failed to deliver on its promise of returning back investors' hard earned money on the maturity dates as SEBI recently realised that the fund raising activity is in voilation of the terms. SEBI ordered freezing of bank accounts of the comany which further delayed the payments to investors. Payments are pending since April 2015. The company was asked by SEBI in its order dated 29/02/2016 to return investors' money within 3 months from the order and that a status report be submitted till 15/06/2016, however, people are still struggling to get back their hard earned money! There is no official word from the company as to when the amounts will be refunded and the answer that investors are getting from the employees is that amounts can be refunded only after the sales proceeds from the hotels is received by the company! But how long should the common man keep patience!? No media has highlighted this non sense that is going on for almost a year now and so I request the authorites to set a deadline for the refunds and also request the media to build pressure on the directors of the company.

Abhishek Padwal
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Petition to Amazon

Amazon delivery service in Nagaland

Amazon's delivery agents service in Nagaland are very unprofessional and arrogant in their service. When a package has reached the local destination, they call us at the max 2 times and the way they talk to us goes something like "Your package has arrived, if you do not receive the package today, it will be returned". This is in clear violation of Amazon's delivery policy in which if a package could not be delivered in the first attempt, another delivery attempt will be made once or twice.  At this point I get huge anxiety when my package is to be delivered because if I miss those 2 calls from the delivery agents, my package will be returned by them. Case in point yesterday I got a delivery notification but i was busy and was not able to pick their call (singular call) and I woke up this morning to my package being returned.!!! Not everyone has all the time in the world and cancel all their plans to just wait for a delivery in fear of our packages being returned. My biggest gripe with this is that this has been an ongoing problem ever since amazon started its delivery service in Kohima, Nagaland and I have heard similar stories from a lot of people, everyone fears missing their delivery call. I've had it with these arrogant delivery agents and their 'take it or leave it' attitude hence this petition. I hope amazon hires professional delivery agents who are humble and understands the customer's problems and can accommodate the customer's busy schedules in their delivery runs, not these hooligans who gives us anxiety attacks when our packages are to be delivered.! 

Ade Naga
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Petition to Amisha Jain, Richa Kar, Khatija S. Lokhandwala

Zivame - Include mature (40+age) models in your media and advertising #AgeNotCage

Does enjoying one's life stop at 40? I don't think anyone will agree with this! Well, I was searching for a nice lacy lingerie set and activewear at India's biggest online lingerie store, Zivame. Although the collection is undoubtedly great, I noticed that all the models showcasing them were, most probably in their 20s or 30s. Being a 40+ woman and an aspiring model, I pondered if lacy lingerie or lingerie in general was being sold as a commodity only for women in their 20s or 30s! Are some clothes restricted for a  certain age bracket? Are some brands unconsciously sending a message to people that lacy, sexy lingerie or fancy activewear is only for the women in 20s or 30s and the desire of a 40+ to wear them is wrong? Are women no more fit to become a lingerie model past a certain age? As per a report published in, the Indian innerwear market is estimated to be worth ₹ 32,000 crores , which is 9% of the total domestic fashion retail market. It’s too big a market to be ignored from the perspective of promoting diversity and women empowerment. I have seen a lot of recent campaigns promoting models of all body sizes and complexions - which is a great step forward for body positivity - but I don’t think enough has been done to include models of  all ages  (including 40+) in the league. Ageism (discrimination on the basis of age) decreases one's self respect and self confidence. Let's join our hands together to give equal opportunities to all ages. Zivame is a pioneer in the field of online lingerie stores. Hence, I request the two women leading it to include mature models in their 40s and above in their media and advertising. Doing so will not only boost confidence for women beyond the age of 40 in their changing bodies, but will also pave the way for other platforms to follow suit. This will lead to a change in the mindset of people in our country who think that after 40, women should dress and behave in a certain way. Does one stop having fun after 40? Does one's life stop at 40? Can't one go to the gym or do Mixed Martial Arts after 40 in activewear? Do mature models (40+) only style sarees and salwar kameez?  The CEO of Zivame speaks about inclusivity and comfort in most of her interviews and I really appreciate that Zivame has a special collection for curvy women too. I believe that Zivame is a lingerie brand that has changed the entire branding of the product by catering different sections. The brand thinks about 'her' and I am that 'her' who insists on making this inclusive brand even more inclusive by crushing ageism. One small step from the company will place the brand at par with other international brands. Let us together make an effort to make this section of modeling more diverse and socially aware. Women empowerment is not only about all colours and all sizes, but also about all ages. Let us bring more inclusivity and diversity in the industry by taking this step of crushing ageism. Join me in signing the petition to ask Zivame to include mature models ( 40+) in their media and advertising. #AgeNotCage #LingerieHasNoAge

Geeta J.
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