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Petition to Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, President of India, Ram Nath Kovind

We Oppose LIC IPO

The Hon’ble Prime Minister, Government of India, New Delhi Dear Sir, REQUEST TO RECONSIDER THE ISSUE OF LIC IPO We, the policyholders of LIC are deeply disturbed over the decision to list LIC in the stock markets through Initial Public Offering.  The experiences of the other public sector enterprises clearly point out to the fact that IPO ultimately lead to privatization.  Late Shri Arun Jaitley had said that LIC is the most valuable company in India and agreed with his predecessor that it is the ‘Jewel in the Crown’.  We fail to understand why the government wants to sell stakes in such a fine public financial institution. We are aware that life insurance business in India was nationalized to protect the policyholders from fraudulent practices of the erstwhile insurers.  The LIC was established with certain specific objectives.  It was tasked to spread the message of life insurance across the country; provide total security to the policy monies and ensure decent returns on investments of policyholders and to help national development by mobilizing small savings and converting them into capital for investment in infrastructure and social sector.  The experiences of the last 66 years amply demonstrate that LIC has done admirably well to achieve the tasks entrusted to it. We understand that LIC today has Rs.38 lakh crore as assets under management and it has invested nearly Rs.36 lakh crore in the Indian economy.  The major share of its investments is in government securities, infrastructure and socially important schemes.  Today it has nearly 40 crore policyholders making it the largest life insurance company in the world in terms of number of policies it services and claims settled.  It has an enviable claim settlement record.  Over the years, it has wiped tears from millions of eyes and has emerged as the most popular brand.  We do know that you are aware of all these details.  Sill we have taken liberty to briefly present these facts to your immediate attention. India lacks any worthy social security scheme.  The people do not see LIC only as an insurance company but also entrust their savings to fall back upon in the later years of their life.  The policies designed by LIC cover both the risk of dying early and living longer.  The LIC policy is seen by its policyholders as a social security.  We are aware that the government made no additional capital in LIC after the initial capital of Rs.5 crore.  Therefore, it is assumed that the entire expansion of LIC has taken place through the money of its policyholders.  This makes LIC a unique institution.  It works more like a Trust or a Mutual Benefit Society with the government acting as a Trustee.   It is a common experience that companies with private shareholders have to work to maximize profits for the shareholders with the social objectives receding to the background.  We understand that LIC policyholders who were sharing 95% of the profits will now have to remain content with 90%.  This is unjust to the policyholders and violates the contract of the insurance. Secondly LIC mostly serves the middle classes and lower income groups.  This is evident from the fact that the average premium size of a LIC policy is around Rs.16000 while for the private sector it is over Rs.89000.  With the concentration on profits, LIC will develop a tendency to neglect the small policyholders and rural areas of the country. We are constrained to point out that no discussion or consultation on LIC IPO have taken place with the policyholders or the agency and work force of LIC leave alone knowing the opinion of the nation.  LIC is too important an institution to be privatized.  It will jeopardize the interests of the insuring public and the weaker sections of the population. In the circumstances, we the policyholders of LIC request your esteemed self to halt the processes initiated on LIC IPO and have wider consultations on the issue with all stakeholders.  We firmly believe that no economic or societal benefit will accrue through LIC IPO and the future privatization of this successful institution.  We, therefore, request you to withdraw this decision in the interests of policyholders and the national economy.  We do hope you will respond positively.   Thanking you, Yours faithfully,V. Lakshmikanth RaoIncharge of Political Affairs, Karnataka StateAam Aadmi Party 

V. Lakshmikanth Rao
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Petition to Ministry of Tourism, Prime Minister of India, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Government of India

Ensuring safe Adventure Tourism in India

With this petition, I want to highlight and bring into focus a major safety lapse for our citizens when they venture out for adventure tourism like Paragliding in Himachal Pradesh. On 22nd of December 2021, because of such a lapse, we lost by far our most precious treasure - our 12-year-old son Advik. I am based in Bangalore working in an IT firm. Along with my family, I decided to go on a vacation to Himachal Pradesh. On the 22nd December we decided to do paragliding in the Bir Billing area which is known to be a major tourist attraction in Himachal. At the location, we were asked to sign a waiver form and were informed that we would be transported to the take-off site through the vehicle of the paragliders. It was supposed to be a short ride and we sat an open back vehicle. During the travel to the destination, the driver was negligent and hit a scooty after which he lost control and the vehicle went into the gorge. My wife and I received serious injuries but are now out of danger. However due to the negligence we lost our dear Advik, who was only 12 years old, and had a bright future ahead. Post the accident the driver and the pilots were not to be seen and no one from the paragliding team approached my family for help either at the site of the accident or later on at the hospital where they were admitted. Some points to be noticed - - This paragliding & all other adventure tourism setup seem to be unorganized & unregulated sector. There does not seem to be any central organization or policy in place for managing this in a safe & compliant manner. It's just a bunch of individuals running it in an ad hoc manner- There is no serious concern or effort towards health and safety of the customers. The customers are being asked to sign a waiver form which absolves the paragliders of all responsibilities & accountability. The fact is that we are putting ourselves at their mercy assuming that they are the experts in this space.- There is no concept of insurance against any such incidents or efforts to prevent accidents                                                                                                                       - There is no concept of end-to-end accountability (which should also include the transportation of customers)                                                                                         - There are no ambulances or medical facilities either at site or on short notice/distance When doing research, we realized that multiple such accidents have taken place in the past across different adventure sports/tourism (including many in this location for paragliding itself) which has taken many innocent lives. As a responsible and involved citizen of India, I place a Petition to the Prime Minister of India, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh and others to ensure safe adventure tourism in India. I urge all the readers to sign this petition demanding the following: 1. Improvement of Safety Facilities and imposition of stricter guidelines for companies/agents offering Paragliding, ropeway, water sports, river rafting, or other similar adventure related services 2. Positioning of permanent Trauma Care Ambulance and availability of first aid facilities by the management in supervision of the Government Authorities. Offering the insurance to customers should be a must 3. Having a professional and organized set up of adventure tourism. A comprehensive SoP with detailed pre-conditions for organizations which want to get into adventure tourism and also the SoP on how to manage and operate, including what exactly to be done in case of any possible mishaps, etc  4. Personal accountability, standardization of agents and their equipments offering such services. It is extremely critical also to have continuous and timely audits of all such organizations, and licenses to be revoked/suspended for any lapses We know that whatever happens, we will not be able to get our Advik back. We have suffered an irreplaceable loss, but through this, if we are able to ensure that we do not lose any other Advik, this petition would really be worth it. Hence, urging all of you to sign this so that authorities sit up and ensure much more stricter norms for safety in Adventure Tourism !! We have a right to safer and more accountable safety norms in adventure sports in India. Each life matters !!! A 12-year-old Died at Paragliding Site in Himachal Pradesh. His Father is Now Looking for Answers

Rishabh Tripathi
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