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Petition to Edaran Tan Chong Malaysia

Lifetime wheel bearings & aircond compressor fans replacement for Malaysia's Nissan Almera

I bought my Almera M/T E specs from Tan Chong Bayan Lepas in January 2013. My left rear wheel bearing spoiled in July 2013 and I got the replacement done free of charge under warranty. This car model is known to be problematic with wheel bearings and air-cond compressor cooling fans malfunction that happens to too many units of this model and had been reported to occur in as high as 90% of the car units from the owners of Almera in Malaysia, meaning that this is something very ridiculous! Wheel bearings are not 'wear and tear' parts and they are supposed to last the lifetime of the car as a norm. Even my previous car Proton Wira still did not suffer from any wheel bearings problem by the time it was 11 years when I sold it off in 2011. How can a car like Almera that I only bought for less than 1 year suffer from wheel bearing malfunction even though the total mileage was only 4770 km at the time of the replacement? I believe this must be caused by the part supplier issue or even the faulty design to start with initially. I do believe that Nissan Malaysia doesn't intend to solve the wheel bearings issue at all because there are still many complaints from Almera owners by those who recently purchased the cars in 2015. It's been more than 3 years since the Almera model was launched in Malaysia and until today majority of the owners still need to replace the wheel bearings (and fans too) pretty often. Now that it's February 2016 and I believe that I am encountering the same wheel bearing problem for the similar left rear side because I could hear humming sound coming from that side when cruising at 60 to 80 km per hour. This bearing was already replaced in July 2013 previously and it is failing again! How could this keep happening over and over non-stop? Don't tell me that Nissan Almera owners need to bear the cost of wheel bearings replacement for the lifetime of their cars while other car owners of the Toyota and Honda makes can have their worry-free days regarding wheel bearings throughout the duration of their car ownership? I demand that Tan Chong Malaysia replace my bearings (fans in future) free for the lifetime of my car ownership because I know Nissan did a bad job either during the car design stage or the parts that their supplier has been supplying (and will continue to supply) are defective without any means to address the well-known wheel bearings and fans problems forever. I don't mind gathering all the Almera owners in Malaysia with wheel bearings and fans complaints to petition publicly against Nissan Malaysia by going to the mass media in order to make Nissan Malaysia walk the path of Volkswagen by joining them in the Hall of Shame and eat their humble pies together.

Matthew Ooi
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Started 7 months ago

Petition to Ryanair

Ryanair: Reward your loyal customers with a frequent flyer programme.

Ryanair may face criticism in the mainstream media but to all of its loyal fan base, Ryanair is synonymous with excellent travel at unbeatable prices. The wondrous experience of paying a fiver to fly across Europe is an epic myth to which millions of passengers will testify to. Oh Ryanair, we love you but, do you love us? The low fares airline isn't all as beautiful as its aggressive yellow and Chelsea blue colour scheme to which so many dazed passengers have fallen in love. For one, there is no rewards programme for us, its devoted fan base. A loyalty benefit would not be a question of baiting your customers so that they stay true to you because, let's face it, you will always be the cheapest and therefore inevitable option. Moreover, feel free to make the actually monetary value of your rewards insignificant, we would expect nothing more. It is a matter of having a miles programme which we can be proud about. In a world where stats are used for everything and yet mean nothing, this number would be different. A Ryanair miles sum would be a badge of honour, a sign to bring respect to he/she who has had most experience with, yes, its deepest pains, but most importantly, the sky-high joys of your airline. We all want to be your biggest fan, but how do we know who is? Who is it that has never fallen for your sneaky tricks to load us up with everything from insurance, car rentals, hotels, buses, a new luggage set, or priority bathroom queue jump? Who has best optimised their packing strategy to maximize carrying capacity at a minimal overcharge risk? Who perfected the art of last-minute check-in to obtain a free emergency exit seat? Who is the champion of the 4 am wake ups for 6 am departures? Who was it that started the jubilant applauses after your fantastic, although unfortunately now passed away (RIP), trumpet tune; to which so many scared-for-their-lives newbies so gratefully join in to?  Who has made the longest journey from those remote abandoned airports one lands at, to the actual cities bearing their names?  Who can truly call themselves Ryanair's number one fan? Only a miles programme will shed the light. Yes, you make low fares simple, but why do you make it so difficult to love you? Open up, accept the embrace. Start a rewards programme. Let's come together in one big low-cost family. How about a group hug?

Carlos Val Mas
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