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Petition to Tennessee Public Utilities Commission, Chair David Jones, Vice Chair Robin Morrison, Commissioner Keith Jordan

Stop wildfire victims from being charged for utilities on their past homes!

Former customers of Utilities Inc. (TWS) who lost their homes in the November 2016 Gatlinburg wildfires may begin receiving water bills for their destroyed properties. TWS has petitioned the Tennessee Public Utilities Commission (TPUC) for permission to bill their former customers for "Interim Emergency Relief" to offset their capital and revenue losses. They have also asked to add surcharges to the bills of current customers. The public hearing (Case# 1700108), scheduled for October 23, 2017, is scheduled at the TPUC office in Nashville, a four-hour drive from the affected area.  We, the undersigned, implore you to deny the above referenced petition of Tennessee Water Services (TWS). Specifically, we are asking for three outcomes: I. Deny TWS’ request to bill former customers for any reason whatsoever. They are former customers, not “inactive” customers. They may or may not ever resume services with TWS. II. Deny TWS’ request to add charges to the bills of current customers. TWS’ decision to be underinsured should not financially burden their customers. III. Hold any further hearings or proceedings on this issue in the locality of service (Sevier County, TN) so that the affected parties can be present. The hearing venue is a four-hour drive from Gatlinburg, making our attendance impractical on this impactful matter.

Anne Turner
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Petition to Facebook

Tell Facebook to fix their policy of who controls your Facebook when you die

My name is Rosemary Heath. On May 10, 2016, my husband George was killed in the Taunton, MA mall rampage. He was eating at a mall restaurant and was stabbed to death trying to protect a pregnant waitress. In my time of mourning, I often turned to his Facebook page to remember the funny, loving man that he was. I wasn’t the only one, and I knew I would want to use his page to continue to celebrate his life. But because George and I were not familiar with Facebook’s legacy option before he died, I am now grieving for my husband and fighting Facebook to grant me access to his account. Facebook’s legacy option allows users to name a person who has access to your Facebook page after you pass. But what happens if nobody is named? The account becomes locked, even for the spouse/partner. This is what happened to me. I had every intention to keep his memory alive through his Facebook page, sharing memories and pictures with his friends and family. Facebook will not allow me access to my own husband’s page. This is wrong. He was my husband and I'm legally his next of kin. Unless there is a change, what happened to me could happen to you. Shouldn’t the person you committed to for life have control over your page if you were to die? In cases where a legacy person isn’t named and a spouse/partner is listed in the profile, Facebook should allow for them to be the default legacy person and notify them if someone is attempting to memorialize the account. This change in policy would provide me access to my husband’s account and prevent situations like this from arising in the future. Don't let what happened to me happen to you! Let Facebook know they need to default to the listed spouse/partner when a user fails to name a legacy for their account.

Rosemary Heath
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Petition to Universal Records Philippines, Inc., PolyEast Records Corporation

Allow Universal Records and PolyEast Records to be playable on Spotify Philippines

When Spotify launches in the Philippines last April 2014, the way we consume music gradually changes. Because of music streaming, piracy is expected to decrease from time to time. At the time Spotify is now available in the Philippines, all OPM contents were playable especially from Universal Records Philippines (URP) and PolyEast Records. Few days later, all tracks from them are gone. Those are still available on Spotify database but it is unplayable in the Philippines. Which means if you use a US-based, Singapore-based or Malaysia-based Spotify account, those tracks from two local record labels are playable in the specified country. Other local record labels like Star Music, GMA Records, Viva Records and others are still on Spotify until now including their new releases. Blocking contents from URP and PolyEast on Spotify in the Philippines forces and pushes consumers to go back to piracy. Now all, most or some of our favorite OPM tracks from Parokya ni Edgar, Kamikazee, Sponge Cola, Sam Concepcion, Callalily, Karylle, Kyla, TJ Monterde and others are unplayable in the Philippines. Although there are some contents from URP and PolyEast are playable such as Bamboo's Bless This Mess, Gary Valenciano's Gold and Rico Blanco's Dating Gawi but this is not enough for consumers to be happy with them. Some artists encourage us to use Spinnr, Deezer and Apple Music to stream URP and PolyEast contents but this is not enough for us to use the alternative one. Some users still prefer Spotify because of the user-friendly features and its curated playlist for every mood. All streaming sites pass to the licensing agreement first before making it available to users for listening. Some of them are refused to make it available in some countries, yet some consumers are working for it for fellow consumers to make it available in some countries as well. Removing the restriction from blocking contents from streaming on Spotify in the Philippines will not work solely by me. Complaining to URP and PolyEast about Spotify content availability by myself will not work. They will snub it. In short, "seen-zoned". We need your cooperation. By simply sharing this petition to fellow OPM fans especially who uses Spotify, they will listen to us. Tag their social media accounts especially from artists who has been signed on that respective labels until this petition will be spread like a virus. If URP and PolyEast listen to us but still refuses this request, they must release their respective official statement why they don't allow their artists to stream their contents to Philippine users and only to other countries where Spotify is available. Whether they will allow it for not, I would like to thanks all of you for your cooperation and understanding about this petition. If you have any questions and concerns about this petition, please send me an email to dxedsuckit(at)gmail(dot)com. Your comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated on that, whether you are for or against this petition.

Ian Salazar
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