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Petition to Chattanooga/Hamilton County Regional Planning Authority, Chattanooga City Council, Erskine Oglesby, Residents of Southside Chattanooga and Lookout Mountain

Grant Zoning change (if necessary) for Publix on South Broad Street

Publix and a local developer wish to build and integrate a brand new grocery store on the land. They have requested a zoning change which would allow them to build in a Suburban form which has the parking in front of the store.... To which we are accustom. The store entrance would face Lookout Mountain. There is opposition to this request based on fears of additional traffic, not being bike friendly, changes to Riverwalk extension, the design would not integrate well and that this addition would put pressure on Food City. We feel that Publix has always shown themselves as a responsible designers that create inviting, aesthetically pleasingly and functional facilities that benefit the areas they open in. Looking at North Chattanooga, the design would be similar and that has become a major asset to that area. We deserve the same opportunity! If the rezoning is not granted we will likely lose this opportunity and will again be passed over for progress on South Broad Street. What will likely be built there will be more 4 story apartments that further cut away into the beauty of the mountain and another piece of the "Scenic City" will be available to only those who can afford the high rise condo/apartment. The representative for Publix was very clear at the St. Elmo neighborhood meeting in May that the "UGC" urban design code currently zoned is simply not feasible as it restricts the size available to build by less than half the size they need of 32,000 square feet to build the proposed complex. We believe that Publix and the zoning variation should be granted. With the assistance of traffic engineers, the riverwalk designers and Publix we have faith that this would be a valuable asset and lifeline to the residents surrounding South Broad Street. Looking around the country at Publix facilities you will see that they are well maintained, well paying and economically beneficial to the communities they choose to be part of.   Pushing away a potential like this for not only St. Elmo but, Alton Park, Lookout Valley and the thousands of commuters and tourists, due to a zoning issue (that has so far not been developed under in this area) is sending a clear message that we are not willing to compromise toward or accept progress here. And that is a dangerous and irresponsible message that could have dire consequences for this areas future. We must think of all our neighbors... There are those of limited mobility, advanced age, restricted transportation and those who simply cannot make the trek up to Food City and would welcome and utilize a reputable, fine grocer such as Publix. In conclusion, we ask that the rezoning request be permitted if there is no way to accommodate existing guidelines and that Publix is allowed to build the best facility that they can offer our side of town. Thank you.

Nicki Treemont
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Petition to Jerry Brown, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi

Protect Women and Children from Ride Share Predators!

In recent years there have been hundreds of reports involving women and children being assaulted by their Uber or Lyft driver.  While Uber and Lyft have background checks and even an emergency button in the app, I don't think these safeguards are enough. There needs to be a bill called, The Safer Rides Act, to prevent further victimization from happening. Under this bill these companies will have to prioritize safety of there passengers over profits by making changes to the platform. I've thought of a few ideas to make the ride share experience safer below.  Let me know if you have any other ideas to add to this. Sign this petition to: Require that your id is scanned before starting a ride to ensure you're 18. Require rides to be video recorded and audited periodically or when a customer feels uncomfortable or sends in a complaint. Require an actual picture of the car that's picking you up. Raise the age limit to download the App from ages 4+ to 18. Require companies to create safe guards in there software (i.e. when user is dropped off at home they are required to enter a password within 5 minutes of there drop off, if they don't the phone will automatically alert local law enforcement.  Another option could be if the ride that supposed to take 10 minutes ends up taking 25 minutes, the driver should automatically be called.  If the driver doesn't answer alert law enforcement. No longer settle sexual assault crimes using non-disclosure agreements.  Victims should never be silenced. Join the movement in protecting women and children from ride share predators.  Please sign this petition.

Nicholas Boenzi
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Petition to Google Maps, Andrew Cuomo, Google, Inc, Joseph Crowley, Donald Trump, Microsoft, President of the United States, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders

Make Google do it

Fake locations on Google maps as well as dishonest advertisements and bogus reviews are destroying small business and deceiving consumers on a global scale. We must establish a verification process before adding listings to Google Maps for business locations. It is currently far too easy to add a location to google maps. A very simple solution to prove occupancy would be, to submit a Business License, a Tax ID  and a copy of the owner's driver's license. I have found hundreds of fake flower shops in the past few weeks alone. I have found these fake listings from coast to coast and around the world. The fake business listings on Google maps are not unique to Flower shops. There are phony listing across every industry. This is a very common sense approach to an extremely common problem. When someone searches for example, for a "plumber in Queens, NY" and they are directed to a fake pin initiated by roto rooterr or o call center who brokers plumbers, it is not ok. The local Plumber just lost a job, the consumer overpaid for poor service as the broker found the cheapest plumber he could. Verifying these listings will also protect the business owners from getting their listings hijacked and manipulated by unauthorized third parties like my listing was. Business owners pay far too much rent every month to deserve a listing on google maps. It is a shame that anyone can post a business location anywhere they want in less than 5 minutes as long as they have a phone number. Here is a video that will show you just how big of a problem this is. Check out these youtube videos part 1 and part 2 deceptive marketing practices. Thanks for you continued support!

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